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  1. Wes Horton re-signed

    Yeah he does it so well, he keeps getting cut.
  2. Math is hard sometimes
  3. Free Agent DB's

    luxury? After Norman, the only other CB we have is Bene and he is better suited as a slot corner. We need an actual starter.
  4. So My Super Bowl 50 Rings Came in the Mail Today

    "you are still welcome to......." what?
  5. It would make it even more perfect if it was against the Pats.
  6. #51 in Houston. If that just doesn't scream our year, I don't know what does.
  7. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    1st play of the Super Bowl, gets burned.
  8. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    Ok so if we were so ready to set them free, why did we keep Harper starting the whole year even in the playoffs and Super Bowl? And why was Cotch still getting more reps than Funchess?
  9. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    2003 by a mile since we were so close.  2015 was just disappointing because our offense couldn't do anything and didn't really give us a chance.
  10. Apparently Carolina won the Super Bowl

    I was willing to buy everything Super Bowl related if we won. :(
  11. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    We could use some backups. After Klein it's Jacobs and Mayo. Big woop.
  12. Tom Brady: The Winner

    To me, he is one of the worst teammates in the NFL that is a QB and not a real leader. That is not how a leader acts.
  13. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Funny thing is you know nothing of the person he is and the comments from his teammates are the complete opposite of what you are portraying.  And we need a lot of help at DE. CJ doesn't do anything, Allen won't be back. We just have Ealy for pass rush. 
  14. Tom Brady: The Winner

    "Such a fierce competitor and classy guy"....         *Cam Newton walks out of press conference* "What a thug"