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  1. Karma is real

    what's the Skol chant?
  2. NO got Michael Thomas in the 2nd and he's done far better than the WRs drafted before him in the 1st
  3. and Minnesota doesn't have Dalvin Cook like they did in game 1 vs. NO
  4. Dont let this distract you from the fact that the Falcons blew a 10-9 lead
  5. what goes on in NO?
  6. Reuben Foster....as expected

    i mean, we're still talking about it being illegal in Bama
  7. Reuben Foster....as expected

    Saints dodged a bullet with Foster, they were getting ready to take him before 49ers traded back up and NO ended up w/ Ramczyk
  8. AT&T Stadium did host Super Bowl XLV: Packers vs. Steelers
  9. is there anything wrong w/ BOA Stadium?
  10. the GA Dome was built in the 90s and no way was ready to be demolished
  11. maybe y'all could do something like this?
  12. Playoffs as things stand now

    I'm not convinced they Eagles are that great, they had a weak schedule and their defense hasn't looked the same in the past few weeks
  13. how is that classless? is it not true ATL let a 28-3 lead get away from them in the Super Bowl?