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  1. Midtown_Doornail

    Tepper approved

    Wow, that's an interesting story.
  2. Midtown_Doornail

    I got a feeling we're gonna like this guy

    Thanks, not as much as I would like. I mean, I don't know the guy personally. Although, I guess I know him a bit more than most people here. But probably like by 0.1%. Anyway, my background that I already shared in the other Tepper thread. David Tepper graduated from Carnegie Mellon from what at the time was called the GSIA (Graduate School of Industrial Administration) with an MSIA, which is sort of like an MBA, but I believe it was more technical focused. In 2003 David Tepper donated $55M dollars to the school. (I had to look up the amount and the year) and in 2004 it became known as the Tepper School of Business because of it (reading Wikipedia it seems that was the condition of the donation, so not 100% off the goodness of his heart). I graduated from "Tepper" in 2016, two years almost to the day. So what I know about him is that he seems like a very personable guy with a good sense of humor but comes off as no nonsense. He came on campus both years I was there and was very engaging and funny, asked to be called David, instead of Mr. Tepper. It was a blast to listen to him talk. So he definitely has a pretty damn good personality compared to some of the boring drones you see that rise up to be CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Makes sense since it's his company. In the other thread I mentioned that we had a school newspaper that was basically a bunch of business school students writing humorous columns and making fun of each other. One of my closest friends was an editor at the newspaper and had access to newspapers going back 30+ years, as far back as David Tepper was a student there. What he told me was that he was quite a prankster. Supposedly did things that wouldn't be cool today to do in the school. Don't worry my understanding is it's not something that would make him look bad today from a political perspective. I wish I could remember what it was, I asked my friend but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. What else? I was lucky enough that my 1 year reunion was the same year as his 35 year reunion and he was walking around looking like he was worth 1/100,000th of what he was worth. Just a regular polo and jeans. Didn't bring any attention to himself or stand out. You would have no idea that he was worth more than everyone else in that building combined.
  3. Midtown_Doornail

    Tepper approved

    Did Richardson make his money or inherit it? I feel like being a self made man makes you go about things a bit differently.
  4. Midtown_Doornail

    Tepper approved

    He hasn't really hurt feelings yet other than firing people that needed to be fired pretty quickly. I mean moreso that he sounds like your grandfather after a few whiskeys sometimes. It's funny, but could get old if the team struggles.
  5. Midtown_Doornail

    Tepper approved

    Yep. I like what he's done so far but we'll have to see. He is a bit of a no filter kind of guy. Kind of like what I imagine myself being if I were a GM, haha.
  6. Midtown_Doornail

    Tepper approved

    Oh and I forgot to mention that the editors had access to the old newspapers, so my friend read stuff circa 82 when Tepper graduated.
  7. Midtown_Doornail

    Tepper approved

    Actually you jogged my memory for something. In the school that I mentioned that's named after Tepper we had a school newspaper type thing that was humorous in nature with students making fun of each other most of the time. It's been around since forever, including the early 80s when David Tepper was there. My good friend was an editor for the newspaper and he told me that the type of pranks Tepper pulled and wrote about in the newspaper would be something no one would get away with nowadays. I can't remember what it was but it was pretty bad (or good depending on how you look at it). But nothing as far as I know that really crossed the line too much.
  8. Midtown_Doornail

    Tepper approved

    Hey guys, congratulations. I'm a Giants fan but when I heard the news that David Tepper is buying the team the Panthers became my second favorite team in the league. The reason is that I went to the Carnegie Mellon business school that Tepper donated a ton of money to and had named after him. I obviously don't know the guy but he came to speak both years I was at school and I had a blast. He seems super personable and engaging. He made a lot of jokes and asked students to call him David instead of Mr. Tepper. Anyway, seemed like a cool guy. But he also comes off as very down to business, so I'm sure he won't embarrass your franchise like *ahem* some owners. Anyway, looking forward to rooting for the Panthers when they're not playing the Giants!