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  1. Funchess was open on the bomb. Just couldn’t get enough on the throw due to a dirty pocket.
  2. bigdog10

    Monday Night Packers vs 49ers

    No real need too. The nfl just needs a story. They get one regardless of the outcome of that game. It’s either: if the giants win: Can the giants right the ship and make a push in the nfc east? or if the falcons win: as winners of two straight, are the falcons a contender in the nfc again?
  3. bigdog10

    Monday Night Packers vs 49ers

    Two straight weeks of wwe level shenanigans on Monday night football. Tune in next week for the New York Giants revival and the presumed dead corpse of Eli Manning putting up 350 in a 42-38 barn burner in Atlanta.
  4. bigdog10

    Monday Night Packers vs 49ers

    Yikes. That was a bad look for the nfl. Basically just scripted a Rodgers win and a Crosby redemption. This stuff may not be fixed but it is most certainly influenced.
  5. Payton and Jim Mora jr both have very punchable faces.
  6. bigdog10

    Rivera Monday presser

    Anywhere beyond our own 20 and it is fourth and less than a yard, I support a decision to let cam sneak it.
  7. bigdog10

    KK Short?

    Cut Short? So we can start the Vernon butler era??? Good lord.
  8. The eagles are 15-4 under Doug Pederson at home in the regular season with one of those losses being to Dallas last year when they were resting starters. Their other losses: -two weeks ago to Minnesota by 2 points -2016 five pt loss to Washington and a 14 pt loss to Green Bay. The eagles went 7-9 this year. Their average margin of victory in those 15 wins is a little over 15 points. Point is: they are extremely good at home and we very well may get blown the hell out.
  9. We’re not getting run on up the middle, we are getting gashed on the edges because we don’t have any defensive ends that can set the edge and push their man back. This is allowing olineman to get to Luke and our safeties which is a killer. This zone defense is great against third and longs. It is awful against third and shorts.
  10. Hope you boys are ready for a saints-pats super bowl because it’s coming. Golden Boy brees is going to get the golden send off similar to how Manning got his.
  11. funchess would make for a helluva number two receiver on a team like the falcons or saints. Unfortunately, he’s going to get overpaid by a team like the ravens, jags or titans to be their number one and will be a complete disappointment for the rest of his career.
  12. He’s missing star. Poe is not doing half the things star would do in the run game.
  13. And with this thread, I think I’ll call it a day.
  14. bigdog10

    Rivera "It's a 4 quarter game"

    Not going for it on that fourth and short is classic Rivera. Basically shows you have no faith in either side of the ball. You don’t trust your offense to convert and you don’t trust your defense to bow up and get a stop if it fails. Tepper needs to light the fire. That’s the only way we get a coach willing to actually coach to his teams strengths.
  15. bigdog10

    Predict The Panthers Record Now.

    We’re not beating the good qbs: losses to the saints (x2), Steelers and eagles. I think we beat the Seahawks, ravens, falcons and bucs at home. I think we lose to the lions and bucs on the road Cleveland is a toss up but I think we can win that one. 8-8 right now. 10-6 is probably our ceiling if we can manage a win against the lions and bucs on the road. I see 6-10 as the floor