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  1. Sunday night game thread

    who really cares if patriots lose or not? it doesnt affect the panthers at all. im worried about moving forward, not being undefeated. one game at a time. in a few weeks the regular season record wont matter.
  2. Sunday night game thread

    and that my friends is the the patriots season. no way they can over come all these injuries late in the year, especially if gronk is out. if carolina makes the the superbowl. it might be a  blowout against whoever
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    long game ahead still
  4. Top 3 teams in the NFC. (Be thou Pissed)

    i dont wanna be a debbie downer, but who cares about these "experts" opinions. enjoy this season, barring any major injuries to cam and kuechly carolina will be relevant for years to come. dont worry too much about what the media says or doesnt say. ive been used to it for 15 years. keep pounding
  5. Roll Call for Sunday @ Titans

    ill be in the loge seats. never sat in a loge. any tips on what i need to worry about???