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  1. Don't really care about the feel good stories. I care about whats happening on the field. Produce or stfu. We're staring at another losing season, partly to injuries, mostly to favoritism and Smith is part of the group of players that isn't producing. Step your game up before I care about you.
  2. Really the only 2 injuries that hurt us are Turner and Williams. Turner should be back soon. We've actually improved due to the other 2 injuries to Matt and Amini.
  3. KillerKat

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    And it's on CBS people!
  4. Khalil Mack wishes he was as dynamic as Kuechly instead of specializing in one area
  5. I would trade for mother fuging Earl Thomas
  6. Chris Harris, Mike Mitchell, Marlon McCree, but yeah we don't have a long list of great safeties in our history. And it seems when we find one, they only last a season or two or are only good for that long.
  7. Nope. Hit the road jack. Got to cleanse this team of Gettleman's failures.
  8. Well yeah when Samuel comes back, then I would insert him instead of CMC as the top 3.
  9. That's not the norm for CJ and he was a 1,000 yard rusher last year with over 4 yards a carry. CMC can still go back to the backfield when we aren't using a slot WR. Just when we are using 3 WRs, we need to put our best out there.
  10. Maybe he should've gave a damn about the safety position in the offseason.
  11. Put our best WRs on the field for Cam. Wright and Moore outside with CMC in the slot. Let CJ be the workhorse RB. I didn't want that to happen before the season. I wanted CMC to be the workhorse RB, but Funchess and Smith are stinking up the place and we can't be waiting for them to finally do something.
  12. KillerKat

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Nope send his ass packing. God damn DG was terrible at the draft.
  13. Rivera will never change. He will always play favorites and not put the best men on the field or keep the best men on the roster. He needs to be fired before the bye.