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  1. A Funchess Reminder

    And Philly figured out how to beat the dropsies between preseason and regular season.
  2. Offensive Line

    I can't argue that OT doesn't need upgrading, but overall we ain't bad on the OL, especially considering the one year turnaround. RANKING ALL 32 OFFENSIVE LINES THIS SEASON 2. Carolina Panthers Pass-blocking rank: 4th Run-blocking rank: 6th Penalties rank: 7th Summary: The tackles are the weak spot of this line, but not so weak where it really matters for them (pass protection). The strength is obviously the interior, where Andrew Norwell (building on a successful rookie year), Turner, and Ryan Kalil are amongst the best at their position. They’re a foundation for success on the line.
  3. LOL Replaced.

    I read this and initially couldn't figure it out. Then I realized that here on page 3, someone was actually posting about the thread topic.
  4. About those corners...

    At least opinions on football players eventually get proven as right or wrong. Coffee brands will remain subjective.
  5. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    He's not a pick. He's a pick up. Certainly worth a good look though. Some other WR's who weren't good enough to get drafted: Rod Smith Victor Cruz Wayne Chrebet Wes Welker
  6. Stacked with what? Behind the starters we've got balsa wood, not oak. I don't expect any of the so called experts to give Gman a good grade for this draft, but you don't rate a draft on next day opinions. You rate it down the road and by on the field results. Can you imagine the results we'd get if they drafted in order to get good grades from the network nitwits? 'We should probably pass on this guy. Prisco might not approve'.
  7. Boomer Sooner! Zack Sanchez is a Panther!!

    Let's all start a thread about our college favs getting drafted. I could start a couple myself.

    He and Bradberry are both sized for safety. We'll see. As for having too many CB's on the roster, how can anyone forget them picking up McClain and Finnegan off the scrap heap last season. The fact that they were the ones getting on the field says a lot about the other CB's.
  9. Thompson and Miller are not great players (great ones get scooped up in the upper part of the 1st round), and keeping Norman was a one year solution (and distraction). You could 'what if' all day and include guys we could have kept and others we could have drafted, but what's the point, other than just wanting to complain? There's enough to discuss and argue about with the team we have. Living in the past is a waste of time.
  10. C-

    I was keeping up with the picks on CBS Sports, and the guy giving out instant draft grades for every pick started looking more daffy with every round. You could tell he knew little to nothing about some players, and his bias towards and against others became obvious. He gave one pick a high grade just because the player was a cancer survivor.
  11. The Panthers Have a 5th and 7th Round Pick Left

    The 5th holds some interest for me. 7th? Guys are better off as UDFA's since they can try and find a team that fits 'em. And then it's time to sift through the pile of players that nobody wanted to spend a pick on. If anyone thinks that's a waste of time just look over the list of Hall of Fame players who got overlooked in the draft.
  12. The 'experts' thought Seattle wasted a 3rd round pick on Russell Wilson 4 years ago, and the same bunch decided Tom Brady would never be a decent NFL QB. And how many 1st round 'can't miss' guys have been flops? Evaluating how well college players will do in the NFL is far from an exact science.
  13. Defensive staff

    We've also got 8 DT's and 8 DE's. Pretty crowded there too, but it's still early in the year. Plenty of room on the roster right now. Double dipping worked out pretty well when we took Star and KK in the 1st two rounds. I'm not worried about the choices. As for those who think Gettleman went off his rocker, he didn't find these guys while surfing football sites. The scouts did their research and the coaches picked apart the film and info and decided on how their list would stack up. I'm sure there was concern about Butler's level of competition at La Tech until he dominated at the Senior Bowl.
  14. Draft or Hornets?

    I promised myself I'd watch the Hornets. I'll record the draft and keep up with the picks during commercials and after the game.
  15. Presser at 3pm

    Well he expected it to be called sooner than the end of the round, so he was probably thinking 'it's about time'. The Lions promised to take him at 16. He should be glad they didn't. As a small town guy he's a better fit in Charlotte and closer to home as well.