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  1. 1) Cowboys 2) Falcons 3) Saints 4) R-words 5) Steelers
  2. Ewww... Cowboys... Be careful of those Shanghai girls now! You probably already know that tho ;P
  3. What province are you from/working out of? I worked for a Fuzhounese family for 10 years and though it took all 10, I was finally able to inspire a few to be fans of the Panthers. I really miss the culture. :(
  4. Panthers/Redskins Hype Video

    Been a treat watching you improve at your craft. Keep up the good work!
  5. Youngins at the games.

    Pot. Kettle. Black. So it sounds entitled to want to attend a game (which has been paid for) with our child but not have to deal with some manchild that can't hold down 2 Bud Lights? On the flip side, it doesn't sound entitled to not want a baby around so that you can go full retard? FOH I didn't even like dealing with the entitled drunks before the bebe. Now I'm going to be looked at sideways when we've got noise canceling headphones for him, we immediately remove him from any public environment when he fusses to not disrupt others, etc? Seems really, really selfish to not want somebody to come support the team simply because they'd have to bring a baby. If we want to drive 3 hours only to have to leave by the 2nd half, that's our choice. But to imply entitlement or a lack of courtesy solely on the part of the parents is asinine. I get there are plenty of horrible parents that would probably change their kid right their in the seats (ew ew ew), but I just can't grasp how this is anywhere remotely like bringing kids to a bar when at a bar you're not getting in the door under 21 unless you've got yourself a fake id.
  6. Youngins at the games.

    My wife and I desperately want to attend a game before the end of the season with our newborn because she hasn't been able to go to a game since Jacksonville (preggos, bebe, and all of that). Should I tell her that we're not allowed to go unless she pumps enough milk to leave for a babysitter because some fans are douchenozzles?
  7. Next OC of the Carolina Panthers

    Promote the Dark Lord
  8. End of the Nicks to Carolina Talk

    By you? :P
  9. Atlanta has long been a hot bed for various club dances blowing up. Nothing new here. Players often use the latest dance crazes in their endzone routines (ie: "cooking", hotline bling, etc) Hopefully Cam's bro tells him to milly rock next time :3
  10. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    Why the Hell are people whining about Cam celebrating? All that the media and everyone else outside of Panthers nation (and some within) have done is doubt, disrespect, and disregard this team. The narrative has been loud and clear when it comes to the media and the Panthers. Now, the team is 9-0 with a very strong chance of getting home field advantage for the playoffs... and you're going to bitch because our franchise QB danced after a TD? Where have you been the last 5 seasons? Let this man continue to laugh and dance in the face of adversity. #KeepPounding
  11. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    That man David Mayo giving the returner the business! 
  12. Panther fandom in Japan?

      Did you learn it because you got tired of the manga raws taking so long to be translated like I did? #TheStruggle
  13. $500 Banner for Nashville

    This was funny, and even funnier with the butthurt fans objecting to it.