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  1. After all those pant suit jokes, you wanna talk about sexism now stirs? Interesting.
  2. Oldie but goodie

    Makes sense. These are a bunch of grown ass men who just want to put out laws based on their own flawed incredibly outdated beliefs on religion, or parts of the religion they conveniently choose to follow versus others that get tossed out. Like adultery. Coincidentally, the same antics were seen by local lawmakers in the South in the post Segregation, and Civil Rights era. Some man children will only be pulled into the correct century kicking, and screaming. This isn't a Republican vs Democrat issue, it's an abuse issue. These idiots would rather be spoiled brats, and sacrifice state resources just out of spite than admit they fugged up. In the year 2016 you have an actual lawmaker going on record that we "need to keep NC straight". Did I stumble into a time warp that dropped me 20 or 30 years back, or are we still in the year 2016? Sadly, this isn't going to be the last that we've seen of such blatant jackassery, as long as religion is so ingrained in politics, and people use the bible as an excuse to be intolerant, this will continue.
  3. Oldie but goodie

    I commented on that on the first page. For the rest, you'll have to ask g5klanz. Oops, I mean g5jamz. What's your feeling on HB2 anyway?
  4. Hurrrrr, King Obama at it again. These are the same mouth breathers who rant on Facebook about "Obama's America" when he suggests that maybe police should stop shooting to death so many unarmed civilians.
  5. Oldie but goodie

    In all seriousness, it's interesting how when it's minorities, gays, or transgender people speaking out on injustices, they are "snowflakes". But if it's a persecuted straight white christian male facing backlash for refusing to make a cake for a gay person or couple, suddenly the world is about to end, and g5jamz is Johnny on the spot to tell us all about it. At least the racists of the internet comments sections across the country get straight to the point with their ignorance. You hide like a little bitch g5.
  6. Oldie but goodie

    You dropped something on your way out.
  7. Oldie but goodie

    Tell us how you really feel.
  8. Well that's on you personally I guess. I um, don't know about the rest of that though. I do not think you can compare someone falling on their ass in a stunt on AFV to a kid in college trying to fulfill his dream of playing football getting seriously injured in what may or may not prevent him from having an NFL career moving forward. People who cheer an athlete getting injured are pretty low, there's really no way around that.
  9. Let's play pick two running backs

    Not sure about others, but I wouldn't classify either him, or CAP as "meh" or something similar. They have plenty of potential. I would more than happy to see either of them or both put up good numbers here as a starter. If that means taking Fozzy's spot, so be it. I just want the best running backs on the field, so we can take pressure off of Cam. Because our team has not won all that often when we've had to lean on Cam too much in the run game. Like I said though, CAP isn't helping himself any by getting arrested. No matter how minor the offense, for a 5th round rookie who finished the year with a fumble in the playoffs, that's not a great way to go into 2016. Let's hope he comes into camp, and preseason showing out, because he is probably going to need that, and more with some quality competition.
  10. Let's play pick two running backs

    Well if you don't look good against backups, you probably aren't going to look good against starters. Hard to know if he is going to take that next step if he doesn't get the reps.