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  1. Okafor or Noel, anyone?

    Okafor is essentially a younger, slightly more athletic Big Al clone. I'd only want him if Al is the centerpiecd going the other way, but we'd have to pull off a S&T to swing that considering he isn't currently under contract, and that sort of takes away our leverage there. I'd prefer Noel for his athleticism and defensive potential. And i'd have no problem sending Zeller and/or Frank in a package for him, then sign Noah, re-sign Batum and Lin, and I'm thinking we might be the 2nd best team in the East next season.
  2. Noah Telling teammates he and the Bulls are done.

    I suggested in the playoffs thread that we need to get Whiteside or Noah, and honestly, if he's healthy, I might would prefer Noah... he has that fire and intensity we need.
  3. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    I was pissed when we let him go. He is, by all accounts, an incredible human being off-court, but also for the very reason we're seeing right now... I may have mentioned it in his departure thread, but he changes games without even touching the ball. There are very few players in the league whi can do that. I don't tive a poo if he can't catch 100% of the time. He so greatly affects the opponent defensively and on the boards that it doesn't matter. I hope we bring him back, but at least we drafted Frank and signed Lamb to an extension, AMIRITE??? LOL.
  4. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    Spoilers again... So i just watched TTD, and Gale Ann Hurd said in the minds of the writers/producers, Daniel is still around.
  5. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Great job, dumbass.
  6. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    Super intense episode last night, then it pissed me off that I didn't realize it was the midseason finale, so we have to wait to find out what happens with everyone.... SPOILERS BELOW... Really, really pissed that they offed Daniel. That escalated quickly and felt cheap and unnecessary. It felt like they just didn't know where to go with his character, so they just found a disjointed, confounding way to quickly off him with little explanation. The progression of the sequence that led to his demise didn't make all that much sense either. I'm theorizing that the "point" behind it was he convinced himself he was less than human and soulless after having killed as a child, so he "died" in spirit long ago, although he continued to be haunted by his deeds... and so, this was his only catharsis. That is BS. He did so many other things up to this point that showed he still had humanity, and plenty of it. Killing him off just doesn't sit well with me. Other than that, Travis and Chris are just losing my interest. Yes, that wss an intense and well done confrontation between the two of them, but his kid just tried to kill him... so, he decides to help him by going off in the wilderness with him? Lol. Dude is gone. I mean, Rick went crazy for awhile at the prison in TWD, but he wasn't actively trying to kill innocent people either. Chris is just shell. I get Nick is disappointed in his family, but what is his plan and what's the alternative now? The writers also seemed to take him down a weird, unreasonable, unnecessarily insane rabbit hole with his explanation of his views last night. It also makes less sense when juxtaposed with his initial actions in the series premiere at the church and the death/reanimation of his drug dealer friend in season 1. Regardless, Nick and Strand make it still worth tuning into, but i feel like they made a lot of mistakes last night.
  7. Devon Johnson got a $20,000 signing bonus

    Idk how many of you watched Undrafted last year, but one thing that really stood out to me, although I can't say it surprised me, was that it appeared we were players for almost every player worth their salt featured in the show. It showed we contacted several of the guys and were prominent players throughout the process. One thing is for sure, Gettleman loves finding value and he definitely looks for it in UDFAs.
  8. What happened to Netflix?

    I havent watched movies on netflix in forever. I think their movie selection has sucked for a long time now, like several years... but, i watch tons of shows and docs on there, so i enjoy it for that. I catch up on any of the 30 for 30s i miss, i love the TED Talks, and i plan on starting Narcos and a finishing up arrested development here soon. I also watched the entirety of SOA and Breaking Bad last year, so it has definitely been worth the money. SN: SOA jumped head first into the shitter after like the 5th season.
  9. Eventual Charlotte Hornet, Steph Curry wins MVP

    At one point, I was hopeful, but not anymore. Only way we'll get him is when he's past his prime, old, and washed up.
  10. MJ to relocate Hornets if NC Doesn't Revoke HB2 Law

  11. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    Just watched the latest episode. It's getting better every week.
  12. Al Willing To Take A Pay Cut

    Kemba... lol
  13. Al Willing To Take A Pay Cut

    Welp, although we shouldn't, I bet we give him an extension for like 7-8M per.
  14. Don Gregory seemingly high on Garrett and Cash

    I was hoping it was more than that because that being the biggest reason reminds me of guys like Robert Lester. I didn't want him, and although he did make plays here for a year or so, his limitations definitely showed why he had went undrafted. He wasn't athletic enough for safety, but wasnt stout enough for LB. But, i trust our scouts and hopefully the official switch to LB shows he doesn't have the same limitations as Lester did.
  15. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    For all the poo i talk about some of his moves, Gettleman is a funny dude. When I remove the emotional aspect of Smitty and Norman and drafting DT after DT (calm down, I'm joking), I really do appreciate him. I'm an asshole, and I think he's an asshole, so it angers me from afar that I can't be his level of asshole. This was funny. The end.