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  3. Insider Info about Possible trade

    Whose logic? The truth is it was failed experiement, he doesnt fit what they do and they drafted and either get something early for him or let him cut him next year and get nothing. same way he did with ealy sometimes people can kill a locker room and its easier to have them gone that keep getting mad you drafted them so high every time they disappoint you..... see armanti edwards , evereete brown, vernon butler, brandon cooks and hes good, jimmy clausen
  4. Insider Info about Possible trade

  5. Insider Info about Possible trade

    I have more nuggets that have not been release but this board will just be negative and say im full of it
  6. Insider Info about Possible trade

    I have nothing to prove, Im not trying to strengthen my position. i just gave you some info. nothing more nothing less...... i dont see why the age of my friend matter, but if you must know he is younger then me and goes to school at ecpi, he interns with the panthers and he graduates in June he is single, you want me to set your you with him?
  7. Insider Info about Possible trade

    Your wife is my friend she is older than me ..... I mean it can happen right?
  8. Insider Info about Possible trade

    hmmm how is that relevant? but you can check my bio
  9. Insider Info about Possible trade

    Can't trust you with that dumb sig on your name...... PJ Hairston?????/ really.
  10. Insider Info about Possible trade

    Ihe said we made an offer for him , didnt mean the raider would take it.
  11. Insider Info about Possible trade

    hes an intern making $10/hr..... it just looks good on his resume. he coiuld careless about the job he just like the panthers
  12. I'm back.... my friend who is working with the Panthers for the draft this year as there IT intern setting up everything in the war. Told me something interesting he said noticed the panrthers WR coach was studying tape of John Ross for like 3 days recently then he texted me and said the Panthers are working on a offer for him the issue is the Bengals want more than a 3rd and we are only offering our 3rd. Take it for what its worth. But I just wanted to get your thoughts on it , if it happened. And no i dont have a link because this something that was seen on the smart board about possible trade they are looking at.
  13. What is our cap space?

    Are you a panthers fan? you sound negative as hell are you trolling?......what did you expect him to do with limited cap.
  14. Comp Pick after Clay signing with Bills

    Sure want me to title CAP or use your name with A$$hole attached.......
  15. Out- Star,norwell,dickson,clay, in- poe,crockwell,sirles we should be in good for a 3rd and 6th now..... if im wrong please let me know if im missing something.