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  1. Is having the world on top of them, being on top of the world, and having it right back on top of them again All the media do is build you up to destroy you. Its inevitable when you win, but the problem is buying into it or feeding into it. For a while of course the panthers fed off being dismissed, thats easy. But how can you feed off being the favorite and people saying they're no match for you? You can't. You can't focus on the hate or praise. Just put in the time and work to win, that's all you need to do. Bill Belichick, thats one person right there that dont feed into any of the irrelevant crap. He dont care about being liked, praised, disliked, respected, or none of that poo. Pats have a simple goal, win. I have no doubt this team will be back although there's some pieces that need to be replaced and changed, but you don't go 17-2 and disappear. Panthers are building success, but I hate to see them only strive when their back are against the wall because after going to the SB, the doubt will never be the same as before.
  2. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Wasn't that already addressed he did in that video?
  3. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    Which is why you cut some of the useless weight, bring in FA's and draft well. It surely doesn't stick with those players
  4. Kansas City Royals Tweets Panthers

    Its not showing up for me for some reason. Probably this work network.
  6. I want Alshon, but Shula passing game seriously lacks imagination and creativity. I feel like he has the same poo as his 1999 playbook. It requires Cam standing in the pocket for 5-6 seconds waiting for someone to open up on their route. With a dominant pass rush, the ball must come out. I heard a Denver fan saying they would have dominated Seattle too. I can say for sure Wilson wouldn't have been hit as much as Cam, cause the ball is out in 3 sec. That must be fixed this offseason. Idk if Shula can change that. I wish we could bring Hardy back, but JR not having it. I agree on Mario Williams especially if CJ cut. Weddle hell yeah. Williams will most likely be tried as starter at RT. LT we'll see about in the draft.
  7. This is a no question, no request, but an absolute must.
  8. Cam was let down by his offense

    Time to dial back on Cam. Game managers seem to win SB's while letting their defense do the rest Ron and Shula, idk what their gameplan was. But it should have been run the ball (creatively like we've done all year) and playaction. Let the defense slug it out. Cam threw 41 times, and the panic started once we got down. That's not panthers football
  9. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Cam is officially the QB of the NFL. Watch next year how many teams you see dabbing. poo they been doing it this year. And I'm not talking about when playing against us
  10. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    I expected more from Shula, boy I won't do that again. I'm going back to my old feelings about him
  11. Cam pouting at the podium

    @Jeremy Igo can somebody please ban these people.
  12. Cam pouting at the podium

    Wilson would think you're a weirdo trolling on a opposing team message board a month after being eliminated 
  13. Best thing Cam going for himself is not conforming to what people think on how to act or react. All people do, especially in America, is build you up to tear you down. Shame on Cam if he do cause he's just falling into a trap. I honestly miss Cam being hated and the Panthers being dismissed. The winning and being favorites, MVP got this team super confident heading into SB and got their asses beat badly. Going into next season, the Panthers wont be the favorite because of the "SB hangover" and this team will be doubted again. They flip flop which is why you're supposed to not pay the hype no mind. A little off topic There's no set way on how to act when you win. There's no set way on how to act when you lose. If I lost the SB, I wouldn't even talk to the media. For what? Technically the season is over.  Keep in mind everybody isn't the same. Its all opinions, please keep that in mind as well. The panthers organization is to win games, that includes Cam Newton. That's all that matters and should the main and only focus. Dont get sucked into anything else but that.
  14. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Truth. We do have space coming up. Gettle is going to have to put in work in to get back. It may not happen next year which sucks, but 2018 should be a realistic SB goal