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  1. Finnegan will start off as a nickel CB

    We did bring in a number of CBs for tryouts.  If he wasn't in shape he likely wouldn't be in this position.     Anyone know the contract details?
  2. Early Line Versus NO

    Not touching this game.  Division games are always screwy in the NFCS.  Every team we play is going to be looking to spoil our undefeated season.  We are now every loser teams super bowl. 
  3. PIE as the Patriots are defeated!!!

    We are only predicted to beat the Saints by 7 points!!!   Some sites even have it at 6.5. That is not even a touchdown.  Talk about disrespect!!!!!  
  4. PIE as the Patriots are defeated!!!

    Refs straight screwed the Pats.  And I hate them and wanted them to lose.  But not like that..... 
  5. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    Running lanes against the saints are ridiculous.  If only Houston's backs had some vision 
  6. Panthers cut long snapper Aiken

    I will never understand why we can't teach Kalil or Remmers to long snap.....
  7. Who to pull for Sunday

    Here are the scenarios for the Panthers to clinch a playoff spot CAR win + SEA loss or tie + TB loss or tie CAR win + SEA loss or tie + ATL loss or tie CAR win + TB loss or tie + MIN loss + ARI loss CAR win + TB loss or tie + MIN loss + GB loss + ARI tie CAR win + TB loss or tie + MIN tie + GB loss + ARI loss  
  8. Welp

    That's just a gas tank for a sex machine.
  9. Johnson and Hardy

    I tweeted the Kraken that his is welcome back next year.   The man was on the right track before that horrible night.  I remember him coming on asking for coat donations for charity.  The best way to redeem his image is to own it.  Come home and admit to his mistakes. 
  10. Want to know if someone is a bandwagon fan? Ask them who Brian St. Pierre is.    
  11. Along the Sidelines - The book

    I believe if this team does go undefeated, you would have to do this. 
  12. 11-0 Pie

    Q: What do Brokeback Mountain and the NFL have in common? A: The Cowboys suck.
  13. Before we get all happy

  14. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    See the Panther foot just scoot that ball back!?!??! Lmfao