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  1. He’s going to New England isn’t he?
  2. I believe Eifert has done more with a less superior qb. I’m taking a flyer on him. Luke Wilson had the opportunity to emerge for a year or two before they signed graham and Just never could emerge as anything but a JAG. Just my opinion though.
  3. Pardon my sanjayesque post, but one name id like to see us make a run at is Tyler Eifert. I’d love to bring him in on a one year prove it type deal. I know he has battled injuries, but a change of scenery and a chance to be mentored by Greg could be a huge thing for him. The hope would be that he balls out and we extend him as Greg rides a super bowl win into the sunset.
  4. I’m hoping for both. I wouldn’t mind a solid set of vet hands and then a day two receiver. I like Miller from Memphis in the second.
  5. I told my wife when we won the nfc championship game that it was almost a little depressing because I could probably go to a thousand more games at that stadium and no other game will ever top that one. Such an awesome experience.
  6. No way I’d take on that contract but if he is released we dang well better be in the mix for him. Bradberry is completely overrated here and Worley isn’t good enough yet for us to get over the hump. Bringing Norman back gives us a proven answer for Julio, Evans, and Thomas.
  7. No compensatory picks

    Likely to be a different story next year when we get the highest third available for Norwell and a 5th for Star. I anticipate us being very quiet in free agency this year.
  8. I’d probaly ask him what game (outside of the playoffs) stands out in his mind as the most memorable. I’m betting it would be at the niners in 2013, vs the pats in 2013, or at the pats in 2017. May also be the game at Atlanta to win the division in 2013 or beating the saints 41-38 in New Orleans in 2015. His and Cams first win against Jacksonville in the monsoon game would also be a pretty underrated bet.
  9. CMac was over shadowed by Hunt and Kamara last year primarily due to the fact that those two dudes have two of the all time great offensive minds scheming plays for them. Not to mention, one has the luxury of playing with one of the best QBs to ever play the game.
  10. Panthers to raise ticket prices again

    Anybody had any luck selling their psls? I’ve got two lowers that I’d like to get out from under.
  11. Is there a case to be made for these guns even being in the hands of civilians? I have yet to hear anything with sound logic that suggests to me ordinary citizens in this country should have access to these types of weapons. The only thing I ever hear is that we need these to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government, which I find pretty funny considering it is the same government that spends infinitely more on military than all the other countries in the world do.
  12. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    Can she play LT?
  13. Unfortunately, I agree on the Norwell and Star piece. We’ve dumped a huge amount of money in guard and DT already. Norwell will net us probably the highest compensatory pick available, while star will probably garner us an additional fifth (this is all assuming we aren’t big spenders in free agency). I’d add make a move for receiver to his list. I’d like to see us inquire about Bryant from Pittsburgh. I’d ship a fourth to them right now and let him play out next year on the last year of his deal. If we can’t land him, I would add a veteran receiver in FA. Not a big name but a reliable set of hands.
  14. Take Jerry out of the middle of those panthers and put Sam mills statue in his place.
  15. A chance that Norwell stays?

    We will have learned nothing from our past if we pay Norwell what he is worth. Absolutely nothing. I love Norwell, but we signed Norwells walking papers the minute we inked Matt Kalil to that absurd contract.