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  1. GoPanthers123

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Saints are the combination of everything i don't like, really it's uncanny
  2. GoPanthers123

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    Cam is the best thing that happened to this franchise and will go down as the best rushing QB of all time when all is said and done
  3. Golden state All Stars will kill the NBA. LeBron should have been smarter and just signed with them as well. He doesn't get credit when he beats a super team and when he loses he gets a bad rep.
  4. The dude has IQ of 79 probably, so there is your cause and effect.
  5. GoPanthers123

    McCaffery will breakout this year....

    He will be the MVP this year, just watch.
  6. GoPanthers123

    Rivera Respect

    Keep pounding (that puss)
  7. I love it. It's like stars are aligning for us to make a run at the SB this season.
  8. GoPanthers123

    Hurney, and the DB to S Transition...

    I don't care if he played safety in college, just as long as he has the nose for the ball and was the best available talent at secondary when we picked him. Wasn't a fan of the pick but warming up to it.
  9. GoPanthers123

    Julio Jones holding out

    Yeah and that's why they drafted WR in the first round, to have options. The rookie won't be ready to perform at that level, not yet, and I think their O will not be at the same level.
  10. GoPanthers123

    Julio Jones holding out

    Falcons will finish last in NFC south, too bad we only play them twice this year.
  11. Don't cry for LBJ, he is living the life few people do. It is obvious one team was a big underdog and the result is what was expected. I don't see it as a big deal at all and that guy is going to go down as a unique talent we probably won't see one like him in our lifetime
  12. I'm very confident in our staff and players, and in losing seasons we lost close games which we would otherwise win. If we were in AFC Panthers would be considered in the NE-Pitt bracket of contention.
  13. GoPanthers123

    Does Cam have to be Lebron in 2018

    He doesn't, we are loaded this year. All I'm asking for is 21 point per game on avg from O, that will be enough for first week bye.
  14. We are good at Rb and we should develop our Rbs anyway, CAP and CMac and co.
  15. To be number 1 you can't copy the trends but set them. You got a deep threat and someone who draws double coverage, that's just deadly and always has been, always will be.