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  1. Good Riddance Kobe

    "Mamba Out." That's the douchiest thing I've ever heard an athlete say.
  2. Good Riddance Kobe

    I love the idiot media people who do no research at all calling the Hornets morons for trading Kobe. He told everyone he wasn't going to play here.
  3. McCrory Backtracking: Executive Order

    Hey at least people care enough about North Carolina to want this law repealed. Mississippi passed a way more discriminatory law and nobody cares.
  4. Not that I'm a right wing guy. But when you watch these talking head shows on ESPN you realizethat a lot of them have left leaning or liberal points of view. It just seems like you can't find anyone who has a conservative viewpoint in the sports media. It just seems like everyone is in the same group think.
  5. Liberal bathrooms of the future

    No, I work for a private company.
  6. Liberal bathrooms of the future

    When was the last time anyone used a public bathroom? I really can't remember the last time I did.
  7. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    GOP lawmakers are making their interns do Google searches, as we speak, to find a wayto call Bruce Springsteen a hypocrite.
  8. We just lost 400 job! I don't give a poo about PayPal's hypocrisy. That's just political spin that a lot of you people bought into. WE JUST LOST 400 JOBS FOR NOTHING.
  9. If you want to compare yourself to third world nations, you go ahead.
  10. Because this is America. We're supposed to be better than that.
  11. The RNC is just so screwed

    OP thinks I'm going to read that entire article.
  12. How old is your primary TV?

    I have a two year old Vizio and it has vertical banding. You can Google banding, but it'sa problem with some LCD TVs. I would get an extended warranty.
  13. If her husband wasn't cool with it I would hope she has enough respect for him to stop. Just because she's carrying the baby doesn't mean its all hers.