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    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Next year’s draft sets up for pretty much line work on both sides, and a LB.
  2. I won’t be mad if we draft a RB, and as much as I want one, I don’t think we need to move up for that position. I expect Guice and Chubb to both be gone by the time we pick. I think Daniels and Hernandez will be gone as well, early in the 2nd. The real question is CB/S. I can see us moving up to get one of OUR guys. I think Jackson, Reid, Harrison are guys we would move up to get, considering we would look at them as starters. I think we need to be on the phone after the first one is taken, and look to make a deal pretty quickly after the second one is taken. We could be fortunate like last night, so I think the goal should be to wait it out and see if any two are still on the board when we pick. I don’t honestly think that will happen, so we do need to be prepared to move up, and depending upon it, we may be able to do it a few spots without giving up either of our 3rd rounders.