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  1. City Council maybe Mayor of Charlotte, TD has invested soooo much in this community the political capital he's amassed he could easily run and win. Great Leader
  2. You've got to be a horrible team to finally get a chance at your own Cam Newton. McDermott knows this and so does Brandon Bean. Buffalo needs patience.
  3. You guys forgot that Blaine Gabbert was the better QB in that draft and the Panthers would regret not picking him.
  4. rippadonn

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    If he's playing better than the vets, well, guess what? The vets looked terrible and are benching themselves. We are in serious need of a playmaker at the position rookie or not.
  5. rippadonn

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    This one's definitely on the Tepp, to me it's an opportunity like none other especially him being a former Steeler. Of course certain names would be off limits including the youngster I'd pair him up with. Nasty.
  6. rippadonn

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    We need to look into the possibility just to keep him out of NO, TB or ATL. That would be a nightmare. Having Cam as bait really helps. Wanna be a big boy? Make big boy moves. Patriots already beat everybody to Gordon.
  7. Those early drops got them. Cam got the ball there, often through defenders. The sacks were coverage sacks. .
  8. Should be a starter on this team. Period.
  9. His job is easier with TD. They'll need to draft another elite LB.
  10. Luke was the only playmaker at LB and they exploited that and they know Poe like nobody else. Haven't looked back at it yet but, yeah, familiarity.
  11. No pass here, I like the QB but ATL never gets that laser like precision he cuts NE with. I've noticed. The broadcast finally picked up on that.
  12. Yeah, wearing his emotions. The way the receivers we're playing they're lucky he didn't retire at halftime.
  13. I do see how a coach preferring veterans can bite him in the ars especially when you've got some good young talent pushing those vets. I don't think Ron has traditionally been the problem, it's been the FO and GMs moreso. Ron has been part of the solution. Our defense is always among the top and there are coaches in the league who would have passed on Cam Newton. He lost Chud, settled for Shula and finally let go off Shula and nabbed the Obi Wan Chudfather. Injuries are really F'n with us at the moment but I'd say these are the most optimal conditions Ron has had GM and FO wise to date. He's been a good coach. Players love him. Having the right owner and GM may make him a great coach. I like this staff we have now. Wish this was the SB staff in 15
  14. Yesterday wasn't on Cam. The receivers, veterans, played poorly in the first half. They miss TD. Luke was trying to cover everything himself, he was overcompensating for bad LB play, even missed crucial tackles. They exploited the LBs all day. Not naming names but if they're elite players they'd have the ability to have Luke's back yesterday. #26 had his back though, the rookie. Poor effort, lack of focus, poor awareness.
  15. rippadonn

    Moore DJ please

    Moore should start from everything I've seen. Let him beast, he's an elite talent, a known commodity. Him and Jackson should start. Ballers!
  16. rippadonn

    Moore DJ please

    1st round talent should see the field ASAP. Veterans should soon turn into mentors and contract year guys should be afraid. Too many drops to start the game by #17,#11 and #13.
  17. rippadonn

    TD is missed and will be missed.

    TD is on Luke's level. No other LB on this team is. I don't see it.
  18. rippadonn

    TD is missed and will be missed.

    I told em' dog, they ain't listening.
  19. rippadonn

    Playoff caliber offense?

    Offense looks better as a whole.
  20. rippadonn

    Official Fug the Falcons Thread

    When it comes to us, even if their roster is in shambles they're gonna play tough regardless. It's always personal.
  21. rippadonn

    Darryl Williams to undergo surgery

    That was totally on purpose in regards to the player "falling" into Williams knee. He fell beside Williams knee at first, saw where he was and launched himself into the knee. He should be fined for such obvious targeting. They should have "chump" proofed that knee better.
  22. I think I remember Hurney saying "he looks the part", yeah, but that's it. Still a backup in a starters body
  23. rippadonn

    Pass Rush

    TD, Pep, Cam and Luke at 85-90% are better than most guys in the league. They've all got the numbers to back it up. Get rid of the old guys that don't produce. Luke is watching how the FO treats TD for sure.