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  1. Completely agree. Some are speaking of a power back like the back has to be only good at running between the tackles to complement CMac. Sony can run between the tackles, has an uncanny burst for the home run, and is a better blocker and receiver than Chubb. A complete back like him gives nothing away in terms of playcalling vs. CMac or both being on the field. That’s what I want. And I’m willing to take it in the late 1st RD or early 2nd if we trade back.
  2. The mere presence of Ted Ginn would've probably driven his grade up half a letter.
  3. Speed isn't the only issue. Plenty of guys in the league with speed (including guys like Clay), but if you can't catch or get separation, you're useless. That's why there are guys who are low-round or undrafted who get bounced around. If Ted Ginn had the hands and could run the routes of the top third of the league, he'd be a Top 5 receiver in the league, because of his speed. All our guys should have to compete with the spot below where they are right now. Funchess should have to compete for the #2 spot. Samuel should have to compete for the #3, Byrd for the #4. We accomplish that by bringing in TWO receivers (1 in FA, 1 high in the draft).
  4. There are symptoms and there are problems. And there are symptoms AND problems. J-Stew is quickly becoming both. And will only in the future serve the purpose of us having to overuse and abuse our new weapon in CMac. We made CMac less effective than he could be when we gave up our deep threat in Ginn and did not replace him. Now everybody is on the train to improve our receiving core, BUT people want to let Norwell walk and cut the Kalils. Then Cam would have no time and be on the ground. We need to keep our OL in place. They were solid outside of Matt, and there are some things we can do there, at least until we may have to cut him the following year. We need 2 real receivers (1 in draft, 1 in FA) and a younger RB with burst to replace J-Stew. That's very doable and our offense will be more than fine. It could be fire.
  5. Hurney on WFNZ

    Our WR core is the greatest skill and talent need on our team. It's not an age issue or a depth issue like other positions. We simply don't have guys who are respected for what the skill requires in the league. Natural route-running, pass catchers who can consistently get open. And you don't fix that problem with one guy unless he's bonafied elite, and you push everyone else down a spot. Considering we probably shouldn't break the bank for a FA one, I say we immediately target a very good #2 type, veteran WR in FA (who may have some potential as a #1) AND go WR 1st round. Veteran FA WR, Funchess, #1 rookie WR, Samuel, Byrd. Those are your 5. You give Cam plenty to survive injuries and you protect against some of the bust-potential of your youth. These two newbies to the team need to be route-running, pass catchers. There are a few in FA we can go after and I'm big on Christian Kirk right now. What we also lack is true competition. Nobody should be given anything. It will improve the play with guys actually having to earn spots. 2nd Round - I may be alone, but give me a RB. This draft is deep in the position, but we gotta re-structure or cut J-Stew. We need a three-down back with some burst, who can run in-between the tackles, but bring some other skills to the table. I look at Ingram and Kamara, and if we're still calling ourselves a running team, we need youth to be with Cam for his days. We don't need to go 1st round, but there are legit starters in the 2nd-3rd. Give me a Sony Michel or Damien Harris honestly to go with CMac. Guys who are solid but have burst. Much less predictable, and it's guys used to splitting carries anyway. 3rd Round - Safety and DE. I want to address safety in FA too, and the cuts will be important to see what kind of money we can spend, because Norwell should be a priority. Not going OT in the first 3 rounds is really predicated on that.
  6. Sony Michel can run in-between the tackles but has a burst which makes him a home run threat. Would love to have him and CMac with Cam.
  7. I’ve run over some pretty formidable speed bumps in my day..... They just had a slightly quicker feet than Kalil. Lol.
  8. We keep hearing about how important it is for us to start fast, yet every early possession we huddle (when Cam is clearly better in no-huddle - he gets a rhythm), we take the play clock below 5 secs EVERY play, and our pass-run plays are about as predictable as they come. Cam is a running QB, yet we see very few bootlegs or rollouts for him, particularly on 3rd down where he'd have the opportunity to throw or run. We regularly see deep sideline passes on 3rd and short, instead of something Cam can throw in a decent size window. We went to endzone routes the last series of the game, when we had plenty of time to work the middle of the field. I just wish Shula would go away, and a new OC would come in and start this offense over.
  9. I'd love to tell you that you're wrong, but you're probably right. But it should. There is a reason the Saints offense is so freakin good. Payton and Brees are a passing offense right? Until they decided to have Ingram, draft Kamara, and get Adrian Peterson. That's a true commitment to saying, we're not just gonna run it, but we're gonna dominate on the ground AND keep our passing attack. They OVERdid it, and had to let AP go. But it's ok to overdue it. They found balance and now, really have few flaws on offense at all. That's what the NFL requires. We're not committed to making our passing game truly better, and then wonder why losing a 4th string receiver becomes "crippling" and Cam has to save us. We traded away our #1 receiver to open up more opportunities for undrafted guys. That's not a commitment. We also lost our running game, while waiting too long on the passing game! We're in need of retooling both.
  10. This is the type of receiving core Cam deserves. And here's the thing, you lose any one of those guys to injury, and the rest of your lineup will still make it happen, and STILL open up plenty for Olsen and CMac. This is what you want Cam to have.
  11. We're picking 24th in the 1st round

    Safety can be a top need, but that doesn't mean we will be in a good position to take one early. I think everyone agrees it needs to be addressed, but picking one in the first two rounds? You can find young guys with talent in Rds 3-5, especially when the backbone of our defense is upfront. We just need not do what we have been doing which is not address safety AT ALL or just get a 1-year aging vet. The top of our draft needs specific positions to be of significant talent to make a difference like WR, RB, OT, DE. There are only 2-3 safeties worthy of really high pick in this draft, and they will be off the board when we pick.
  12. We're picking 24th in the 1st round

    None of our WRs are as good as anyone wants to make them. They all should be pushed down the depth chart by at least one spot and should have to fight for the spot they are pushed down to. And this run game needs to be re-planned. We need a three-down RB with burst to complement CMac. Give me Christian Kirk and Sony Michel in the first two rounds. WR, RB, OT, S, DE Prolly in that order. Another WR, DB in FA.
  13. A novel concept may be to put our WR core in a position to have to earn spots instead of writing them into them. We tried to push Funchess into a #1 target role, when he should have to earn his #2 role. That’s the only way we get better and force guys to play better. There should be no room for a Byrd AND Clay. That’s a big part of why we are bad in this core. Its not time to have ENOUGH weapons. It’s time to have an ABUNDANCE for Cam. I think we need to get FA veteran AND draft a top receiver. We set Cam up for present and future. Both need to be #2 receiver caliber and, you let them and Funchess battle it out. Samuel will battle for #3 or become #4, and Byrd rounds it out as our developmental youngster. This is what real teams who care about the passing game due. You survive injuries to any of them and maintain balance.
  14. We need to move quickly. We need to not worry about TOP. We need to score quickly.