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  1. Game 7

    If we resign and somehow get s healthy mkg, we're set guys
  2. Game 7

    Calling moving screens on're kidding
  3. Game 7

    We are still sitting pretty going forward, we can't help that Miami is shooting balls out
  4. Game 7

    If we stay under 10 by the half, we're advancing
  5. Game 7

    I trust the staff. I do. Wade will get dumb baskets and calls, so will Deng. But if the best team wins, Charlotte will be playing Tuesday.
  6. Game 7

    I'm getting mixed vibes on this, I like your post though thomas
  7. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Some of you guys are big dumb dummies , I'm sleeping winkless
  8. Game 7

    SC anchors think Frank knocks down the series winner
  9. Game 7

    I'm still sleeping on this though. I have more of an empty feeling now than a bad one.
  10. Game 7

    You're right unfortunately
  11. Game 7

    We have to take s chance in the 4th for a shot
  12. Frank is coooooooold blooded

    Apologies on double post
  13. Frank is coooooooold blooded

    I love that so much
  14. Frank is coooooooold blooded

    I love that so much
  15. Game 7

    Keys to winning; Crash the boards aggressively Sit Batum and let Lin and Lee guard Wade Give Deng open looks in the 4th for fast breaks