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  1. Is it me or has CMC bulked up?

    I dont think it noticeable in that pic. He has always been jacked. Would be nice if he could play at the same ability but at 97.5kg
  2. I see him more as CMC 'light'. The compliment to CMC needs to be a power back.
  3. in which we laugh at seahawk fans

    yup your right. Least they got a ring out the deal. :(
  4. What does a GM need to be?

    "Every GM should know how to scout" What does that mean. Does that mean that you are the head of that department or you know how to watch film? I don't think that a GM needs to be the best goat any organization. Obviously having a broad understanding of the organization is important but thateans that your not "the guy" in any department. Think of project managers. They run billion dollar projects but are not the best carpenter or concrete guy. They are not the best accountant or or guy but the rule requires them to understand and make decisions regarding all those things. But in order to do that on your subject matter experts to provide them with good advice so they're able to make a decision. So I don't think the general manager needs to be an expert in one particular field. This is how the regular World works so why not in football?
  5. What does a GM need to be?

    Regarding roster building, yes I agree that is the job but there are many aspects to that (scouting, FA, draft, cap) and your not going to get a guy that is an expert in all those areas. You also need a guy that can sell the team to the media and knows how to handle PR issues.
  6. What does a GM need to be?

    Not the same thing
  7. Lots of comments on why we don't like our GM cause he was a radio personality (valid) but what is a GM and what does it take to be successful? Honestly I think a GM needs to be like a good CEO that can manage multiple departments and be the face of the team. They don't need to be a scout or a cap guy they need to know how to manage SME's (subject matter experts) and let the experts do their work. A successful team is one that can handle the draft, free agency, football operations and the cap. The GM doesn't need to be the best at any one of these, they just need to be able to bring them all together... Think about real life examples at your work. When the best person at whatever they do is promoted you lose all that experience at that position. Now they moved to a management role which takes away from what they were really valuable at. I honestly don't care what background the general manager comes from so long as they have a proven record of managing successfully....
  8. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    I'm ok with this. New owner will probably bring in own GM next year. So he make sense for a 1 year fix.
  9. We are a small fish this year in the FA market. People need to lower their expectations.
  10. Thats a pretty good looking roster then. In a division that is trending in the wrong direction.
  11. This. I think this might be what Washington was trying to do with Cousins. I was thinking about what Cleveland should try doing and if I were them, I would offer a 2nd or 3rd for Nick Foles then use their 2 picks in the top 4 for other positions on the roster. They could end up with the most talented roster in the league and do exactly what you are proposing... but this is Cleveland we are talking about...
  12. http://www.12up.com/posts/5969162-tom-brady-is-among-the-worst-in-sports-for-not-congratulating-nick-foles?a_aid=40734 Glad someone else noticed..
  13. thats great - I just wish that all these authors would finish the books before turning it into a TV series.
  14. You guys need to check out Patrick Rothfuss I really enjoyed The name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fears in the King Killer Trilogy.