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  1. Eazy-E added a post in a topic Charleston Panthers bar   

    I work at the Alley and have promoted on here a few times over the years. The Panthers game is always on the projectors with audio. Have had 20+ people showing up each week this season which is surprising for Charleston. Spread the word and bring friends..
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  2. Eazy-E added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    I guess what I am asking is what's the difference between the second half of last season and now considering the majority of factors are the same?
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  3. Eazy-E added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    What is hindering the running game?
    The Panthers always seem to start the first half of the year slow running the ball and most have always attributed it to DeAngelo. Now that he is gone it still seems to be a glaring issue. I thought last season our running game took off because of the revamped Oline, but this is the same/upgraded version of that line from the second half of last season. Stewart was a beast to finish out the season. Now he seems to run into a brick wall every running play. Teams stacked the box all last year and continue to do so, yet something worked last season that we haven't see so far this season. There was/is no true fullback, it is the same offense, same personnel, Stewart is supposed to be healthy, yet we cannot establish a running game outside of Cam Newton. 
    Is there a serious issue, or will the running game improve as the season rolls on in classic Panthers fashion?
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  4. Eazy-E added a post in a topic PFF ranks Panthers O-line as 2nd best in the NFL   

    Cams ability to run really skews these numbers. The line cannot run block to save their lives. Either that or Stew and Tolbert are just poo now.
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  5. Eazy-E added a post in a topic What would be a disappointing season for you?   

    If we start the season slow in typical Ron Rivera fashion I am going to be livid. Between bad starts to the season and shitting the bed after the bye week you pray he has figured something out coming into his 5th year.
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  6. Eazy-E added a post in a topic Big Frank, Big Frank, Big Frank!   

    I don't want to put any stock into Frank. Let him be a rotational/depth player. I am really hoping the 2nd we spent on Ealy pays off this year. He showed some flashes last season so lets see what a full NFL off-season has done for him.
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  7. Eazy-E added a post in a topic 2015 NBA Draft Thread   

    Pick could end up being a steal. Under the radar guy. Will be a SG in the NBA
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  8. Eazy-E added a post in a topic With 4 Games Left   

    Young guys especially Vonleh were not even getting garbage time minutes. Sorry but when there is 2 to 3 minutes left and we are down 20, there is not reason to keep Maxiell on the court over Vonleh.
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  9. Eazy-E added a post in a topic Cut Steve Clifford A Little Slack   

    The guy gives minutes to Maxiell who has no future with this team over Biz and Vonleh. He is horrible at managing the game and is terrible when it comes to in game adjustments. Sorry he just isn't fit to be a head coach.
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  10. Eazy-E added a post in a topic Hornets out of playoffs?   

    This team should be able to win 5 or 6 of those games... Which means we will lose 6.
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  11. Eazy-E added a post in a topic Who's Your Choice?   

    None of this matters if Clifford is still the coach next season.
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  12. Eazy-E added a post in a topic GDT: Hawks @ Hornets   

    Other team rests their starters and Vonleh still sits on the bench. fuging unbelievable
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  13. Eazy-E added a post in a topic GDT: Hornets @ Wizards (p.s. Nene is a bitch)   

    Yeah why the hell in that situation would you put Taylor in?
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  14. Eazy-E added a post in a topic GDT: Hornets @ Wizards (p.s. Nene is a bitch)   

    Garbage call
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