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  1. Coach Rivera just chillin

    Thug life
  2. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I was at 5Church for dinner after the Divisional game and Michael Jordan was there a few tables down with like 4 or 5 other guys. I sat there and thought wow that is MJ and how cool it was to be eating near him. As I left, I walked right by and didn't say a word. Just kind of basked in the moment. They were not eating just having drinks but I still didn't feel the need to say anything. I walked out and said to the hostess "holy poo that's Michael Jordan" she responded "I know it's awesome".  I was also hammered and pumped from the game so I could have handled the situation much differently. Very glad I did not.
  3. I ordered this shirt http://www.nflshop.com/Carolina_Panthers_T-Shirts/Mens_Carolina_Panthers_Nike_Black_Super_Bowl_50_Bound_Roster_T-Shirt got it today and the collar is all stretched out. I'm pissed. NFLshop is slacking.
  4. Roman Harper liked one of my pictures on instagram. feelsgoodman
  5. How about PJ

    I almost made a thread called how about Kemba. He needs any help he can get on offense right now. If PJ can build off of this and start putting up around 12 to 15 ppg it will be huge, especially when we get healthy.
  6. Hornets vs Jazz Viewing Thread

    Was there and it was amazing.
  7. Just got 2 free tickets from my boss

    I'm like a giddy school girl right now. I'm not going to be able to sleep the rest of the week.
  8. Section 522 row 22. Not the best seats but who cares I'm so pumped. Driving up from Charleston looking to get there with time to tailgate. Anyone else sitting in 522?          
  9.   Just did the same thing with my Jersey
  10. Top 3 Reasons The Panthers Lost Today

    Thankfully we have a smart GM. You win games in the trenches. Both lines had piss poor performances today and the team lost. Nothing more nothing less.
  11. Ok, these headphones are nice.

    Bluetooth compresses and converts the source audio codec so it will never sound as good as the original source. With that said if your source isn't great to begin with, (Pandora, bad mp3 rip, etc) then you probably will never notice a difference. Get a pair of studio headphones and a solid headphone amp and prepare to be blown away.            
  12. Pro Bowlers announced at 8pm!

    Coleman may still make it since HoneyBadger blew his knee out.
  13. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    That has to be grounding
  14. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

      I need a Xanax holy poo