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  1. GoPanthers123

    Is it time for Gauldin??

    We drafted him so may as well play him, he has the killer instinct and intensity. He is a good safety until proven otherwise.
  2. GoPanthers123

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Bengals have not been tested yet, Colts and Ravens are decent but not legit playoff teams. They are about as good as Dallas not a guaranteed win but a likely one.
  3. Normally I would hate using future draft picks but right now every team looks vulnerable and we have a shot with a little more help to hammer through the schedule.
  4. Gaulden will be in for sure on Sunday, but this draft class has already proved to be one of the better ones so I feel ok with that.
  5. Browns QB is legit but not amazing. People are raving because the expectations were so damn low for the browns.
  6. GoPanthers123

    So they DO notice

    I agree Cam looks like a better passer this year than last year, and he did so in preseason as well. Norv doing work.
  7. I want Moore to get a lot of touches this week and for Bengals D to be stretched thin and be in a position where they cannot cover everyone leaving people wide open.
  8. I remember hype for Andrew Luck, supposedly he was the best draft prospect of the last 20 years.
  9. GoPanthers123

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    If I don't see Moore getting 10 touches next game I will be calling for Ron's head and I never do that.
  10. GoPanthers123

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    Looking at the schedule all non-divisional games look winnable, and divisional will not be easy. Predicting a DJ Moore /CMC duo shredding the Bengals.
  11. Riverboat mode meaning we use Cam rushing on short yardage to pick up a 1st down. The guy is a nightmare to defend against dual threat so use it, then start lodging bombs to the endzone just as the D expects another rush.
  12. That 3rd and 2 pass, then punt was not very riverboat-like. You have Cam! Ron needs to grow a bigger pair asap.
  13. It's the exact same line who scored 6 sacks the week before. There was no sense of urgency this week, maybe it's playing on the road maybe it's something else.
  14. GoPanthers123


    442 yards given up and I bet we never won a game when we give up that many.
  15. This loss is on D who didn't show up today. We don't want the game to be a shoot out, that's not how this team wins.