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  1. Thomas Davis

    they cut his snaps back since that rib injury 2 weeks ago mayo has been in alot and shaq has been playing more in the 2 backer set..........He still playing but his ribs are hurt so hes on a snap count.
  2. Offenses Last Night

    same old story if cam makes the right accure those we would put plenty more point....... shula is part of the problem but cam and his rust and timing is the real issue its open people on every play cam is either missing them or throwing late or over throwing them.
  3. Ticket Exchange...

    check ebay no extra fees and they can be emailed to you or picked up
  4. lol..... hurney loves 2 kickers he had casey and lloyd back in the day
  5. Buying tickets at the game

    check on ebay..... they are ensured
  6. Official Carolina Panthers Cuts Thread

    They normally have list they update on page one.
  7. Im glad we traded him and got something for him , I"m happy with D bacon and cash. "Frank Jackson will undergo surgery on his broken right foot. Jackson also underwent a procedure on the same foot in May." Jackson was the 31st overall pick by the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2017 NBA Draft after one season at Duke.
  8. Official Carolina Panthers Cuts Thread

    “Panthers have released Cornerback Jeff Richards, due to a lack of skill and not doing his job last night. Coaches say, he is a good guy and works hard but that the teams need to go in a different direction. After his play, last night on the last drive, where he only had one job and he failed. This was expected.” “Panther will look to cuts for a more veteran presence if Zach Sanchez injury is long-term for depth.” no link, just my gut feeling after last night.......
  9. Who left for FA Big?

    It's got to be slim pickings ...... Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  10. Trade Idea? Bored.....

    Lol Good one....just sayin!!!!
  11. Trade Idea? Bored.....

    Charlotte gets - D-wade Chicago gets- mkg,lamb,weber
  12. Howard is washed up?

    LOL the hate for this guy.... people must not have watched him work last year, still looks very capable of crushing people hopes and dreams and making posters of them.
  13. delete

  14. Any FA Big men left?

    Is there anyone left for us to get, or any one from the d league who blocks shots or anything? just asking...,,,
  15. Biz is a free agent

    I loved BIZ but the problem was never defense we needed scoring punch and we getting ready for next year with all the cap we are going to have no telling what might might happen.