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  1. The worse thing about this

    I just ordered another pitcher to drown my sadness today
  2. We are wasting too much time. I don’t get it: I’m sure we are about to blow a time out too
  3. Our clock management is so bad....so bad
  4. Panther bars in the Greensboro Area??

    I ended up at Box Seat and this place is bad luck :(
  5. I’m pumped!!! I’m going to call my bartender right now to pre order my drink because I’m on the way!!
  6. Panther bars in the Greensboro Area??

    I’ve been trying to find a legit panthers bar too in Greensboro. I was hoping I can find one like how the Steelers do Sunday’s at Benders but better. They have a pop up Steelers store there and all . I might try a new bar today. Maybe the new fat dogs?
  7. Panthers vs Patriots: Recap Vid

    Always been a fan of your work! Keep it up! Good stuff
  8. Saw this meme on FB. Got a good laugh.

    Lmao that made my day lol
  9. We did win today. RIGHT????

    Yeah we won and we are 2-0. Sometimes there will be ugly games, it's part of football. We will only get better as the season goes.
  10. Man I went to the 49ers game last year and almost died. My brother refused to come out after half time. It was so damn hot. And I was sitting down in my black jersey with black shorts with a hot bojangles box on my lap. Sad mix
  11. Central meeting spot? I'm on the way
  12. NFL need to have their games on Saturday. I'm drunk and happy but have to work early at 6 am tomorrow
  13. This is a very bad storm folks. Do y'all remember Hugo? I am hearing reports that this storm is of that caliber. Football has to take a back seat in this instance. Hell the Carolinas are starting to prepare for the worst. Hope everyone is able to get out in town
  14. Sobering Cam Newton stat...

    Very sobering fact. We need to protect our franchise guy. I felt bad watching him take hit after hit ( a lot to the head). I am hoping this evolution on offense is legit. At this point we made all the steps to change this up a bit so we will see
  15. I can't seem to understand how this guy is still in the nfl. I know some players can unfairly get a bad rep but he is clearly a dirty player and has the resume to prove it. I seen him go after players all sorts of ways. From ankle twisting two of our top players, to head hunting defenseless receivers, there should be no room for guys like that in this league. The NFL is so worried about cte and this should be one of the things to take in account. Get his tail out of the league!