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  1. I always thought Lane Kiffin was an @hole

    One Love, Cam love, its awesome.
  2. Matty Ice is melting....

    get off my fugging field will forever haunt him vs. the Panthers. D gonna feast.
  3. Norman's Trash Talking

    all this trash talking and dancing...these young guys just don't know what football is about. Act like you been there before. also, get off my lawn.  
  4. Norman on Dez Bryant

    One of my coworkers went to high school with him (1980"s) so I asked him what position did my Bro-In-Law play, you know since he has all the answers when it comes to football,  My coworker laughed and said he was the water boy and he sucked at that.  I try to play nice but I so wanted to yell, Shut Up water boy, today. But my wife was like No better not. 
  5. Norman on Dez Bryant

    i have listened to my bro in law for two months say that Norman was no good. After lunch I had to leave to watch the game. I will not watch with him. On the way out I told him Dez would be shut out. He wouldn't get more than 40 Yds. He shouted yeah right. My lovely wife just said I should buy a Norman Jersey to wear for Christmas. I'm going to walk in front of my Bro in law wearing #24 and dab on him.   tl;dr bro in law sucks
  6. The Most Confusing Bandwagonish Thing You'll See Today...

    I can interpret for you..   he says.."I'm a douche"
  7. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    this is nothing compared to the officiating we are going to see Thursday. Prepare your self.
  8. So I Made a Meme of My Cat..

    he's a thug!
  9. Tony Romo is 3-0

    i'm avoiding the initial networks this week. I'll wait for Thursday. I'll just get all my news from the huddle, 
  10. Pets Named after Carolina Panthers

    my almost 3 year old daughter said she wanted a kitty. I asked her what she wanted to name it. She said, "Luke" , Might have to go look for a kitty after the new year.
  11. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    ok got that out of the way for this year. no more.
  12. Adele, Adele, Adele, Adele Tiffany, Adele
  13. I really liked this one. Its about coping with his disease while still kicking in the NFL. He had to wear a colostomy bag while playing for the Chargers.