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  1. This. Even when Norman was adjusting to the NFL, he had a swagger and an edge that pushed him. Worley seems to just play soft and scared. Not sure he's got that edge.
  2. Rosenthal with GOLD

    They're not just embracing the suck, they've strapped on the beer goggles, taken the fatty home, and pounded it without shame.
  3. The Eagles run that Wide 9 formation which kicks the edge rushers out a bit further. I think this fugged our marginal tackles up. Someone should check to see if Matt Kalil has functioning peripheral vision, I've seen him completely ignore a wide outside rusher way too many times this season.
  4. Game etiquette

    Stand in front of me when there is no reason to
  5. Cam has led this team on 4th quarter game winning drives before, in hostile road situations. All the more reason to question the coaching decisions on the final drive. 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1, and we're going to drop back and throw with the game on the line instead of our massive QB getting that 1 yard??
  6. He takes that poo serious doe
  7. I feel hopeless...

    JR probably needs a Bojangles sweet tea IV to keep him awake long enough to make a personnel decision.
  8. Shula and Rivera WTF

    Ole Ron probably thought he was doing Gano a solid. Keep him from going out and missing another 50+ yarder and then facing the scrutiny for another long miss. Ron's trend of being a spineless coach is beyond unacceptable.
  9. I'm not ready to label Carson Wentz elite
  10. He played ok for sure, but we were entering the beginning of QB uncertainty and the post Jake era. Tough times.
  11. Remember the dark days when we were hoping for Matt Moore?
  12. Tailgating has begun. Albeit in the Kansas City airport bar. But tailgating nonetheless. Let’s go bitches! Hanging from the ceiling already!!!