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  1. Old = common sense. Of course I personally have no interest in trying to break a story with a first post to begin with
  2. If that bothers you why not avoid Twitter or the Huddle until the pick is announced on TV? I'm old, I don't understand the spoiler issue.
  3. I feel a little dumb. I forgot he did that in the first as opposed to how it's usually done in the second. I was thinking about Pat Terrell selecting Funchess.
  4. No. Name a time our guest announcer has selected the same position he played. How the fug would they know who will be picked at the end of the second?
  5. And there is such a strong correlation in the past. Sarcasm off
  6. Technique can be taught as long as he has the right mentality.
  7. Jerry Jones win GM of the year previous to Gettleman....so there's that
  8. Star's 5th year option picked up

    I've been checking this thread periodically for someone to try to squeeze a negative out of it. It was inevitable. If they had waited a year he'd already be a free agent by this time next year. That's the only way the option part works.
  9. CAP has a singlefumbleon his official statsheet so I can't say he has some sort of major issue with it.I see his problem is that he plays slow.
  10. Sideswiped

    I was all for rolling over to improve our cap. However if we aren't going to do anything with it then I for the first time have anot issue with Gman/Richardson. Im anxious to see how theyou proceed.
  11. Ithe took TD years to become what he is now. If it takes him a year or two to become great then so be it. That's what coaches are paid to do.
  12. Reading the Luke draft thread was entertaining.
  13. People here have conniptions to have conniptions. There has to be something to be outraged over.....it's the Internet.
  14. OK, so he's not a scout. It seems he's not a nobody but I'm not going to worry about his opinion vs our scouts.