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  1. Chaos

    So they DO notice

    All this segment did was boil my blood again over Funchess’ pathetic catch attempt and overall weak ass play.
  2. I’m going to try and make up for lost time while tearing up Detroit in November.
  3. I’ll never get over not going to Jacksonville with you guys, what a massive mistake on my part.
  4. Sorry Andy Dalton, but you’re up next after a poor Panthers defensive outing. Never a good thing. Panthers D will get home for a few sacks, Luke gets a pick, Cam does Cam. Car 27 Cin 17
  5. Chaos

    Riddle me this...

    I believe he was about as lost as any secondary player could possibly be
  6. Chaos

    Graham Gano

    That kick Sunday would have been good from 60 yards
  7. When some 500-leveler has to hit the ATM for 5th Quarter after a long game
  8. 264 That's the number of times I cringed during that segment
  9. Yeah, we’ve always had a YAC problem around here with 89 being the exception, Smitty would drag dudes for YAC.
  10. I’m sure Gordon will fall apart under the Belichik regime. Thing is, NE don’t care, they’ll take a trouble maker in a heartbeat. If he gets suspended later, oh well, they lose a draft pick that they will eventually rape from another team soon anyway. That’s their M.O., they operate solely in the moment.
  11. Who can forget the AZ playoff game in 2008, where stubborn Fox would leave Chris Gamble locked in place while Fitzgerald moved anywhere he wanted to and ripped us apart. Can't understate the importance of allowing your #1 CB to lock down the #1 WR regardless of where they line up.