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  1. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    I'm fuging your mom right in the poop shoot tonight PU
  2. PIE Thread for Second Place

    *you're  *you're 
  3. Kinda what I was trying to get at. After 3 Steel Reserves lol. Don't LIGHT a cig at the pump edit: I'm a smoker and don't smoke at pumps. I can wait a few minutes lol
  4. It all started with a Kerry Collins jersey shirt....

    Great thing about moving to Browns territory, is one, they blow....2 they can't pull that poo on me after they hear my southern drawl.  I get the "oh you're a Panthers fan!?" "yea buddy I'm from North Currolina. Born and raised." no more questions asked lol
  5. Von Miller really hates us huh?

    "I'm SOOO mad Cam was drafted before me, and then they go and pick Luke the next year, who is light years ahead of me in accomplishments and ceiling!"  
  6. It all started with a Kerry Collins jersey shirt....

    Dude. No lol
  7. It all started with a Kerry Collins jersey shirt....

    My wife and I made an agreement that I could choose my sons first name, and she'd pick the middle.... Camden Levi was born. 
  8. It all started with a Kerry Collins jersey shirt....

    Sweet!! Cute kiddo. Kuechlys replacements, replacement
  9. It all started with a Kerry Collins jersey shirt....

    It was a one night fling, and I wrapped it up....condom was a French tickler from a Motel 6 bathroom, so might've not worked out well. :D
  10. And has blossomed into this. All you childless fugs need to do your part, and help Panther Nation grow! Lol    
  11. Brian Urlacher....he mad

    Dunno man. I would prob let Cam give me some Arabian Goggles for a couple SB wins....
  12. Broncos enjoying the underdog role

    Don't car what y'all say. I'm worried about this game just like I was the Hawks and Cards games.  Gotta play lights off smash mouth football for 4 entire quarters. 
  13. It takes an open flame to ignite gasoline. You can literally put a lit cigarette out in a can of gas. 
  14. Awesome article about the 4 Ohio State Panthers

    Every single damn one of my coworkers are pulling for the Panthers next week. The 4 guys mentioned above are a huge factor in that. Die hard Dawg Pound guys too. The Panthers are backed up 100% by by the people of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio for sure.  Me: Who y'all got in the SB guys?" Them: "Your boys all day!"