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  1. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Olsen's blocking has gone from abysmal to merely bad - serviceable is a very generous term. That said, he is way too effective in the passing game to take him off the field. For example: If Henry is drafted, I do hope that he can be a quality blocker because Greg isn't coming off the field.
  2. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    Let's not forget that Gamble had great years with a respectable front 7 but arguably his best years with guys like Fua, McClain, Brayton, Dan Connor, and Sherrod Martin on the field instead of Star, Short, CJ, Luke, and Coleman.
  3. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    They DID play both Weeden and Cassel last year... can he really be any worse?
  4. Carolina doesn't rebuild - they reload.
  5. I have Ginn listed as a receiver and didn't double-list anyone, but he'd make a good returner for sure. Michael Bates is hands-down the best KR Carolina's ever had, though that position has been marginalized in today's NFL, and Marc Jones was surprisingly effective his year in Carolina. Also added an "ST generalists" category sinceCarolina's had some really good guys who shined on ST over the years, though Cooper shouldprobably carry the same PEDs disclaimer as Sauerbrun. Colin Jones would be my next choice on ST.
  6. My list includes some players (like Otah) that had at least one exceptional season but may have flamed out thereafter, so I'm assuming that such performances could be matched in whatever offense this team would run (e.g. Deangelo is a great fir for a Fox-type offense, but poor for the current scheme). Depth chart for a given position generally goes left to rightand I'm not too concerned with sub-positions (e.g. 1-tech vs. 3-tech DTs) or about ending up right at 53. Whole names of older players also included for the young'ins. QB: Newton, Delhomme, Steve Beuerlein RB: Stewart, Williams, StephenDavis, Deshaun Foster if playing the Falcons (dude ate their lunch year in and year out) FB: Hoover, Howard Griffith (Griffith is the better runner/receiver, Hoover the slightly better blocker) WR: Smitty, Moose, Patrick Jeffers, Benjamin, Proehl, Ginn, Mark Carrier TE: WesleyWalls, Olsen, Shockey LT: Gross, Todd Steussie (could be Wharton also, but don't want to double-slot players) LG: Travelle Wharton, Andrew Norwell, Mike Wahle C: Kalil, JeffMitchell RG: Trai Turner, Kevin Donnalley, Greg Skrepenak (have his autograph on a hat - always thought he was a bit underrated) RT: Jeff Otah, Chris Terry (not much to choose from here...) DE: Peppers, Mike Rucker, CJ, Al Wallace, Hardy DT: Jenkins, Short, Star, Brentson Buckner, Jordan Carstens OLB: TD, Will Witherspoon, Mark Fields, Kevin Greene ILB: Kuechly, Beason, Morgan, Sam Mills CB: Gamble, Norman, Davis, Lucas, JimmyHitchcock SS: Minter, Harris, Chad Cota FS: Deon Grant, Coleman K: Kasay P: Sauerbrun (assuming he didn't get busted for PEDs, in which case Baker gets the nod) ST generalists: Karl Hankton, Nick Goings,Jarrod Cooper Returners not named Smitty: Michael Bates (how many other teams get to say an Olympian played for them?), He Hate Me, Marc Jones
  7. So what does Gettleman do with this money?

    So what? All this showed is that Gettleman will offer players amounts equal to positional and performance value to the team, and if it isn't enough for players then they will be free to get it elsewhere. Business is business. If you're concerned about this, then you have to believe thag CJ taking less will have a positive impact as well.
  8. No, you're right. Don't know wtf I was thinking.
  9. Edit: ignore me. I has the dumb today.
  10. With Kony on the field full time, I'd expect in the 5-7 sack range and maybe 20tackles or so.
  11. Draft thought

    Sure enough. I stand completely corrected, though Batman memes will always remain an option.
  12. Draft thought

    Comp picks can't be traded, let alone comp picks that don't even exist yet...
  13. The team still has all the leverage since Carolina seems to be the place he wants to play and offers all the intangibles Josh mentioned he was looking for- the stakes are just a bit higher since negotiations are no longer exclusive.