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  1. Boston taking nothing for granted this year

    really random but you need pie for that
  2. i like to do well in life not on a message board.... have fun "doing well here"
  3. Kelvin Benjamin's OTA Debut

    No thats a warm sensation in my pants after Chipotle
  4. Coleman

    hopefully he understands what we have here and what he can be a part of......Just like josh...play smart and play with the system and Tre will end up with a lot of money one day, maybe not with us but the HogFather knows best there. We have seen some safetys come thru here so if he will get his act together he can go break the bank for some other team while we find our next one
  5. Coleman

    maybe it will take him a few years like Josh.....just hope he will be willing to stay with us after he figures it out
  6. Kelvin Benjamin's OTA Debut

    just felt movement in my pants
  7. Coleman

    they have swapped in OTA's so far.....Boston is a true center fielder ball hawk
  8. Coleman

    I think its possible we could have 2 pro bowl caliber safetys playing back there
  9. Boston taking nothing for granted this year

    he showed flashes of greatness at UNC.....but then showed flashes of WTF was that.....
  10. ahhhh i see now... ok..look you can keep your B1tch role on here and heckly everyone...i just want to post meaningful stuff and talk panthers..... now i see your role and you can keep it :)
  11. Boston taking nothing for granted this year

    you got that right....Cant wait to see this ball hawk in action this year tho
  12. you troll everywhere....maybe i do need to PM you
  13. Coleman

    just give igo hand jobs?
  14. Coleman

    ok PM cumming