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  1. There is not a 5th rounder who would beat out Hamilton, Byrd or Norwood either. People do not get it--we were paper thin at CB WITH Norman. I thought we might take a third CB, but I thought it would be Harlan Miller.
  2. Worley is my guess, but maybe not: Sanchez the nickel (along with Boykins). Robert McClain, Teddy Williams, Lou Young--bye bye CBs: Benwikere, Bradberry Boykin (nickel0 Reserves: Worley and Sanchez (nickel)
  3. Bradberry is amazing...

    Because the other 10 guys sucked?
  4. Gettlemen is developing young talent at DE, so those of us who wanted a DE (then take 2-3 years to develop) are disappointed. Gettlemen is getting KB back and Funchess will be much better, as will Brown and maybe Byrd and the stable full of developing WRs (Norwood, etc). He is not going to panic at OT, with Williams behind 2015's starters. In fact, Boston and Marlowe might be the SS we have been looking for. Now, we have 2 big CBs who will develiop under our coaching staff, a solid nickel (Boykin), and Bene. I guess that the needs influenced our draft considerably.
  5. Bradberry is amazing...

    He could be a Safety. Doubt it, but many experts are saying it.
  6. We don't know if it is a reach--he fits the panther mold. CB, but has some S experience.
  7. I know better than to criticize--I just need to research him.
  8. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Leraven ??? Fuller??? Coleman??
  9. I wish we would consider hands when we draft people who catch passes. KB, Fuchess, Brown, Ginn--we drop a lotta balls.
  10. Kony is turned loose.

    And so was Hardy and CJ during the first 2 years. Rucker was not great during his first two years. Inconsistent? Nope. Developing. One game? The Super Bowl was the stage, and he stepped up. that comment needs to be re-examined. I feel very confident that he steps it up this year based on that "one game" and progress made before then--you ignored that. Last year, we had solid pressure from the inside a lot, but Edwards was 35 years old. He slacked off last year., Inside pressure is needed for 4-3 DEs to get sacks. We will attack in the middle. I am not sure we add another DE--Miley, Cox, Delaire---one will step up to join Addison, Ealy, and CJ.
  11. They are--to me, there were 2 elite CBs and there are about 12 in the "above average category, depending on what you need. We need a starter, but I think it is also a time to maybe grab depth too. I think we are going to draft either a WR, DE, or SS in the second, a CB in the third--based on where I expect value to be. Today is going to be the fun day....
  12. The Human Rollie Pollie?
  13. I know it seems like a reach, but Harlan Miller could be the pick. Jeremy Cash SS is also a possibility. If we trade up, a WR like Michael Thomas or Sterling Shepherd could be the reason.
  14. Quiet names nobody is talking much about: Cash, SS Calhoun, DE Nassib DE