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    Rivera Respect

    Riverboat Ron is borderline great. After years of predictable no alter ego John Fox I can appreciate this coach.
  2. Spectacular catch but if you fought for and won more yards after that catch you maximize your QBs performance even if your name is Jake Delhomme.
  3. Nothing Chud did was new not even the fumblerooski, but he was a better OC for Cam than Shula statwise. We didn't have THIS defense back then.
  4. I liked Funchess as a player more because he has a YAC mentality. Yeah, your tall and jump up for contested catches but as a WR, what's up AFTER the catch. You got my QB tied up with the idea of forcing you the ball for what?! We may be spoiled from having Smitty but guys like him and Moose we're all about YAC. That is your game if your not the biggest or fastest. I preferred Funchess in THAT mold anyways.
  5. rippadonn

    we deserve a break with Daeshon.

    They couldn't score on us until they got help, a lot of help. I was foaming at the mouth in the first quarter when I saw the fix was in. The players knew it. NOBODY was going to stop the 49ers road to Seattle, a team we were equipped to beat that year and the 49ers were not. That and the Cam no calls have really made me step back emotionally from NFL football.
  6. rippadonn

    If our offence played our defence tomorrow...

    Norv with Cam vs Ron/Washington. I haven't seen Cam with Norv calling plays yet but I haven't seen Norv with a QB like Cam. I'm expecting some Chud like play calling since Norv was his Obi. Ron's defense is always among the best. Washington takes over the play call in Ron's system. This is a very complex and multi layered question. All I can say for sure is it'd be fun to watch.
  7. rippadonn

    we deserve a break with Daeshon.

    The refs weren't having that. Back then I said the officials flew in on the SF charter plane. Total screw job.
  8. rippadonn

    Surprise Rookie Impact Potential

    I'll go with Moore and Jackson. They'll get the most opportunity. I think they'll both be OK, which for a rookie would be great.
  9. I've gotta see the guy on the field with NFL talent but if he can break tackles like he consistently did at Maryland he will be special. Cam can run but how he breaks tackles is what makes him a special runner, same thing with Smitty.
  10. I remember Tolbert recovering one of those fumbles that saved the play so I don't get the no fumble stat.
  11. What? Were you watching the game games? Saying he didn't fumble is the myth. That's what had him on the bench, ball security, nothing else. STOP. REVISIONIST. HISTORY. TO. FIT. YOUR. NARRATIVE. I like him as a player, but when you're not a first rounder you get less chances to f'up. That's the sad truth in the NFL. He needs to know that. He's a good RB though.
  12. He's done some good things but when a 5th rounder fumbles in key situations he benches himself.
  13. Some of us knew they'd draft well. Some of us knew it'd be WR,DB,DB. These rookies will help especially DJ. Some of us know just how important YAC are for NFL receivers because everyone is fast. I'm satisfied for now. Can't wait to see what the rooks can do
  14. Agree. He's heard the critics, spent time watching. Got the chance of his lifetime to GM the team he loves for one last run. I think he'll kill it. Don't understand the naysay as he is first round money and has drafted HOF'ers
  15. Yup, it's a WR for Norv and a trade up for a CB.
  16. rippadonn

    I smell a trade happening...

    He'll do great. I don't see how a guy like Norv comes in and you don't give him a pick. Your likely to see offense with the 24th pick. The 2 3rd's are likely to be packaged for a move up to give the defense a 2nd rounder. They are obviously in win now mode so more picks(rookies) aren't what they want. Impact players are what they want out of this draft because this may be the last time these guys work together.
  17. No blame, I'm with him on this one.
  18. rippadonn

    Going to WAR?

    This is a prize winning and very respected journalist who has been on the ground in the area.
  19. rippadonn

    Going to WAR?

    Lol. These people in government either know something or they're kooky conspiracy theorists. Am I right?!? They must being talking to E-Cat lol. Am I right?! Smh
  20. I can't understand. I don't speak soccer. Soccer that is. Soccer
  21. rippadonn

    Going to WAR?

    Destabilization of those countries was/is a plan, General Wesley Clark said so, but it doesn't benefit the American people, yet the US Treasury funds all of it. Why?
  22. rippadonn

    Going to WAR?

    Sounds a lot like 9-11 theory. Almost exactly. Hmmmmmm. Stupid enough to run the same play?
  23. rippadonn

    Going to WAR?

    You said minorities, not women or gays. That's a different story, sexual in nature. We can go there but that wasn't your point.