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  1. CanadianCat

    What Business Side Changes Would You Like to See?

    As a fan that lives in Canada I would like to see better Panthers.com media. Panther.com have a podcast but those guys are BRUTAL!! I would like to get more videos and audio content as that is the only 100% panthers media I can find.
  2. Great conversation. Its always risk and reward. San Fran thought they hit the lottery with Ruben Foster 'falling' to the bottom of the 1st last year. Media outlets praised Lynch to kingdom come for how he worked the draft. Now Foster is in a position where he will probably never play again. Bengals have never been shy with these guys and you could say that because of that Burfict cost them the playoffs a few years back...
  3. CanadianCat

    Is it me or has CMC bulked up?

    I dont think it noticeable in that pic. He has always been jacked. Would be nice if he could play at the same ability but at 97.5kg
  4. I see him more as CMC 'light'. The compliment to CMC needs to be a power back.
  5. thats great - I just wish that all these authors would finish the books before turning it into a TV series.
  6. You guys need to check out Patrick Rothfuss I really enjoyed The name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fears in the King Killer Trilogy.
  7. Great thread. Ive read all the books that are out - what is the ETA for the remaining books?
  8. I just finished reading both books by Patrick Rothfuss. It was a great change to fantasy coming from George RR Martin.
  9. just saw your neg rep on my "Madden" post. you told me to play more than the demo before judging it... except the demo is the game itself. that's why they always wait two weeks before the release date to release the demo... all they do is lock out certain parts of the game so you can't access it in the demo. and since it has been released, none of my friends who did buy it like it. got a friend who works for gamestop, told me she had more than half of her customers come back to her store demanding their money back. have you played it yet?

  10. didnt start watching NFL football untill 2004 (ya i know i missed our best year...) but became a fan b/c of the smash mouth football we played on offense and defense. couldnt stop watching the team so thats why im still here!

  11. sup man, how does a canadian become a panthers fan. Even my cousin from Canada who was born in NC is still a Giants fan.

  12. Notice I left out what church it was lol

  13. haha thats what i thought of the gun slinger series....