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  1. Sporting News most hated NFL players of all time

    Its a list for .ost Hated, not biggest criminal
  2. Panthers Release Boykin

    Shoulda cut Teddy Williams' sorry ass smh
  3. Broncos fans talk poo about Cam not diving on the fumble, but when you bring up how Cam was right there to pick it up before it was illegally batted away, they change the subject
  4. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Im not going to completly disagree, but In close games, they kept pressure consistent,not exhausted at all. That.... leads me to believe we played vanilla d while up by 4 scores throughout the season. Just my personal observations
  5. A Funchess Reminder

    Philly Is average at best
  6. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Gonna have to say we let up In tbose Games. Outside seattle amd second atlanta game (which was fuxed), we wwer Just trying to end the game. Cant Edit as I type on mobile, this poo Is lame
  7. Sign Anquan Boldin

    you're dumb too? we had the #1 scoring O.... not the no.1 O overall. we didn't have to put up huge numbers because of all the turnovers our D got.
  8. Panthers Select Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma in the 5th Round

    this pick makes more sense then the second rd corner we coulda got in the 7th if UDFA
  9. Sign Anquan Boldin

    at what point were we a #1 offense? never once did we have the #1 offense, not even close.
  10. In case you lost count....

    His special teams play was "special" for sure.... I don't see how people that bad/stupid get the privilege of playing in the NFL
  11. Hogan looked great in college, but injuries pretty much fuged him out of a career
  12. I highly doubt he would have even been drafted period. reminds me of the Armanti pick
  13. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    Well no poo lol smh It was a joke, you gotta go along with IT lol
  14. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    lol isn't that JaMarcus in your sig? Can't remember ever having a #2
  15. Lulz at people saying our defense is going to suck...

    I'm not worried, he was burned up and down the field by a handful or wr's all year, but ball wasn't thrown. If any of you noticed that, props to you. OBJ killed him, T.Y. Hilton killed him, even some no names killed him, but ball wasnt thrown or ball was dropped. Losing Norman will have little to no effect of this D. Yes, he had above average talent, but bottom line is, he is in no way worth bankrupting this team.