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  1. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Tuesday NFL Cuts   

    what's even worse is that based on what counts the most so far, performing in pads against other teams, Boykin has been our BEST WR so far this year. I was never particularly high on Boykin, and was pretty meh about the signing but he has been our best WR so far and the preseason performances gave me a sliver of hope that we might just be serviceable at WR this year. Now its's gonna take Funchess having a KB like rookie year (not hardly likely) and Brown not only getting over these mental blocks he's going through right now, but actually improving over last year (possible, but not looking good so far).
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  2. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    My problem is less with cutting Boykin than it is with keeping Bersin over Boykin. If they think we can do better than Boykin, then it goes without say that we can do much better than Bersin. Boykin has the upper hand in just about every way legitimate way to compare them. Performance this preseason? Boykin easily. Bersin has what, 2 catches so far?  Past performance? Boykin by a mile. He had a productive season two years ago, and last year was stuck behind Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, etc. Bersin's claim to fame is a season of like 100 yards last year, stuck behind the likes of Jerricho Cotchery, Philly Brown (and KB). 
    So like I said earlier, if we get rid of Bersin then I can see where Gettleman (and Ron) might be going with this. Keeping Bersin but getting rid of Boykin is beyond ludicrous. 
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  3. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    Boykin has been our best WR in the preseason GAMES so far. I certainly don't see how he can get cut but Bersin is still here. I don't give a poo if Bersin balls out like a motherfuger in training camp with shorts on, he doesn't do poo with pads on against other teams.  We don't score points or help our record in training camp or practice. And I don't see the ST angle that was mentioned earlier in this thread. Boykin helped our ST more by playing on a different team last year than Bersin did. The only way I can see this as not a stupid move is if Bersin also gets the axe and they roll with Norwood, Byrd and other "potential" guys and/or bring in another WR or two by some other means.  There is no way Bersin deserves a spot of Boykin doesn't. 
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  4. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Boykin or Bersin?   

    Boykin easily.  Bersin's good for a catch every now and then when the defense forgets he's out there, like the rest of us, but Boykin could possibly be a legit relieving threat. 
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  5. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Trading 1st round picks   

    and if I recall correctly, we could have had Demaryius Thomas with that pick....
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  6. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Trading 1st round picks   

    Otah was a good trade/pick.  His career getting ended after one year cuz of injury was a fluke, but he was a beast when he was on the field.  After that, all of Hurney's trades were trash.  The Armanti Edwards one still gives me nightmares.
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  7. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Anyone with NFL Gamepass?   

    They don't do the bells and whistles for preseason games.  All 22, condensed games, etc.
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  8. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic We Absolutely Have To Stop Over Hyping UDFA's   

    The only of the UDFA's I have hopes for is Wegher.  And he's one of those "was a high potential guy until [fill in random poo unrelated to football] happened" guys. 
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  9. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Starter, Depth or Cut?   

    - Mike Remmers: Could be a starter, at least at first, but I think Williams will take his job.
    - Jerricho Cotchery: In our current state? backup.  If we were healthy? sent packing.
    - Corey Brown: Backup.
    - Kony Ealy: Backup with potential to develop into a solid starter.
    - A J Klein: Career backup. Dan Connor 2.0 and no, not just cuz he's white.
    -Tre Boston: Same as Ealy.
    - Roman Harper: Backup with one foot out the door.
    - Bene Benwikere: Starter.
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  10. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    Williams got abused in the first preseason game, but had a nice game against NE.
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  11. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic A little hope for Brandon Wegher fans....   

    I've got my butter knife and bath of warm water surrounded by candles ready.
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  12. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic What team do you really want to beat this year?   

    Seattle, Dallas, Indy in that order
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  13. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Shaq-Tastic   

    Dunno how much I agree with you, but that thought gives me goosebumps.
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  14. JawnyBlaze added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Patriots at Panthers   

    You could literally see on Cam's face after the Tolbert TD "thank God someone on this team can catch a gd pass tonight".
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