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  1. Video games are dead *rant*

    I got a raspberry pi and put retro pi on it for my nes/snes games and got an 8bitdo snes bluetooth controller to play.. dont need no nintendo classics...
  2. Video games are dead *rant*

    Part of it is a lack of creativity and poor time value from devs. Unless you have money to throw away I wouldn't bother with buying any of the yearly generic titles like cod, madden, etc unless they're on a massive sale. A lot of games also don't give you that immediate satisfaction anymore either. That is by dividing up your 'rewards' via loot boxes, crates, whatever the hell, and force you to grind a significant amount through bland and generic gameplay just to get something that boosts your stats so you feel better at the game. I work a poo load of hours week in and week out; that poo isn't worth my time. You look at a lot of older games and you could 'skill' your way through them. "Git gud" was the grind.. not waiting for loot to drop after doing the same 4 things over and over again for hours. That's why Dark Souls, etc are so popular. They reward you for learning the game and getting better at it instead of just throwing things in your face to make you feel better.
  3. Anime

    If only the Berserk animes were good. FeelsBadMan. Good anime has been on a decline for a while.. A lot of it is very generic and lack emotion. You have some things like Attack on Titan that work on a decent story principle but start to fall off very hard when they flounder around a while. I'm too lazy to pick out the weeds like I used to be able to..
  4. Fan Fest Discussion Thread

    im wet
  5. Ready Player One

    The book itself had a lot of 80s nostalgia and that's what made it run. Even the plot was classic 80s-90s storyline. Hoping it's good but I can definitely see it become fully cringe depending on direction and interpretation.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Finally caved in and got one. I think it's been worth it so far. Being very cautious about the screen scratching while sliding into the dock though lol. Can't wait for the mario games to come out in the next few months. Already pre-ordered the xcom style one and odyssey.
  7. Destiny 2

    an fyi for the battle.net integration https://amp.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/6my9r5/be_cautious_when_linking_your_blizzard_account_on/
  8. A few simple questions.. I noticed the vast majority of practice times are in the morning according to panthers.com. Does it still feel like the weight of the sun is pushing down on you during that period? Are we allowed to bring some sort of beach umbrella for shade or just tough it out? I don't see anywhere that says they prohibit certain items like the stadium page.
  9. So I've never been to a Fan Fest before and I'm planning on going this year regardless of an admission fee, what do I need to know about going? Also going to training camp for the first time, any tips (i have no kids)? didn't want to make a new thread, feel like the negativity in here could balance some responses ;)
  10. i bought madden 17 during a promo deal and i've played it maybe twice. I feel like they got rid of a lot of features that I liked in previous games and added some weird trading card game that im not really into, in addition to still having clunky animations. sucks that it's still the only licensed football game available to us. fug ea
  11. Never played this but I read a book called "Ready Player One" and this game had a big role in the story.
  12. In no particular order 1. Mass Effect 2 (pc) 2. Skyrim (pc) 3. Donkey Kong Country (snes) 4. Battlefield Bad Company 2 (360) 5. Cod4 (360) 6. Minecraft (pc) 7. ChronoTrigger (snes) 8. Halo 1 (xbox) 9. Professor Layton (entire series combined but not any one in particular on its own) (ds) 10. NBA Jam (snes) Though I've got a bunch of games in my backlog that I'm slowly working through at a snail's pace which I think could end up on here.. being an adult sucks. Super Mario RPG, Persona 5, horizon zero dawn, DOOM remake, they just don't stop coming :((((
  13. AFC Wild Card games thread

    At least they have more sacks than points
  14. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Texans came in with no gameplan. Unfortunate that anyone from the AFC South made it into the playoffs.
  15. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    The simple fact is, Cam makes the team around him better. Russell Wilson had to wait for his team to get better before he started to look good.