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  1. I always believed he would become the best QB in football. In my opinion he is. He has those extra dimensions the other guys can't duplicate. Lots of QBs can run but can they run power? Can they juke and break ankles? Can they jump over the pile? Can they truck LBs and CBs? His combination of size, force, speed, agility, great downfield accuracy, leadership by example, etc. etc. My problem with the NFL is I feel that for years they intentionally sanctioned the stereotypical QB and what they should and shouldn't DO or BE on the field. Cam was the threat that had to be dealt with sanctioned blatantly "illegal" head shots, a free for all that continued into the SB.
  2. Locally, the Hornets need to do the same.Cable is quickly becoming a dinasour. I cut the cord years ago. Pretty much everything you want to watch can be streamed these days. I watch the Panthers here in Charlotte on our local Fox affiliate. I'd love to be able to flip on WJZY and watch the Hornets like we used to.
  3. Andy Benoit Ranks Free Agents

    You don't know you've got a Star till he's gone.
  4. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Lol. If he thought the Charlotte media was hard on him, watch this! I wish him the best. He did the best HE could. New system, new challenges going forward in a very demanding market.
  5. 22yrs and counting. Not 50yrs but still NOT good. JR never made good on his promise.
  6. Ron Rivera the new Belichick

    Fox complained about not being able to shop for the groceries under Hurney. I'm sure Gettleman had most of the say in draft priorities the last couple years. Ron gets his well deserved chance to pick his team. He's done well despite all the shenanigans with the GM and FO. Let us not forget that Ron publicly took up for GH and along with TD wanted to give him another chance. People have their opinions but a Panthers team with Greg Hardy on this line and Smitty riding out a Panther may just of had a ring or two by now. Those weren't Ron's decisions
  7. A fine mess

    The bright side is that the coaches get the opportunity to shop for their own groceries and Norv will be in the building to help.
  8. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    Ron is a very good coach. There’s no shame in losing to Sean Payton 3 times when you know you can beat Brady and Belichick consistently. I like a Patriots vs Panthers SB. It would be epic and I like our chances. Both teams have been there and have veterans who know how to get there. Too bad we couldn’t make it out of our division this year because this would have been a great matchup. The NFCS is a tough room. These teams built themselves up to beat US.
  9. The Panther coaching tree is growing fast.
  10. well this is not cool

    Taunting Ron. It’s obvious.
  11. Addison IS the reason he got 10+ this year. Hall is a good player coming back. IF Hurney can keep what we had intact we’re good. Pep coming back helps that. The DE’s are good to go barring injury of course. The DE’s got 20+ sacks last season
  12. Yeah, this was best case scenario for Cam’s career. He IS a Air Coryell QB and Turner is Obi Wan. This is going to be a serious problem for the NFC with Norv behind Cam. He’s still got his cannon after surgery, again, a best case scenario because we all remember “Tommy Joan”. This will be fun!
  13. Our front four are fearsome AGAIN we need to ride this wave for as long as Pep wants to go. This was like getting Smitty back. I’m so glad for him, he really seems happy.
  14. Years ago I made a thread on this here site asking if Pep could come home. Never thought it would happen when he signed with GB but he did. So glad, and I knew he’d be a 10 sack guy at DE again especially with KK and Star.
  15. After the 49ers playoff (coronation) at BofA a couple years back I don’t see how one couldn’t agree with OP. It was in your face blatant as in “we’re not letting the Panthers spoil our Seattle vs 49ers storyline”. They made a commercial predicting that outcome and were running it that entire season. That game was BS
  16. LOL. You’ve got to enjoy the game within the game. Only losers cry about this stuff. I actually love my QB living in Cam Jordan’s head the way Payton must have a residence in Rivera’s head. It’s gamesmanship. Nice gifs though. I’m enjoying
  17. Wilks as a Head Coach?

    We had two DE’s get 10+ sacks! How the heck is that “not getting pressure”? If anything THIS year we got great pressure from the front four. Brees burned us with a quick count to neutralize the wicked pass rush we had. Pep is not Jared Allen. Pep could play 2 more years. The secondary and linebackers were getting burned in coverage.
  18. We could use some creative minds to make a sliding dome over BofA stadium. The problem is that people with big pockets and egos will want to piss on anything they buy even if it’s not necessary. Moving the stadium is the biggest on non-necessities. Hope the new ownership is more creative than the Sabates group.
  19. Shula, Offense, Risk

    They’re going to need use every trick in the book. Those that remember know Shula had Chuds playbook after he left, the blueprint of the Cam offense. He’ll need to open that mf’er and fumblerooski if he has to.
  20. Do I have to much faith in Cam?

    He’ll be much better Sunday. The offense will once again be under pressure to score to stay ahead or keep up (preferably ahead). He will need to hit a deep threat early and often to back them up off the line and allow the run game to breathe. Funch has to step up big time. The greatest amount of pressure THIS game will be on the defense to constantly make adjustments and hide coverages and throw in wrinkles to keep Sean Payton and Brees off balance. They must hit Brees, not just move him, hit him. If not he will stay in his zone and pick you apart. Their running backs are a problem and will have to be contained. None of that will be easy. My focus going forward will be on defense. Cam will be fine though. I’m expecting MVP Cam this game.
  21. Do I have to much faith in Cam?

    Cam didn’t perform well and as THE captain of the offense he has to take responsibility. I’m the biggest Cam Newton fan there could be. I just see a weakness and I pointed it out. New Orleans is in trouble
  22. Do I have to much faith in Cam?

    Cam started 0-8. I may be wrong but I feel that he thinks it’s a homecoming game on the schedule. I came to that conclusion by the warm up apparel. Personally I don’t know the feeling of having to play against the Bears or the Panthers. As a fan I’d prefer the Steve Smith approach, “blood and guts!”
  23. Do I have to much faith in Cam?

    Does yesterday prove my point? IN Atlanta playing the Falcants he has lacked focus. He doesn’t play well in Atlanta and it’s something I’ve been watching a couple seasons.
  24. I don’t have a problem bringing back guys who have produced. It’s a business, not your ex-girlfriend.