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  1. Don't confuse laziness with fatness.
  2. Just checking in assholes...

    Howver you PM someone PM and hopefully you live within an hour of Salisbury.
  3. Bills send Kaelin Clay and a 3rd. Get back Benjamin. They had to have done this to appease the LOSER QB. He and Benjamin never saw eye to eye. And building a team around a loser like Newton is a bad idea.
  4. Hey. Sup folks. We doing ok?
  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Uuuuuu Let's go get some fine NY ladies.
  6. Just checking in assholes...

    How is everyone? Anything fun going on today? Got your jeserys ready to trick or treat? Might grab some diapers and some tissues. You bitches. Thanks for the fatass
  7. Stop making me come back and post. Jesus, you guys keep taking our players and want to be just like the Bills again, huh? Call up Frank and Pete and Donnie. Get the whole band back together. Byrd was never fast. Byrd was never quick. Byrd was always smart and benefited from an under appreciated defense in buffalo which allowed him to roam the backfield trained upon the QBs eyes. He will do good against a rookie or poor QB. But, at this point of his career he is essentially done. His ability to tackle has suffered from what was one of the better free safeties in the league. But he will take the proper angle every time. Really, I'm struggling to give any info because I can't see him as worth much. He will still snag some INT's and has a knack to get them at the right time. He's always cool under pressure. In your scheme with a zone, cover 3 he will do well. But, don't get excited. He's always been more hype than talent becayse he gets to the right place at the right time every time.
  8. Beat New England

    Jase, I owe you some steaks.
  9. Review of Atlanta's MB dome

    When you walk up you cannot be in awe. It's a beautiful building, the lines and everything. Getting in to the stadium is quick but not as quick as other stadiums. Still top 5 rating getting in, left from Waffle House by the Olympic Park place about 1225. Inside a few hiccups for y'all visiting. Concourse area is narrow and congested. There are a lot of concessions areas and few men's bathrooms. The lines for the concessions take 10-15 min per. Expect that. Get your cheap food early. The bathrooms had plumbing issues, one was flooded with piss water. They didn't build a drain in to the floors. The site lines were great, I was with a friend who was associated with another team. He got a Falcons employee seat as he was there on business for his employer. The section 104 is where the players family sit. I was beside executives families, in front of Devonte Freeman's family, behind Julio Jones mom and a few rows up from Chris Tucker, the actor/comedian. The upper deck seats didn't look appealing; went up during half time and you just don't feel a part of the action. For end zone corner seats they were about the best I've ever seen. The entire afomoshphere was not what I expected from rumors of the Georgia dome being full of riff Raff. They're priced out now. Very similar to Panther games, fans not fully engaged and enjoying themselves as part of the whole event instead of being fervent assholes like in Buffalo. The beer is easy to get and cheap. But they're very aggressive with the cutoff. They shut the line down premature Getting to your seats in the concourse is a big issue. That's the only big note. The food didn't bother me but people around me were gone a quarter just to get hotdogs. Leave 15 minutes early because it is inside you run in to the crowds Y'all who go will have a good time. Hope I helped.
  10. Geuax Saints (for Jangler)

    poo we lost the Browns three to nothing a couple years ago
  11. Beat New England

    If you assholes beat New England, I will give Jase a pair of large TBones or Ribeyes The dude needs to eat more than fat chicks. But honestly and truly, my money is on y'all. And of course fug you guys came back just to tell you guys to win. On the way to Atlanta now for the bills Panthers, I'll let you guys know how the stadium is as well, if anyone is asking or would like to know. One of you guys you know this place better please send me or place a link here so I can give some information about
  12. Thanks for the tickets

    Her name is Elizabeth, short blonde from Alabama. Her teeth are a little off. However she's got a smoking body and there is not one flaw on it give me your number and I'll let you see for yourself
  13. Geuax Saints (for Jangler)

    9 points is sad. I only came back because of a link from my board talking about how sad you guys were and the excuses made for Sunday. Then saw Jangler said something about this + I had a lot of free time at work today. I'm home now, no free time. I doubt I'll be back. Have fun kids.
  14. Geuax Saints (for Jangler)

    That's just the kind of Linebacker the Panthers like. Hits hard but doesn't know poo. Like keuchly can barely remember his name. Y'all lucky Jimmy Graham ain't here to give him fits anymore. Guy was ten times better than anything y'all brought out. Catching all those balls with so many other men on the field, Olsen is all Newton has and it's proof how you almost lost to those lowly Bills. Yeah, I saw that game. You could turn on the waterboy to see a better offense than that Buffalo trash! Coming to our field (is the game in NO??) Against Brees? The guy is a HOF QB! We got your WR, too. Ginn coming in to show you that we ain't going to take it easy on you. And Adrian Peterson is going to remind everyone that he's still All Day. Dude makes highlight reels every day. ALL DAY. Sure, beat your chest, that Shady kid didn't do anything because the Beels can't pass. We can. And Kenny Vocarro is gonna be featured. We are trading him. We are going to eat Cam Newton for lunch!
  15. Geuax Saints (for Jangler)

    You city boys up in Carolina don't know nothing about country or real Louisiana life! You got your fancy banker town and all that shinny stuff but you'd never survive in the real world. We eat gator, rattlesnake, coon and anything we can get our hands on here. We are a kind of tough you will never be. Down here in the swamps of Louisiana we string you pretty boys up. What's Cam Newton done? Nothing. The guy is a pre Madonna. Yes, he is a pre Madonna because one day he will get gender reassignment surgery to finally be able to wear that onesie outfit comfortably. Bruce Jenner move over. You have competition. And you wanna be homos will soak it up. You ruined a good Christian state with your defiance of the Lord's word. Men are men. Women are women. Men stand to piss, except Jase. He sits. This city, the City of New Orleans has heritage and pride. It's not LaCoste polo, boat shoes wearing foofoo Charlotte. We get dirty, we are the dirty South.