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  1. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    WTF!!!  How do you not put the bong down after you have been caught before dude?  He gone.
  2. Tillman Most Likely Out

    With who signing?  Did I miss something?
  3. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    The Bills are getting job in this game.  Expect the Panthers to get the same treatment Thursday. 
  4. Local paper hating on Cam

    Click bait article.  Will not read.
  5. All Pro Ads?

    Hey!  The ads are gone...again!  Yippie!
  6. All Pro Ads?

    I see ads at the bottom and top of the page on mobile.  I'm being jipped!
  7. Carolina Panthers Color Rush Video

    Haven't read the entire thread but in my opinion the numbers should be silver outlined in black.  Socks should be black as well.   That is all. PS, a blue helmet with black strips would be sharp also.
  8. Maturity.

    High school senior?
  9. The only thing guaranteed is that the Panthers will finish 9-7 or better.  That's a winning season no matter how you slice it.  Now I feel dumber for even posting in a PU thread.
  10. Undefeated Watch: Texans v Bengals

    The Bengals don't impress me so far.  The Texans are giving them fits in the red zone.  Give them all they want between the 20's but lock down the red zone and Dalton can have his stats.  Wouldn't surprise me if the Texans win this one.
  11. How Many Have Gone 10-0?

    Miami and New England come to mind.  I'm sure there are others.
  12. I thought "dabbin" was just another term for teabagging and "hit dem folks" was a form of mushroom stamping.  Yeah I'm old.
  13. #9 Trolling Videos to Entertain the Masses

    I avoid PU threads like the buffet at a Chinese restaurant.  Both give you a bad case of the squirts.