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  1. MHS831 added a post in a topic Not much in potential receiver cuts   

      It is possible the Eagles cut Cooper, the Skins cut Garcon (who would not be good with Cam) and the Rams will have to cut a decent WR (or stash one on IR)  Baltimore and KC should send vets packing.  I look for a veteran or 2 to be cut to save $$ if a rookie has shown well.  There have been 2 deep WRs classes in the past 2 drafts, so I expect some surprise cuts in cap-saving moves.
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  2. MHS831 added a post in a topic Meltdown Brown   

    His mechanics are terrible now.  He let the demons in. 
    What is next for him?  Hamstring, IR.  Give him time to work on it.
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  3. MHS831 added a post in a topic Brown   

    Brown is slumping--it is all mental, but when your mechanics aren't good, it is hard to recover.  I LOVE the way the Panthers kept going to him.  However, I do not see him making the roster if we bring in a WR after cuts.
    Since Monsta started using baseball to describe this, I will add that one of the most famous and weirdest slumps I have ever heard of was that of LA Dodger all-star second baseman Steve Sax.  His slump was not about hitting, however, it was about throwing.  He was making numerous throwing errors from second base to first base.  It was incredible--what is that, about 50-70 feet?  Demons can destroy an athlete.  However, Tommy Lasorda, Sax's manager, took him out to his position at second base one day before a game and said, "Steve, how many people in this world can earn a gold glove in the major leagues?"
    Steve looked puzzled.  "Not many."
    Tommy continued, "How many people can hit .280 off major league pitching?"
    "Very Few"
    Tommy then concluded, pointing at first base, some 65 feet away from the two men, "How many people in the world can throw a baseball from here to first base?"
    Sax started laughing, "Probably all of them, except me."
    Slump over.
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  4. MHS831 added a post in a topic We're a Funchess injury away from tonight, all season (or as long as DF is out) therefore ...   

    About getting a WR--not out of the question after the second round of cuts.  Over the past 2 drafts, there have been a tremendous number of talented WRs drafted.  That glut will cause a veteran to fall victim to salary cap slaying.  Whether we bite or not, that remains to be seen, but there will be veterans on the table. Peek at the Rams; roster and tell me there will not be quality WRs cut.
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  5. MHS831 added a post in a topic This fuggin guy....   

    At OTAs (I read this either here or somewhere else) someone (not sure if a reporter or a fan) said to him, "How come I have never seen you smile?"  He said, "I haven't either."
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  6. MHS831 added a post in a topic David Newton: Wegher still longshot   

    I agree.  In addition, Mayo was a tackling machine, and probably was never expected to do more than serve special teams--which seem to be the focus this offseason. We missed a ton of tackles on ST last year.  So, when you need tackling on special teams and you don't think the NCAA's second leading tackler is worthy of consideration with a fifth-round comp pick, you probably didn't even consider the need and reason we drafted him.
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  7. MHS831 added a post in a topic David Newton: Wegher still longshot   

    Newton's points are valid, but he seems to lack inside info on this one, as you suggest.  Preseason is only half over, and I am willing to bet that his chances are solid.  I am sure he can learn to block.  The issue with Wegher is this: Do we try to develop him on the PS or do we give him the roster spot?  I am not so sure that it is about what Wegher brings to the table right now, but about what he might develop into on another roster.  Wegher has been killing it on special teams.  Newton is totally wrong on this one.  We give Wegher a hard look tonight and especially vs. Pittsburgh.  Special teams, running ability, fan favorite (reminds me of Fred Lane so much), potential to make you regret cutting him if he goes to another roster--he makes this team.
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  8. MHS831 added a post in a topic Had we known we could get Wegher as UDFA do we spend 5th on Artis-Payne?   

    The thing that is most important is how Gettlemen understands the RB market. I doubt we have many RBs on second contracts while he is here--I firmly expect Stew to be the last one.  Having said that, he can find talent on other rosters (Todman) at the end of the draft (CAP) and in the undrafted pile (Wegher) in ONE offseason, why overpay?  We have a stable full of RBs, and if you remove Hurney's love child from the mix, they are dirt cheap.
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  9. MHS831 added a post in a topic How safe is Tolbert?   

    Tolbert is NOT our second best RB.  Damn.  His last 10 games or so have produced something like a 1.8 yard per carry average and rarely was his yardage in double digits.  How in the hell does that make him better than CAP, Todman, and Wegher?
    Tolbert is probably done.  You don't carry 250 lbs on a 5'9" frame and take a beating for 10 years--Your career is probably 6-8 seasons.
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  10. MHS831 added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    THanks for sharing.  Wow.  Very close to my ideas.  I am not sure Cox makes the roster, but I see the argument for putting him (or Miley) there.  Your PS is solid too.  LB is a bit scary, but we have Glanton and Mayo on the PS.  I would love to see Marlowe make the backup SS and play Coleman at SS---but RR is in love with the slow-ass veteran Harper.  Teddy Williams played himself onto the roster--if he continues to play well, we are set. 
    I am tired of WR and CB being our weakness.
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  11. MHS831 added a post in a topic An Alternative Roster Projection - The Youth Movement   

    Rivera and Gettlemen got an infusion of young talent last season and went from something like 2-7 and made the playoffs.  Not only do I see this as a thematic scenario, I think this is accurate.  The only change I would make is this:  Foucault has looked terrible.  Doubt he makes the roster.
    On the fence about Cotchery, but this was a youth-themed roster, so I get it.
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  12. MHS831 added a post in a topic How safe is Tolbert?   

    I think he will make the roster as well, however, who is he better than?  Remember, Gettlemen says what he means and it is usually what he does--"The best 53 football players make this team."  It will be interesting.
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  13. MHS831 added a post in a topic How safe is Tolbert?   

    That is what I have been saying.  Rivera and Tolbert go way back, but Tolbert is turning 30 soon, and RBs who carry excess weight and take a beating are usually done by 30.  In fact, stats show they start waning around 27. 
    Keep the youth.  If you don't, you will be trying to figure out how to stop them.
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  14. MHS831 added a post in a topic Corey Brown will be OK   

    Actually, he picked a good day to have a bad day.  Better now than in November.
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  15. MHS831 added a post in a topic Wegher and Ward, Ward and Wegher   

    If Gettlemen's words mean anything, then these 2 should make the team ("The best 53 players make this football team.")  Personally, I think both will get time with the 1's next week.  Whittaker and Brockel need to pay attention.
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