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  1. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    Definitely this one, though 2003 sucked as well. Denver was very, very beatable and Carolina just shot themselves in the foot too many times. The 2003 squad gave it their absolute all and came up just short.
  2. If we're talking Carolina-specific greatness I'm not sure that Lathon's two decent years and two mediocre years, or Lloyd's single mediocre year really count (and I have a framed Lamar-autographed #57 jersey hanging in my office... was one of my favorites as a kid); I'd put Michael Barrow above Lloyd in terms of Carolina greatness, and Barrow's 3 seasons all matched or exceeded all but one of Lathon's seasons in Carolina. Heck, even Carlton Bailey's 95 and 96 years outperformed Lathon's 97 and both Lathon's and Lloyd's 98 seasons. The rest of the list, however, I'm cool with. As a parallel, if we count Lloyd do we also consider Reggie White and Eric Swann when considering top DLs?  
  3. CJ nearly changed the game. Nearly.

    He hasn't looked the same since the leg-whip in 2013, let alone additional leg injuries this year.
  4. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    Here's the play again - not sure where people are wanting him to go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEFVeffMV6c&sns=em On mobile, also not sure why it won't embed...
  5. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    Ginn had an alley across the entire field to cut across against AZ. Talib had the inside and upfield closed off and Ward was right on his tail. I wouldn't have minded seeing something other than going out of bounds, but he really had nowhere to go.
  6. I think it's a mix of execution and playcalling. Sure, the players had a bad day, but at some point you have to try different things to see if SOMETHING is going to work/help the players overcome whatever they were facing. That's where I think Shula fell a bit short, particularly in the passing game after seeing what kind of pressure Denver was getting all game. That said, I agree that the offense had opportunities and that a better day execution-wise could have beaten Denver. Heck, changing nothing except the outcome of those Cam's two fumbles - even keeping the sacks themselves - or even only Tolbert's fumble completely changes the complexion of the game.
  7. Defend the dumbest things being said about Cam

    When the Broncos have felt the urge to say something publicly, he's what many of them have been talking about as well...
  8. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    Had Cam fallen on it, Carolina could have punted, stopped the Denver offense (they'd been doing it the entire half), and theoretically gotten the ball back still down by only 6 with some time on the clock. Long shot? Absolutely, but not necessarily impossible. I'm as baffled as anyone as to why, but I'm not mad at Cam - things happen, and one play never truly decides a game. Just pointing out that Denver recovering that ball in a position to get pretty much-guaranteed points did effectively end the game.
  9. "Show me a good loser... "

    Bet that little fact never gets mentioned...
  10. Alfred Morris? If Stew is gone...

    I don't think Morris would fall into the "bargain bin" category.
  11. Who Should Go or not resign

    Most of those guys are FAs (Tolbert, Harper, Finnegan, McClain) and others are simply unteneable at their respective salaries (CJ, Allen). Nothing over the top in this thread thus far.
  12. Blandino on the no catch call

    You're thinking of the dropped TD in Cincy - Jones was right there, but a seemingly catchable ball. Would have been a game-winner.
  13. Big Daryl Williams....

    Fixed it for you.
  14. Kansas City Royals Tweets Panthers

    After experiencing the World Series win this year I had my hopes... alas, it wasn't meant to be. A lot of similarities between the Royals and Panthers, not the least of which is riling up the rest of their respective leagues by having fun while they play.
  15. Maybe, but probably not. Would be an interesting narrative though.