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  1. TheRed added a post in a topic Florida State dumps QB   

    He grabs hold of her arm, she tries to defend herself, and he absolutely decks her. Dude is a scumbag. He has no one to blame but himself.

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  2. TheRed added a post in a topic Russell "Golden Calf of Bristol" Wilson   

    I don't really care about the guys personal life.
    But in regards to football, he seems to be buying into his own hype, and that's all well and good when things are going well. But if things aren't going well, people are going to turn on him in a hurry, especially his fans, and that will only be amplified if he gets that huge contract he wants. He better be prepared for that.
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  3. TheRed added a post in a topic Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?   

    Oh, but you do huh?
    What is alarming to me, is that you cannot fathom, or understand what is going on here. Nobody is even saying that individuals cannot fly the flag. My personal feelings are that it should not fly on public or government buildings. Individuals who choose to flaunt the flag are welcome to do so, but other people are also welcome to call those individuals out for being useless rednecks stuck in an era tainted by racism that has passed them by long ago.
    What does religion have to do with this? And why are you ranting about "the left"? Are you drunk?
    Your all caps "ZOMG" commentary may be rip roaring laughs for some in the Panthers section, but here in the tinderbox, you look like a blithering incoherent lunatic.
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  4. TheRed added a post in a topic Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?   

    Those buffoons riding around parading the confederate flag all over the place in the name of "heritage" (lol) are the ones pushing the social divide. It's not the 1800's, come on into the year 2015 with the rest of the country, and the world for that matter.
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  5. TheRed added a post in a topic You Know It! I know It Trump Is   

    No disrespect meant here, but based on that information, literally referring to them as "my ancestors" based off it is kind of a stretch.
    Anyways I obviously agree that we should secure our borders. But just how do you go about doing that? Build a huge wall? Let's not be ridiculous.
    As for your solution for dealing with the current illegal immigrants in the country, "may seem a bit extreme"? Eh, it's not even realistic whatsoever man. Deporting all illegal immigrants alone would cost upwards of half a trillion dollars. Then if you add in that idea of throwing kids into foster care, where is the money for all this going to come from exactly?
    In regards to Native Americans, and open borders, your comparison there is flawed to say the least, they were being slaughtered left and right by those "immigrants". The majority of immigrants from Mexico here are just living their lives, and not bothering anyone. The criminal element is being played up by Republican politicians to xenophobic buffoons who will believe it is some sort of an epidemic.
    Also, indentured servitude? Seriously? lol.
    I just don't much care for referring to someone entering the country simply wanting to improve their lives literally as criminals. I was lucky enough to have been born in this country, and I love this country. But putting myself in someone else's shoes who was not that lucky, and afforded that luxury is a pretty sobering thought. Americans at times take basic things here for granted. We're all guilty of it.
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  6. TheRed added a post in a topic Rival Review - New Orleans Saints   

    Depends entirely on who we would be replacing Olsen with. Though he is a TE, he is arguably at times our #1 WR, and Newton's favorite target, not to mention a great locker room presence. Also, our #2 TE is currently Ed Dickson. Um yeah, that speaks for itself.
    I mean, I would consider it. But, Peters, and a 1st? That's a fantasy Madden trade.
    You can make the "well receivers can't catch passes without an OL" argument, and there is a flipside to that too, having a top OL doesn't mean much if you have pass catchers with stone hands out there. I'm obviously well aware of the Panthers OL struggles, but even with that in mind, I still wouldn't make the kind of terribly one sided trade the Saints made. You're either getting better, or you're getting worse. The Saints got worse.
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  7. TheRed added a post in a topic Rival Review - New Orleans Saints   

    Well unfortunately we don't exist in a dream world where you can trade one player for an entire elite OL, so that option is out.
    I would not trade Olsen for one offensive lineman. I've already seen the Panthers neglect TE for years in the past.
    Graham got more up front guaranteed, but Gronkowski is on a contract worth $54 million.
    You're at least somewhat rational about the trade at least though. So I won't give you too hard of a time.
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  8. TheRed added a post in a topic For this point forward I'm identifying as "white" and nobody can tell me otherwise   

    Is tywlyght of all people really accusing someone else of having a persecution complex?

    Oh man I needed that laugh.
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  9. TheRed added a post in a topic Rival Review - New Orleans Saints   

    Rob Gronkowski says hello. Also, the Patriots traded 6 time Pro Bowler Logan Mankins to Tampa Bay before the season even started. They still won the Super Bowl.
    Now I know the Patriots are a differently run organization, but a legitimate game changer at TE is pretty much always going to be more valuable than an offensive lineman. Can you even name one guy on the Patriots OL? I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I did see Gronkowski showing up big for his team when they needed it in the Super Bowl.
    So again, you can rationalize this if you want, but it's a huge downgrade.
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  10. TheRed added a post in a topic Update: Giants withdraw 60 mil offer to JPP   

    Talk about adding insult to injury.
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  11. TheRed added a post in a topic Rival Review - New Orleans Saints   

    I still can't see how anyone could look at that Graham/Unger trade, and come out thinking the Saints have actually improved.
    They traded one of the best TE's in the NFL for an aging oft injured Center who is only under contract through 2016.
    I really just about can't stand Jimmy Graham, but the guy is really good, and he's going to light it up in Seattle.
    Oh, and before any Saints fans come in here talking about how Jimmy Graham is 28, and his best years might be behind him. Our own TE Greg Olsen is 30, and he just had a career year. Hell, Tony Gonzalez was still putting up big numbers in his mid thirties with Atlanta. The Saints got absolutely jobbed in that trade, and that's just all there is to it.
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  12. TheRed added a post in a topic For this point forward I'm identifying as "white" and nobody can tell me otherwise   

    You start this post off by talking about "feeding the perpetual cycle of hatred", but then condemn someone for looking at our past in this country to ensure that we do not make the same mistakes or carry those mistakes into the future? Your logic is inconsistent, and irresponsible here to say the least. If you completely ignore the past, and the mistakes made, how can you properly form your future? In actuality, you yourself are feeding the perpetual cycle of hatred by attempting to ignore it.
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  13. TheRed added a post in a topic whatever happened to gettlemanjack   

    Looks he hasn't logged in in over a month.
    I heard he left because this guy who goes by Sean Payton's Vicodin wouldn't stop flooding his inbox with sexually provocative private messages.
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  14. TheRed added a post in a topic Tiger looks done   

    It's that way with just about every sports network now.
    When any jackass with a twitter account can be considered a sports "journalist", this is what you get.
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  15. TheRed added a post in a topic FREE HEALTH CARE!!   

    I personally do not much like Obamacare.
    But there are far more pressing issues in this country, and your party of nitwits have wasted, and continue to waste resource after resource fighting this poo, and it's just never going to happen. You guys can ramble on about Obamacare, Benghazi, Socialism, or whatever, but it isn't going to get the Republicans back in the white house. Wake up.
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