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  1. We have Craig Wrolstad, so better than a Steratore, Hochuli, or Blakeman bending us over
  2. You guys hold him down, I’m going to poo in his mouth
  3. I don’t want the Saints again. Is there a scenario where we play the Rams in the first round?
  4. Loved that guy till he signed with Atlanta.
  5. Yep, about the same time when we were the worst 13-0 team that had ever existed. In any sport. Evar.
  6. Lots of sad looking Vikings fans on my flight to Chicago this morning. Lugging their horned hats and tears towards the back lol
  7. Killa Cam is my favorite Cam

    The D hath been given
  8. Different Experience

    Wait, what's this about the tackle of a Vikings fan?
  9. While I loathe the Eagles, I like Wentz. What shitty news for him.
  10. Late Games Thread

    Rams lose and we're even at 9-4
  11. Late Games Thread

    Came in here to say jags gonna jags. Kthxbye