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  1. So you think a 20% hit ratio on first round (for obvious reasons the most important) picks is acceptable?
  2. CMC is the only player that's playing at a level worthy of the first round pick spent on them. One out of five..... That's awful.
  3. The Natural

    Samuel Returning?

    I keep reading this thread title as "Retiring" and my heart sinks a little each time.
  4. The Natural


    Because of the Dave Gettleman reclamation project otherwise known as Matt Kalil.
  5. The Natural

    Will we even miss Thomas Davis

    He's solid depth.... We should expect more from first rounders.
  6. Panthers- 16 Cowboys- 13 Both teams come out a little sloppy and looking rusty on offense.
  7. The Natural

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    Are we really going to pretend Dave built that 2013 squad from the ground up? He took over a team that was primed for the playoffs, don't kid yourself on that one. The fact he couldn't muster together the additional talent to give us consecutive winning seasons says it all. One step forward two steps back.
  8. The Natural

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    Who cares? Neither of them were all that good. Hurney 2.0 has been great so far but I'm not a Hurney nut hugger. We don't live in some vacuum where one of them HAS to be good. You're just one of those guys who for whatever reason puts Dave on a pedestal. If you think NEVER navigating a team to consecutive winning seasons is cause for praise and admiration idk what to tell you.
  9. The Natural

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    The "playoffs 4 out of 5 years" arguement is so tiresome. We made the playoffs on a fluke year where the rest of our division happened to suck just a little bit more than us. We won a playoff game against possibly the worst QB to ever start a postseason game. 2014 is in no way a success story. It's even worse when you take into consideration all the talent Dave ran off in that offseason.
  10. Bingo! You nailed it.
  11. No poo. What in the world does that have to do with anything?
  12. People care because it showcases the inconsistency of this franchise. Hurney 1.0 and Gettleman weren't very good at managing and maintaining success.