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  1. hsfolk

    Julio Jones holding out

    and the Saints and Patriots don't look so bad getting rid of him after that kind of contract
  2. He was a massive reach for the 49ers
  3. hsfolk

    Luke comes in at #..

    how did Alvin Kamara get #20 after 1 season?
  4. hsfolk

    NFL Logos Ranked

    nobody has a worse logo than Cleveland
  5. even if you take away this incident with his ex, he still has a sketchy history that will likely come up again in the not too distant future
  6. hsfolk

    Division Rivals 1st Picks

    and Davenport will have Chubbs college coach on the Saints
  7. hsfolk

    Division Rivals 1st Picks

    not like it's easy to find 6'6 DEs that run a 4.5
  8. hsfolk

    Division Rivals 1st Picks

    not really two 1st rounders, just a future 2019 and they switched #27 for #14
  9. how did they go for broke getting Brees as a free agent?
  10. they wouldn't need to trade up for Rudolph
  11. but which one would we not want the Saints to get
  12. I just don't know about the QBs at the top of this draft
  13. why? you really think Jackson will be that good in the NFL?