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  1. So you're coming to Chicago

    My home town. Making a superb deep dish down here in CLT so I don't miss it as much just miss the fam. Wrigley field is a MUST. Lived not to far from there as a kid. Went to many Cubs games back then. As with many Cubs fans, I couldn't care less about the Sox or their 3A team here in Charlotte. Go Cubs! Bears are the big brother, Panthers, the team whose birth I witnessed, little brother. Little brother has what it takes to make a deep run so....
  2. Matt Kalil

    It's Ryan looking "fluffy" right now. Unless he's injured he needs to get on the field. Throwing Matt away after less than a year with Matsko is a mistake. Shula is confusing everybody, opposing defenses and our offensive lineman alike.
  3. What Eagles Fans Are Saying...

    It feels like a CMC kinda game tonight no?!? Gonna go ham hock and green bean sandwich on them dudes
  4. What Eagles Fans Are Saying...

    The homer in him says Eagles win but his body language and hesitation says he fears what the outcome may be. He should. He forgot KK, Peppers, TD etc.. This defense may be the best the Panthers have ever fielded. He didn't forget Star with his ham hock and green bean sandwiches or big Luke lol. They are worrying about Cam when it's the defense they should be worried about. That's what happened to Detroit.
  5. Cam Newton in the last 2 games

    Our D line is feasting. They just may be an all time group.
  6. Cam Newton in the last 2 games

    Cam shut em' up today. They've seen this Cam before and it's not good for the rest of the NFC.
  7. In my eyes, the best Panther ever. He had unfinished business here at home and came back with a vengeance. I had #89 on top but he hung it up too early IMO and left much business unfinished. Smitty needed only a year or two before he would have passed some big names on the all time lists. TD even reached out. Smart move by Pep. This is the best line he's ever played with. KK and Star are beasts!
  8. Stafford is a damn good QB. His arm is a problem and his legs are a problem. Him and Tate are so much fun to watch. TOP will be a big deal in this game. If you're going to beat these guys, put up points and get ahead.
  9. Been internet lobbying for years on this one. Glad to have the big guy back.
  10. He played his game. Those designed runs get him going. He always passes better after he runs . After he settles down he's hard to stop. Thanks for listening to teh huddle Shula. You got out of Cams way and now you're brilliant for doing so. On to next week
  11. Funchess

    Told ya this guy had some #87 in him. You see the toughness? The fluidity?
  12. That's his target. Gamesmanship 101. He'll gameplan to try and keep plays away from him or focus blocking on Luke.
  13. Well then, keep pounding?!?
  14. Could be a bit of gamesmanship, a tip if the cap to Bill perhaps.
  15. Shula still hasn't figured out its CMC who may be the next Smitty. He has the same skill set. Smh.
  16. You can't beat them by being them. Totally be yourself. Run Cam, Run CMC, Run Stew, Run Fozzy, Run Samuel. This team MUST run or it won't work. Let those big boys up front get some. Those guys would rather push than protect all day. Run based offense. Let Cam beat em deep. I'd make CMC play WR, I'd let Armah get some and RUN! Shula can't complain about weapons but we all have serious complaints with how he fails to play to strength. Deception is just what it is, fake. Pounding is real.
  17. Teh huddle already knew this but somebody needs to help Shula figure it out...bless his heart.
  18. This should be a run based offense. Michael Vick helped ATL be the best running team in the NFL at the time. I dare say this team has better personell than that Atlanta team. Cam Newton coming out was a bigger better version of the "running" QB that Vick was. Bigger guy bigger arm, speed and FORCE. If he got to the second level he was a mismatch running over CBs and safeties. They are trying to turn a hammer into a nail. They are driving a Ferrari in the slow lane behind the minivans. They haven't used this QB correctly since Chud left. Chud had balls and was super creative. What if....what if smh, the body of work speaks for itself, this is not the OC for Cam Newton if not the whole offense. It's time but the timing is horrible because this is as close to a contender on paper that Carolina has had and Pep and Cap even came back for this team, this opportunity. smh, and Shula sees improvement? Please remove head from inside thy anus. Get your sh*t together. Sean Payton humiliated you and your offense. Where is your pride?
  19. Don't know how good my lip reading is but I thought he told Cam to "shut up!"
  20. Last years "not fun anymore" remark in the convo w/Goodell and obvious body language. The refs obviously turning on him.
  21. Strategy would dictate that. Force this line and everybody else to block for him and it's a mismatch. Due to the shoulder I can understand not running QB Power but designed runs to get first downs should be heavily featured. Cam is an above average runner, he sees the field well and great awareness of when to get down or slide. He controls the game from that format but, again, he's being reformatted for some reason. It's stupid.
  22. What's broken is his spirit. HIS game, because he dominated, became the target of the NFL. They WANT him to stand in the pocket and play his position instead of breaking off 30yrds while trucking safeties. He threatened the FABRIC of the QB position and had to be "fixed" in the eyes of the league. Players couldn't stop HIS game so refs came up with their own solution to the "problem". Free shots to the head anyone? Oooh shot to the head "strip sack" they win. They wonder why ratings are down? Nobody wants to watch Cam Newton as Cool Hand Luke.
  23. I've only seen one or two times Cam was abused while running. The majority of the shots I've seen him take are in the pocket. Speaking of body and mind, this OC will get him killed making him stay instead of taking advantage when he sees a running lane. We make good points here on the huddle and they often receive a "response" like this one in the OP, my response is: It's your fault for not doing what your personell does best. You guys and the NFL want to change Cam Newton when it was Cam Newton that should have changed you. Idiots.
  24. The Mike Shula Statistical Anomaly

    If Chud was still here just imagine the creativity we'd have witnessed with Cam. Who in the NFL would attempt a fumblerooski? Our QB's rookie season and seasons thereafter were HOF calibre. They didn't have the line they have NOW. smh Shula, smh
  25. The Mike Shula Statistical Anomaly

    He'd better let Cam be Cam. He's got a Ferrari and he's getting beat by minivans. 2015 Cam was the focus of the offense. When Cam is a threat (getting yards, being Cam, mixing Cam runs with Cam passes) they are the best team in the NFL. When they don't know what Cam will do next he dangerous. How do you F'n muzzle your Rottweiler? They know you told him not to run. Unless he's injured I don't see why you can't let Cam be Cam. When you hold back in football, that's when you get hurt. Be the hammer! Sean Payton loves humiliating this coaching staff every time he gets the chance. He's playing chess with checker players. When our coaches continue to be stagnant and too conservative he plans for it and gives them the thrashing they deserve. If Sean Payton had the weapons Rivera had he'd thump the NFC yearly. Him with Cam would be dangerous. Where the F' is Riverboat? That guy would go down swinging. That guy was unpredictable.