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  1. Huddle cuts coming....

    Charge your phon...you know what never mind if it dies you can’t spam the same poo over and over, carry on.
  2. Huddle cuts coming....

    Please cut Sanjay/Ace Aladdin no football knowledge and literally the worst poster on the board
  3. Jesus how many shitty trolls/alts are allowed to roam freely on this board ol’ Sanjay, Retiredcollegecoach, etc. the hell is happening? Hurney’s downfall was never so much picking players but trades and salary cap, he picked about even in terms of good/bad players but his trades and contracts fuged this team over for a long time.
  4. LOL

    Don't forget the bombs instead of taking what the d gives you
  5. I'll go ahead and say what everyone will think when reading this go fug yourself
  6. Let Norwell walk after that fuging play i hope a hurricane hits New Orleans and wipes out everyone down there fug em all
  7. Refs doing it again motherfugers
  8. Press coverage and play the sticks please god
  9. Watch a run for a first down I fuging hope not
  10. MIdget bitch not even knowing what the fug was happening
  11. Someone ban this guy immediately