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  1. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    Re-watching that Viking game they may have re-thought that return. Keenum was visibly scared 4th quarter. 300lb dudes all over him
  2. Media trying to saturate before the big names come out so it will seem "common" before they get theirs.
  3. Mario and Pep

    I'll go ahead and get in on the Hall bandwagon. He's going to be good, in 2yrs or so.
  4. I like both coaches. The biggest difference is Ron will take a run out the clock, kick a field goal to win approach. Sean will try to hang 50pts on you. I have a ton of respect for both guys. I just prefer trying to hang 50 on opponents, feels better come 4th quarter.
  5. At Bojangles for the First Time, Right Now

    Not just you. It did change. Employee moral is way down. Can't tell if they care. Burnt food a couple times. Called customer feedback, they apologize, said they're sending coupons, never got em'. Whoever is running the franchise now is dropping the ball big time. I still Bo though. How long, I don't know. They need a change in management up top because these problems aren't just in one location or one state.
  6. Yeah, you got me. Imagining him with our roster gets me all tingly inside. He would stomp the NFC yearly with Cam & Co. I'd have the same sht face grin he has after spanking Ron.
  7. Great coach. Special isn't always "normal". Former Bear so I've got mad respect. Love his coaching style. He'll bury your face in the dirt and step on your neck, like he does Ron almost every time they go head to head. Wish he would leave N.O.
  8. Fun is better at yards after contact he has a breakaway ability KB didn't have.
  9. I'd love to see Moose become his mentor. They're so much alike athletically.
  10. Ok. Take Chuds Cam with this defense?!? If you're talking #'s that team would be better than any offense Shula has coached 2015 included. That's stats not conjecture. If you're soooooo sure that you've convinced ANYbody here that Panther Shula > Panther Chud. Make a poll.
  11. He didn't have the supporting cast (Luke, Star,KK etc.) then. Stop feeding the newb
  12. As a ROOKIE. Had that streak continued, who knows? Shula slowed Cams progress. You'll never convince anybody here that Shula>Chud. That's a flawed knowledge base. Lolz
  13. Yet, Chud is still two steps above Shula. Also Cam under Chud was putting up HOF numbers. We didn't have the o line we have now. Better blocking schemes etc. etc. etc.. Maybe you need a a-hole running the show
  14. Weight, strength.
  15. We go waaaaaay down when you drop passes and stall drives. Juggs Keep Practicing! #PositiveYards
  16. Rivera can put together a championship level defense no doubt. He's a good coach who his players like. Rivera needs a championship level OC and he'll be fine. If Sean Payton ran our (present players) offense we'd be spanking everybody.
  17. Still missing that elite D end. Pep is good not great and that's all we need from him. As far as chemistry and elite talent goes they sorely miss Greg Hardy and if anybody was going to get anything more out of Steve Smith it should have been the Panthers. Both situations were bungled. Neither player has been adequately replaced to this day. This team is missing that edge that bravado they miss crazy. You need crazy on the battlefield and you keep elite players at all cost because they don't come around often. It's hard hit on elite talent in the draft it takes some luck. A guy can look like Tarzan and play like Jane in the NFL. "Special" talent is going to behave differently from "normal" guys but if I'm in a alley or the SuperBowl I'd want 89 or 76 behind me, or 24 for that matter. They've sterilized the team and people in the Bible Belt find it hard to forgive so this is destiny.
  18. Sean Payton makes Ron Rivera look like a freakin' fool almost every time. Both former Bears but obviously we know who the better coach is.
  19. The second best DE the Panthers have ever had is available but the city is as soft as this defense. Not much pressure on Brees.
  20. Not getting pressure on Brees. If they don't, game over .
  21. Your 3 keys to winning tomorrow

    Drew doesn't like getting hit, totally scrambles his thought process, gets jittery, happy feet. I'd love to see Pep do this today.
  22. Your 3 keys to winning tomorrow

    Just like Brady, you've got to hit Brees. You've got to have some dogs that will get there and blast him. He's good at the quick throws so coverage in the secondary and by the LB's has to be on point. I really miss how Hardy would get to Brees with bad intentions. He twisted the poor dude like a pretzel quite a few times. It was beautiful :-) I was a fan of Brees in SanDiego and was pissed that he went to N.O. instead of Miami. If we can't get pressure, game over, then it's a track meet this offense isn't equipped to win.
  23. Your 3 keys to winning tomorrow

    You need guys who are going to be physical with him all day long, he'll give up if he starts getting beat up, I've seen it. He's a crybaby.