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  1. Greatest Panthers Hat

    I had a nice all black curved bill panther hat. I washed it one time and it turned into a footie. I miss that hat
  2. Instead of Watching the SB....

    I can’t stand the Pats but they won this game because of Brady and the Jags going soft. The Jags didn’t play to win
  3. I am now a Blake Bortles fan

    Stories like this tug at my heart. I really do hate cancer. I send my prayers for him. That was a very nice move by the Jaguars. After all the madness with the playoffs, they sent this gift to your brother in law. That’s awesome and great of them to do that.
  4. I’m sure that Super Bowl plays in the back of his head. He will get us back. This guy gave the Carolinas, his blood , sweat and tears. Gives to improve the community. I can’t help it but get hyped when I think the chances he gives us to make the Super Bowl again. He is not perfect nor are any other players in the nfl. Glad to have him as our QB. 4 playoffs in 5 Years have never been done here and here we are. Let’s rally behind our boys.
  5. I agree! We are 11-5 and 4 times in the playoffs in 5 Years. I’m excited and ready to get behind my boys this weekend. Let’s go on A Giants like run and get to te Super Bowl!
  6. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Let’s go!!!! I got my a bottle of vodka waiting on ice. Keep pounding.
  7. Great news! I like our coach and we do need stability during this “transition”
  8. Wow . I didn’t know a rule like that existed. I doubt he will get release but this is interesting
  9. My love of the Panthers is what brought me to NFL football. I considered it boring at one point in my child hood but when the Panthers were introduced to the league , I really became interested in football. From the playing at Clemson days. To Ericsson stadium to Sam Mills intercepting Favre in the NFc championship , I have followed this team every year. Now it's our time and I would love to be at the game acting a fool cheering us on. in short form, I will take them!!!! Lol
  10. I'm Excited! Got my new panthers hat (breast cancer awareness) in the mail and new shirt. We wil beat Seattle!
  11. *sings* Sometimes I dream he is me the greatest linebacker in history the way he hits, like the madden hitstick like Luke if I can be like Luke twitter: creativelycool
  12. I'm debating about drinking for the game but after the game I planned on being an uber driver.......tell hell with driving tonight, I'm taking uber myself tonight
  13. Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice

    Wow just got back from the gym only to hear this bad news. I'm hoping it's nothing serious but that video scares. I am a doctor by no means and won't try to be but this looks just like I did when I tore my patellar tendon. I'm hoping its minor and the cart is just to be cautious.