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    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Next year’s draft sets up for pretty much line work on both sides, and a LB.
  2. I won’t be mad if we draft a RB, and as much as I want one, I don’t think we need to move up for that position. I expect Guice and Chubb to both be gone by the time we pick. I think Daniels and Hernandez will be gone as well, early in the 2nd. The real question is CB/S. I can see us moving up to get one of OUR guys. I think Jackson, Reid, Harrison are guys we would move up to get, considering we would look at them as starters. I think we need to be on the phone after the first one is taken, and look to make a deal pretty quickly after the second one is taken. We could be fortunate like last night, so I think the goal should be to wait it out and see if any two are still on the board when we pick. I don’t honestly think that will happen, so we do need to be prepared to move up, and depending upon it, we may be able to do it a few spots without giving up either of our 3rd rounders.
  3. I look at it this way. Wilson is a #2 TE. If Olsen ages rapidly or retires, we’re immediately looking for another #1TE. How long has it taken for us to Really invest in a major #2TE? The idea that in Ebron we MAY have the replacement #1 on the team already at 24 yrs old? Bruh, come on.... no brainer. We could go get a Luke Wilson in the draft, but we save a pick now and in the future potentially with Ebron.
  4. The whole idea is still to get Cam better weapons in the passing game. Put Ebron and Olsen out there and that’s a big potential along with adding another deep threat and between-the-tackles running, pass catching RB in the draft? That’s weapons ALL over the field.
  5. Monty83

    Michael Crabtree Released

    Ravens are often mocked to start the party at WR in the draft. If they sign Crabtree, do they double dip, or does it push one more WR down for us? That’s what I’m wondering.
  6. We do realize this is for TE #2 right? Consistency? We have the most consistent TE in the league. For value, you go with the potential and talent, especially for the #2 TE spot. He can produce right now in that slot AND potentially replace Greg. Barring some crazy salary talk, Ebron easily. Plus he’ll be motivated by being home as well.
  7. I would try to trade our 24 and 55 to Cleveland for their 32 and 34, particularly if they have someone at the bottom they want to secure. Outside of one or two guys we might target in the first, I don't really see a ton of guys in the groups we're looking at where NONE of them would be available early 2nd. But there are some situations where none of them might be available by the time we pick in the 2nd. If you like Reid or Harrison at safety, you COULD get one at 24, but you might miss both at 55. If you like Michel, Guice, Chubb, or Freeman at RB, you can definitely get one at 24, but you MIGHT miss on them all at 55. If you like Kirk, Moore, or Washington at WR, you can get one at 24, but all may be gone by 55. If you like Hernandez or Price at OL, you get the drift.... Trading back to the top of the 2nd, because we're not looking for one particular stud is pretty much the safest move, and we have a chance to secure at least 1 guy in 2 separate groups above.
  8. Trade back and get Sony Michel early 2nd.
  9. Safety and DL/OL depth left in FA. Then draft BPA of WR, RB, S, DE, TE in draft. Depending on who slips, would still love to trade back and have both of Cleveland’s high 2nd rounders. Think we could get 1 of the top 3 on our board at both WR and RB.
  10. My dream scenario would be us being able to trade our first and second round picks to Cleveland for their #33 and #35 and take Sony Michel and Christian Kirk at the top of the second. We address speed, Michel can run between the tackles AND has shown a natural catching ability AND with CMac, you’d have 3 guys with great abilities for YAC and making people miss in space. That’s the type of versatility that would scare a defense that also has to worry about Cam taking off.
  11. Monty83

    Panthers meet with Sony Michel

    I don’t think we need a Stewart clone. The benefit of having these versatile backs who can catch with speed is that you can use them as a single back or at the same time and play calling doesn’t have to change. The one limitation CMac has is he’s not serious between in the tackles runner. Michel can do that AND everything else. CMac and Michel would be a sick backfield.