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  1. still wish Cam had a Michael Thomas to throw to
  2. Panthers need to get James Washington out of Oklahoma St.
  3. y'all keep bitching about the Saints cap space, but they obviously had freed up a lot of money when they were trying to get Suh
  4. Bucs trade for JPP

    Bucs might become dangerous if Bradley Chubb falls to them in the draft
  5. Bucs trade for JPP

    His new nickname HAS to be Captain Hook, right?
  6. Suh cancels Raiders visit

    what makes you think that?
  7. Suh cancels Raiders visit

    the only thing is does the Rams or Titans 3-4 really the best fit for him?
  8. Benson died

    Sean Payton died as well?
  9. Benson died

  10. Benson died

    I'm just glad he was able to push out his ungrateful daughter and grandkids out before it was too late
  11. Benson died

    it shouldn't since his wife, Gayle, now owns both Saints & Pelicans
  12. what was the point in drafting Vernon Butler?
  13. and Brees cap space and dead money will come off the books before those rookies need contracts
  14. but I don't think they are as bad off (cap wise) as most fans of other teams think they are