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  1. 38-23 Cowboys will have a final drive to score 8 to tie the game up at 31-23. They'll have some success moving the ball... till Romo loses the snap... he regains possession of it and slings it towards Norman...who will 6 it. You guys will then remember this stroke of genius.. and come back and pie what may have been the post of the year.    Your welcome. Stay thirsty my friends.
  2. Funchess is going to be a force in the 2nd half.

    Man, something is to be said about how much Funchess is targeted when he is on the field.. even before his start today. It was a matter of time.. either he clicked or he didn't. The man was getting open more often than any WR on our roster, even considering his limited chances. It was good to see that he continued getting open as a starter. 
  3. Go ahead and throw that pick Kirk. I know u have it in you. 
  4. I know they say holding happens every play... but damn.. whoever is blocking short is hacking my dude. 
  5. Hope Cam starts throwing it away or taking off as the game moves forward. 
  6. As I've said before.. somethings to be said about how often Devin is targeted when he's out there. It's still early... but still. 
  7. That's the type of play to make you appreciate Bene in the slot. 
  8. Not opposed to it. I'd like to see us make Tolbert a weekly threat first though. I'd just like us to utilize him more.. 
  9. Olsen is a effin monster
  10. We need to punch their defense in the mouth. Titans D playing confident and physical.. i wouldn't mind getting Tolbert involved in the pass game. 
  11. It's a long game. Obviously would have rather not got driven on like that but it's a good gut check. We'll rebound.
  12. Devin Funchess.. Turning point or headfake?

    I found it a bit suspicious that Funchess warranted this much discussion. I was right.. but I wish I was wrong lol
  13. BacktobacktobackNFCSChampionsftw?