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  1. Biggdaddi1022

    Trade Idea!

    Ok what about this then and 2 future second rounders? Cutting their payrolls greatly in 2019-2020
  2. Biggdaddi1022

    Trade Idea!

    Sign trade for Jabari Parker 4yr/60mill sending out MKG, Frank , 2 second rounders Would you do it?
  3. what are you talking about?
  4. how do i sign up and how much it cost, that might be the move
  5. I need this section back, i use to find good deals with panthers fans even if i had to pay more than face it was still better using all these other sites and paying all the extra fees. I know we all look for tickets for time but without a central location to post of look for them. Thats kinda crazy. I understand if you dont want to add it back. I figured I would shoot my shot.
  6. NORV went to his proday and had him run every route, his offense did make him do it, thats does not mean that he can't do it. His first with a decent QB they ran a pro style offense and he ran more routes. You just looking for something to talk about. Panthers scouted him for months and still chose him. dont worry about what you think he can't do , focus on what can do , what he brings right now.
  7. just wondering if anyone had any info on who we are inviting to tryouts this weekend? We always seem to sign a couple people from tryouts. Experience: 2
  8. Biggdaddi1022

    Rivera just named front runner for LG

    he will make a change if his job is on the line trust me........ the rest of the guys are unproven thats the only reason amini is the front runner right now.
  9. Biggdaddi1022

    Rivera just named front runner for LG

    relax its early , once we get going im sure they will make changes
  10. We know certain teams just suck and can't develop linemen, we actually do pretty well in that area with out coaching staff. Banner was a 4th round pick last year, just went to a bad team that had no direction. Then ended up with the browns and well you know how that goes. Panthers projected him as a guard due to his lack of mobility. But man he is big dude might. The massive 6-foot-8, 353-pounder was a disappointment as a rookie, getting waived by the Colts after the preseason last September. He latched on with the Browns and spent the season in Cleveland before getting released earlier this week. He played in eight games with the Browns during his rookie campaign. The former USC standout is an interesting case. His gigantic frame drew the attention of the Panthers and several other teams during the pre-NFL Draft process last spring. Carolina was one of many organizations to meet with Banner last year leading into the draft. Despite some of his red flags, including lack of mobility, Banner certainly seems like a player worth taking a flyer on in March. While Banner plays offensive tackle, some have speculated he could fit better as a guard. It will be interesting to see where Carolina plays him going forward, especially once mini camp and OTAs arrive. The Panthers return four starting offensive linemen, but are looking to replace All-Pro left guard Andrew Norwell (signed with Jaguars) and backup Amini Silatolu (resigned). Depth at offensive tackle also isn’t great with Silatolu gone. The Panthers do have 2017 second-round pick Taylor Moton coming back, but Moton could be a candidate to slide over to guard to fill Norwell's slot. Such a move would take away Moton's versatility as a valuable backup. Banner struggled as a run-blocker last preseason with Indianapolis, turning in a porous 37.0 run-blocking grade (on a scale of 1-100), which ranked 188 out of 192 tackles. Banner was better as a pass blocker, ranking sixth among all eligible rookie tackles during the preseason. The latter likely gives the Panthers a hope of salvaging something out of Banner going forward. what yall think? Height: Weight: 360 Age: 24 College: Southern California Hometown: Seattle, WA Experience: 2
  11. SEE WORLEY, GREG HARDY drafting talented but risky players will sometimes leave disappoint and trying to replacement them . At least we got something for WORLEY
  12. this is true could have had BO
  13. from what im hearing after trying to figure out why they fell..... that the reason we passed on them was because while they are gifted they were no able to grasp concepts or retain information. Sometimes you look at players and we avoid them simply because they are not smart enough to run our system here. Harrison is basically a LB playing safety. But the real issue he is immature and didnt take the interview process seriously, same goes for guice. Reid is a good player but he wasnt the best pick for us. We needed speed so we went and got speed. Point is teams nowadays teams dont care how gifted you are if you disrespect their process, they will pass over you.
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