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  1. You are right. That is one sexy baby.
  2. Your final predictions (#30)

    We are trading down.
  3. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    If we could predict it, would it qualify as a WTF pick? I think it could be a late CB from some school nobody knows.
  4. DeAngelo Williams Tweets he loves dude sex

    Pubic schools are to blame. Yes, I meant to do that.
  5. What are the odds we end up with a Henry in this draft? TE: Hunter RB: Derrick DT: Willie All areas we could address. I say it is around 20%.
  6. Awesome KB. Please---never get a girlfriend or wife. If you do have one, thank her from us.
  7. If you look at some of the players we talk to at all-star games and what not, many are the fringe players. Remember Gettlemen said, "You build a roster from the bottom up." Look at his success in undrafted free agency. Niorwell, Brown, Marlowe, Wegher, etc.
  8. If I were hoping to be drafted, even in the middle rounds, but did not know for sure (nobody does) I would feel optimistic--as if I had security for a while. Imagine not getting drafted without the knowledge of a team interested in you. I know this first-hand because I went undrafted. So did you. Remember the emptiness? The feeling of abandonment all void of hope? I do. It stings.
  9. Aren't they all Boom or bust? Especially DE.and OT because the changing
  10. Here is what you do to get over this: 1. Think you want Derrick Henry 2. Research "Alabama RBs taken in the first round of the draft" 3. Think you may not want Derrick Henry.
  11. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    Russell was paid $36m by the Raiders to suck--a rookie deal he signed in 2007. In 2011, his home was foreclosed on and he was broke. in 2013, the Raiders had to pay him another $3m to settle his contract. He was last reported to be living with his mother. He spent over $10m per year.
  12. First of all, in reference to your post in another thread, I am honored that you called me your buddy. Thank you. Secondly, I think this pick makes me the most comfortable and makes the most sense. None of the other ideas give me the calm Ogbah does, and I think he will be there. I think you are right, and I hope this happens.
  13. Sideswiped

    Yes, I mean this is interesting, to a degree. I would just create a heading that lets people know this is another Norman thread. I am not one to try to determine for others what they should or should not post--if I know enough NOT to click on the thread by the title.
  14. I do not know where to begin, so I won't. Rice and Hardy are very comparable. Your comment is a jaw dropper.