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  1. Hi there

    It's been that kind of day. Hope you're good sir.
  2. Hi there

    What's up Huddle. Still in off-season mode but check out the topics from time to time. I hope everyone's doing well, and if not, then eat a bag of dicks.
  3. Oh the irony. The one person Marty doesn't ridiculously overpay brings him to his knees.
  4. Let us know what happens with the Irish chicks.
  5. So how many other teams have had three different DC's in as many years with the same head coach?
  6. Wtf vikings?? Way to poo the bed with a golden opportunity to play a super bowl at home
  7. That Lombardi trophy would look good in the future London headquarters, would it not?
  8. That would send Larry Fitzgerald straight to retirement. They’d probably trade us a ton of picks for Derek Anderson as long as he agrees to take poo seriously this time around.
  9. There is a God! What other explanation could there be for this not only being true but there being photographic evidence of it as well. What a great off-season.
  10. Drunk and Bored Here Ya Go

    I'm going to have nightmares of Ron with that hair, no doubt about it.
  11. Good thing our loss to the Patriots in SB38 was before the era of the smartphone capturing everything. The Kasay kick out of bounds would have shown widespread apoplexy.
  12. Who the fug is this

    It figures this douche didn't cite the Cameron Jordan context behind it all.
  13. Karma is real

    This is rich http://rebrn.com/re/according-to-nacholeber-on-kfan-apparently-sean-payton-was-mocki-3953685/
  14. I like Bradberry , but to up his edge as a #1 corner, he needs a dose of crazy. He's too mild-mannered to get in the head of the other team's #1 WR. When you look at top CB's around the league, there is a swagger element that Bradberry lacks. I hope he finds it. There is a part of being a lock down CB that is the mental game.
  15. Best Twitter Reactions

    Lazy ***, put away your Christmas stockings