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  1. NanuqoftheNorth

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    --Six more witnesses are willing to speak out about Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's behavior https://hillreporter.com/court-employ... https://theintercept.com/2018/09/17/c...
  2. NanuqoftheNorth

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Here is a dose of reality when it comes to Trump's Economic sleight of hand: Aug.30 -- David Stockman, former budget director for President Ronald Reagan, discusses Federal Reserve monetary policy and the state of the U.S. economy with Bloomberg's Shery Ahn and David Westin on "Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power."
  3. #EndUSHegemony/HumanRightsAbuse #EndUSEconomicSanctionsAgainstVenezula #EndSlaveWages #EndTheOligarchy
  4. On this edition of "Point/Counterpoint," Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin debate Lee Marvin and Michelle Triola's relationship. [Season 04, 1979]
  5. Polling shows 50% of Americans have never, ever been abroad. And while that’s easily done in a yuuuge country like the United States, it also means half of all Americans are missing out on some important, firsthand experience of the rest of world. That means a lot of stuff about humanity Americans know only comes through TV, books and YouTube. While you might think that’s enough to get a clear picture, other countries respectfully disagree. Here are the top 10 things Americans who don’t travel probably don’t get about the rest of our big, beautiful world.
  6. Being reminded every Sunday afternoon about unarmed Americans being shot down in the streets takes away from my NFL football viewing enjoyment.
  7. It is un-American to protest social injustice.
  8. It isn't right for players to politicize a sporting event during the national anthem... oh... wait... nevermind.
  9. ... but didn't bother to vote for POTUS (Trump won the state by only 10K votes).
  10. Whatever Moore may own his vendors, it pales in comparison to Trump's attempts over the years to stiff his contractors and his companies filing bankruptcy to avoid paying people/companies what they are owed. Regardless, neither individual is presidential material.
  11. President Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton launched a broadside against the International Criminal Court (ICC), the body mandated by most of the international community to prosecute genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. In a speech to the conservative Federalist Society on Monday, Bolton announced that Washington would “use any means necessary” to push back against the organization’s influence... Read More At: http://time.com/5393624/john-bolton-i...
  12. NanuqoftheNorth

    Trai has a concussion

    It is getting so bad that it wouldn't surprise me if the Panthers had a fan day this Sunday. Any fan in the stands wearing a Panthers jersey gets to play offensive lineman for a day.
  13. NanuqoftheNorth

    Chris Hedges: Neoliberalism Gave Us Trump

    Well, we are almost two years into this disastrous Trump presidency and the democratic party leadership would still prefer to back a corrupt corporatist rather than a progressive who is campaigning for the working class. Check out the party leaders who are aligning behind the corrupt democratic insider, Governor Cuomo of NY, if you doubt me on this point. Hell, people here that claim to be liberal defend NSA spying on US citizens without a warrant and non-stop/unwinnable warfare overseas that results in trillions of wasted taxpayer dollars, hundreds of thousands of innocent dead civilians and millions of displaced families flooding over international borders to escape all the death and destruction that has resulted from our foreign policies carried out by every president in my lifetime regardless of political affiliation. Both our major political parties are morally bankrupt, whether we are talking about domestic or foreign affairs. The surprise isn't the rise of Trump, the surprise is that a corrupt figure like Trump took so long to rise to a position of power.
  14. NanuqoftheNorth

    Chris Hedges: Neoliberalism Gave Us Trump

    And, I'll just leave this here for those of you that think that another Obama like president (who is the best we've had in decades) is the answer to what ails this nation:
  15. NanuqoftheNorth

    Chris Hedges: Neoliberalism Gave Us Trump

    Well, at least we've found common ground with Chris Hedges on these issues and you actually watched the video, so there is that. I would like to point that the issues you've listed were supported by presidents/congressional representatives from both parties. Reagan, GHWB, Bill Clinton, GWB and Obama have all contributed, along with congress, in hollowing out our manufacturing base to the financial benefit of Wall Street and the 1%. Obama made GWB's tax cuts for the rich permanent, while Bill Clinton gave rise to media deregulation, the Industrialized prison complex (that tripled the number of Americans incarcerated) and signed legislation that deregulated Wall Street (leading to the reckless behavior that gave us the 2008 global economic meltdown). That is more than enough evidence to demonstrate both major political parties are beholden to corporations and the wealthy 1% (to the detriment of working Americans). Chris Hedges point is... there is no longer a party that represents the interests of the working class in this nation. When a political system no longer represents the will of the people it inevitably gives rise to people like Trump, populist demagogues who hollow out our nation and the government for their own benefit leading to further decline. Bottom Line: Getting rid of Trump doesn't solve what ails our nation. Donald is only a symptom of a much larger problem created by the likes of Reagan, Clinton, GWB, Obama and their respective political parties.