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  1. I support it, but I would like to see CAP or Wegher give stew a breather sometime. 
  2. One game at a time. 
  3. Imagine being the Saints right now. "Well, we just got the poo kick out of us by Houston. Let's look at the film. God we suck. Who do we play next? Carolina?! fug it, everyone gets the week off, I'll see you all next week"
  4. Could we lose Shula and McDermott?

    Yeah, um, Sean is probably going to be the first ahead coach hired. 
  5. That takes some serious conviction, damn 
  6. We play the Saints next week. 
  7. Could we lose Shula and McDermott?

    Atlanta's defense has been bad for years. It takes a while to build one up. McD's defense wasn't top 3 the first day he walked in here. 
  8. Could we lose Shula and McDermott?

    A few years ago, TD said that every guy in that locker room loves McD. They love what he does, they love who he is, what he brings, and his game plans.    Sure, he won't have all stars immediately, but Luke, Josh, Star, KK, Ealy, Bene... All of those guys came in under McD. He gets the best out of his player s 
  9. Could we lose Shula and McDermott?

    Why would Norv leave Minnesota to randomly come here? Why would Minnesota let him?    I dont int know if Wilks would, because he's also the assistant head coach. That would be a ton of responsibility for one man to take on, and I'm not sure Rivera would trust anyone else to be the assistant head coach. 
  10. Thursday night football commercials

    Definitely Panthers related. 
  11. Panthers Get SI Cover

    He is, and he'll probably win All-Pro as well. 
  12. Would NFCC game still be enough for you?!

    Should I switch to AT&T from Verizon?
  13. James vs. Newton

    Lol, riverboat with the perfect photobomb. 
  14. Who to pull for Sunday

    Who's on first?
  15. Adding insult to injury

    What kind of phone is that? I really like that interface.