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  1. Trump finally gets a win

    Actually it is very sad for Kasich, the GOP and our nation.   The nomination process needs to be restructured to better reflect a cross section of the nation's voters, not just one region.     
  2. Dem Debate - One on One, Bernie vs Hillary

      It is rumored that as Shkreli was taken into custody he shouted out to the surrounding crowd of reporters "At least I know Stirs has my back! Long live the Tinder Box and private healthcare!". 
  3. Dem Debate - One on One, Bernie vs Hillary

    The GOP has tainted Hillary with the low information voters by using half truths and innuendo.   The reality is... despite countless investigations and hearings that have dominated the news cycles for years, the GOP has come up with precisely zilch in the way of tangible evidence to back their claims of impropriety.  Having said that, Hillary is turning out to be her own worst enemy as she is like all the GOP candidates, bought and paid for by Wall Street and other special interests.   Well, that is with one exception, Trump... hardly a viable alternative.
  4. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    With his current image Greg would do well to consider Oakland where bad boys used to go to revive their careers. If he wanted to come back to Carolina, he would have to pave the way with good words and good deeds. JR is unlikely to take a risk on Hardy without Greg demonstrating he has reformed his ways and is seeking a chance for redemption. While anything is possible, these things happening are highly improbable.
  5. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Greg needs to hire a good PR guy. He needs to start a foundation in Charlotte dedicated to helping physically abused women. He needs to do a mea-culpa acknowledging his immaturity and selfish behavior. His actions going forward need to match his words. At that point, he might be worthy of a second chance in Carolina. It would have to start with Hardy.
  6. Replay assistant for SB50, was a Broncos fan

    This^^^.  Are NFL officials biased or incompetent?  Not sure which without getting in their heads and that is not going to happen. The only solution for a team hoping to win a SB is to take the refs ability of deciding the game away from them with a dominant performance.
  7. Wow, no wonder the NRA made him a board member.  He exemplifies their irrational beliefs and attitudes so well.
  8. Trump finally gets a win

    One thing we know for sure is, Trump's pandering to xenophobes, racists and general fear mongering might play well in a little state like NH, but there is no way the people of a state like SC are going to fall for that... oh wait, never mind.
  9. Somebody gunning for Marty Hurney?

    So you're telling me Marty works at a place w/ a drive-thru now? Hello!  My Name is Marty.  What would you like to order today?
  10. Trump finally gets a win

    I suspect Christie was smart enough to recognize his chances nationally were somewhere between zip and zilch.   Looks like Chris willingly played the role of "political heavy" and knocked golden boy Rubio down a few points in an effort to help his governor homies.  Perhaps if things work out, he will become the next USAG in a Bush or Kasich administration? SC is where Shrub Part To hopes to finally catch fire.  I doubt Palmetto voters will disappoint. They have a consistent record of making bad choices when it comes to politics.  Only question is, how many more states could possibly be as gullible as SC voters?  I'd wager not too many outside the deep South are buying what Jeb is smoking.  As far as Kasich is concerned, apparently the GOP pundits view him as too liberal for many republicans to support.  Too bad, he is the closest thing to a sane candidate the GOP has running.
  11. Panthers had been in control of virtually all their games this season. They were the ones dictating the course of events. It is not unreasonable, especially after two big playoff wins, for the coaches to decide "not to fix what wasn't broken". Make Denver dance to our tune, impose Carolina's will on them.   Might have worked too, except for that fact that Denver was able to impose their will on the Panthers. Seems like our coaches were caught completely off guard and never recovered. TLDR:  Always have a "Plan B".
  12. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    Here is the thing, why doesn't the NFL eliminate the appearance of impropriety by restricting the SB officiating crew and those that oversee their decisions to individuals without ties to either participating team?   It seems like there would be ample alternatives available in a league composed of 32 teams.