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  1. Yesterday's game was terrible on both sides but even more so on the offensive side. The problem is a combination of a stale and poorly executed play book, along with a QB who has no confidence or vision. Cams ability to go under center and read defense does not exist. He telegraph's all his passes to make it very easy for a defense to say hey he's def going to throw it over here so let's go get the ball. Forcing throws, throwing off back foot, not practicing during the week, are signs that this year may be worse than last year's. Shula's evolution as a offensive coordinator is a myth and something we shouldn't expect. Carolina is known to keep personnel and players over there time limit, so a change will not come in that regard. Bottom line cam has to practice, look at film nonstop, read defense and be smart and not try to make something out absolutely nothing. P.s : Shula wake up!