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  1. His nose for the ball and hustle reminds me of Moss sometimes, throw him some jump balls.
  2. GoPanthers123

    Marty impressed with new guard

    Penn state guy is my guy, he is a beast and will guard Cam with his life.
  3. Tell me who or if gets injured and I will tell you the final win-loss record. This has always been a schedule of close games, some years we win them some we lose them. My predictions: - we go 13-3 - saints will be last in nfc south - we play packers in the NFC championship game and win in OT
  4. Cam is the best rushing QB of all time and his passing is above average. Not in top 10? GTFO
  5. GoPanthers123

    Thank you Big Cat!

    Thank you Mr Richardson, we are not in court and people make mistakes so they can learn from them. I love the Panthers and you gave us 2 SB appearances and made sound business decisions.
  6. Can we still get Peyton Manning on board, say QB coach or Assistant OC? New owner can pay2win so let's go!
  7. GoPanthers123

    La Canfora tweets that Hurney is safe

    Makes sense Hurney had the best draft in years since he knew it's his ass that's next
  8. Kind of reminds me of Atlanta and their troll draft picks this year.
  9. It is all PR, he can call it whatever he wants. Our success rests on Cam, how the rookie class performs and getting a good DB coach. The guy at the top can indulge in fantasies but football games are won by players and coaches, so the main call is whether he keeps current staff or whether he gets some of his own people later on.
  10. GoPanthers123

    Serious: What will Tepper do with Hurney?

    I don't know what he will do. I hope whatever he does is performance based and not politics based.
  11. There are hardly any good players on the Browns and if you even can't make "that" roster, it's a red flag for sure.
  12. On questions like this we can look at how he fits into the offensive scheme as a whole, and his success will also depend on success of the running game this year. Establish the run and then throw to Moore whose strength is yards after the catch. Just play to the strengths of what we have. I can see him getting 1000 yards if used properly.
  13. I wasn't crazy about Gaulden pick as it seemed like a reach. He got some skills and with right coaching he could be a playmaker on D, I trust the system to get him ready to start by mid-season.
  14. GoPanthers123

    For all those "We suck at drafting" people

    That's Browns for you, find a way don't they? I want them out of the league, will make Nfl more watchable.