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  1. New Half

    Their offense has scored 3 points.  Special teams (led to 3) and defense (7). Time for this thing to play out.  We will score a few more times--they may not.
  2. Tale of 2 halves.  We are going to win. 
  3. Less than 1 hour

    It is our time. 
  4. Inactives

    About DE-Charles Johnson had 2 sacks in the playoffs leading up to this game and a strip.  Do you think Allen will not be in full hunt mode in his first Super Bowl?  Do not underestimate these 2.  
  5. On Paper...

    Confidently nervous?  I am .
  6. On Paper...

    On the field.
  7. On Paper...

    I think you both missed the point--explaining why people are saying it will be close when it wont. 
  8. On Paper...

    ON Offense, The Panthers have Ted Ginn as their #1 WR, 33-year old Jerricho Cotchery, Undrafted Philly Brown, and developing rookie-- but not much more than a slant route for now-- WR in Devin Funchess at WR.  The Broncos have a very strong secondary.  The Panthers have an offensive line that is very young (22, 23) at Guard, a finesse center, and tackles that were found in the NFL's garbage bin.  The Broncos have a fast, athletic DL and equally athletic LBs.  Can Remmers really stop Miller?  Can Blind Side, a bust a year ago, see and stop Ware?  Denver has to have a huge advantage vs. this offense... ...On Paper. On Defense, the Panther's secondary should have caused an early exit.  The starting FS was a backup journeyman, the SS is a slow, gray--haired, one dimensional, in-the-box veteran.  Two of the starting CBs (#2 and nickel) were mid-season couch potatoes until an injury sent Gettlemen to his emergency Rolodex.  The Panthers do have 2 all-pro linebackers, but one is playing with a freshly-broken arm.  On the DL, once mighty Charles Johnson has fallen and can't seem to get up, although he is showing signs of returning to form of late. Denver has stud TEs, fast and effective WRs, and perhaps the greatest QB of all time.  They should have  a field day against the Panthers... ...On Paper. As hard as the reporters try, there are some things that just don't add up.  The Panthers are one of them.  The sense of family, the fact that Cam and Luke make everyone around them better, and the fact that this team and coaching staff have on-field-in-locker-room-off-field chemistry is no small matter.  The fact that the coaching staff has been together for a while is significant.  The Panthers have glaring weaknesses on paper, but a team that nobody can figure out.  That is why they will win this game by double digits... ...On the field. Today is our day.   
  9. I hate the recognition

    Our OL has been a pleasant shocker for me. 
  10. Only one stat matters, and it isn't available yet. I think it will look eerily similar to this: Panthers 31    Broncos 13
  11. What position did you play?

    Funny, I had the same comment.   I was buried on the depth chart as a junior in high school.  Got hit by a car, had mono, pulled both groins, and played 3rd string QB (had never played football before).  Almost quit.  I asked for a position change at the end of my Jr year, so he put me behind a guy getting recruited by every damn college in the country (ended up at Wake).  After 5 games, I was a rotational player, with 1 catch for 18 yards (I was mainly a defensive player).  Then the guy in front of me missed a practice.  I finished the season as the starter--with 445 yards on 22 catches. I got scholarship offers, and went to WCU.  At an awards banquet at the end of the season, my coach talked about how I came on "like gangbusters" at the end of the season.  We had a few sentences (The Wake guy and I were the only 2 players to get scholarships).  I threw my statement away.  I said , "Thanks coach for recognizing my ability before it was too late.  To be successful, you have to have 3 things: 1. Talent.  I think that I proved  I have it,   2) Opportunity.  I needed to be in the game when my number was called.  3) A coach who understands the first 2." It was a backhanded insult, but they clapped as if I was giving him a compliment.  I am glad now that they took it that way, but I had learned to hate him when I was pond scum in his eyes--funny how he changed but made it sound as if I had.
  12. What position did you play?

    That is quite a lineup.
  13. What position did you play?

    I was a TE and DE/OLB (played both ways) in high school, and I actually played TE and OLB (not at the same time) in college.
  14. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    That is the edge we need.
  15. Nassib is who I want--realistically.