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  1. SpeedOFLight


    I might download fornite. I have been playing PUBG in Xbox . Still chasing my first chicken dinner. I can get top 2 with ease but the last guy always gets me
  2. SpeedOFLight

    Cam is ready for training camp

    I really feel ashamed about my body now. I was making strides and now, I’m going on a strict diet until the season starts. Totally out of shape and I will need stamina walking around game days. Good job Cam!
  3. I enjoy his Instagram videos. It doesn’t bother me much but wish he would slow down on the profanity. I do respect someone for being real and not compromising themselves. I myself have toned down content on my social media due to young people but that’s life I guess. Anyway, keep pounding Cam and bring home that Lombardi!
  4. SpeedOFLight

    How do you fill your offseason time?

    I have become a hermit. Only coming out at night time if any lol. It’s too hot to do anything and I work at home so I stay in. I’ve been filling my time in with booze and Xbox live.
  5. SpeedOFLight

    Cam Is Working Out With Antonio Brown

    I never met Cam but have hear he has that type of presence where people just gravitate to him. We have our Superstar here folks. Lets enjoy him on this team. I long for the day when that Lombardi trophy comes to Charlotte and I believe he will be the one to bring it here.
  6. Great write up! I am excited about this group of guys. WR competition will be great for everyone involved. Thanks for sharing
  7. I am not sure if this is good or bad. I have no clue about this guy but according to a few posters this ends well for us. Not sure what the future my offer. I just wanted my boys to focus on the season without having the sale of the team hanging over the stadium. Keep pounding!
  8. SpeedOFLight

    So Excited

  9. I won’t say it’s the worst draft until I see how things pan out. Just because we didn’t get the “name” we want. Doesn’t mean that these guys won’t be solid starters for us. Trust the process and give these guys a chance. I remember being upset with us drafting Luke because we still had beason and we know how that turned out. Let’s give them a chance
  10. That has me grinning from ear to ear to see him say that
  11. SpeedOFLight

    CMC, Samuel, Moore

    That use to bother me so much. Even commentators were commenting on that
  12. SpeedOFLight

    Greg gets extension

    I’m happy about this deal. He has been a great locker guy and also just came off 3 back to back seasons with 1,000 yards which never been done by a TE. Win win for us in my opinion
  13. My love of the Panthers is what brought me to NFL football. I considered it boring at one point in my child hood but when the Panthers were introduced to the league , I really became interested in football. From the playing at Clemson days. To Ericsson stadium to Sam Mills intercepting Favre in the NFc championship , I have followed this team every year. Now it's our time and I would love to be at the game acting a fool cheering us on. in short form, I will take them!!!! Lol
  14. I'm Excited! Got my new panthers hat (breast cancer awareness) in the mail and new shirt. We wil beat Seattle!