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    Uber/Lyft on game days

    My friend and I usually drink at a hotel beforehand and catch an Uber. We have to get out and walk a couple blocks but it’s not bad. We usually walk to the Epicenter after and drink more, then take an Uber back to the hotel from there. Haven’t driven once because we’re always intoxicated. It works if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for the surge. We try to go to prime time games though so it could be different for afternoon games
  2. Is he just not good? Haven’t really followed him since he draft.
  3. Good. We’ve had terrible tackle play for so long, letting him go would be ridiculous
  4. PandaMan

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    I’m tipsy and maybe my memory fails me but Moore started that year but got injured. Clausen then started and sucked, I won’t argue that. He was terrible. But that whole year was a feverdream, we literally started Brian St. Pierre at QB at some point. Man, what a depressing year. I don’t think anyone gives clausen props for his play. More that he sucked, he knew he sucked, and he took getting benched with grace for the new guy to take over. Never heard one complaint out of the guy even though the franchise was a dumpster fire when he came in.
  5. PandaMan

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    Yeah, Jimmy sucked. But he took it in stride and the “too cocky” stuff that popped up before the draft didn’t really seem true. Maybe he was humbled by his time as starting QB on the worst team in the league. Anyways, I have no hate in my heart for the guy
  6. PandaMan

    we deserve a break with Daeshon.

    Greg Hardy (6), Josh Norman (5), Captain Munnerlyn (7)... then there's solid depth guys like AJ Klein (5), David Mayo (5), Geoff Schwartz (7), Gary Barnidge (5), Dante Rosario (5). Rounds 6 and 7 are definitely more of a crapshoot though
  7. We were. I’m drunk and fug this article
  8. PandaMan

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Get well soon, Gettlemagic. Thank you for getting us of cap hell!
  9. PandaMan

    Good vibes at practice

    They’d be right, can’t get in any fights during your contact sport practice simulating car crash-level collisions (not serious, hard to be sarcastic on text)
  10. PandaMan

    Good vibes at practice

    Yeah that’s my best guess too, dude’s got a mouth on him. Can’t wait to see the smile on Cam’s face
  11. Slightly got that vibe too, just the way he talked about it. But as long as he’s with Cam I think he’s in good hands. It did make me scared to think of his potential contract if Hurney’s still here, but he’s been frugal so far. We’ll see. He wants all that money
  12. PandaMan

    Good vibes at practice

    Good stuff. All we need is Cam to get in a fight with an upcoming CB and we’re Super Bowl bound!
  13. Did he say his roommate’s name was Terry Richardson? I think we know who took all of Devin’s money
  14. Wowww, definitely had not heard that. Became a football enthusiast around 2009 so I missed that. Very interesting. Thanks for knowing so much haha
  15. What've you heard about Fox? Just out of curiosity
  16. PandaMan

    Panthers OTAs Thread

    Can’t have neck injuries with no neck.
  17. PandaMan

    Curtis Samuel ....

    I’d be surprised if we cut any of Funchess, Byrd, Moore, Smith, Samuel, and/or Wright. I think we keep these 6 WRs (until someone gets hurt and Bersin is signed)
  18. PandaMan

    Marty impressed with new guard

    Can't wait for the upcoming statement that they're trying out Amini at DT. After moving Fua to OG nothing surprises me anymore
  19. If the backend of the D can hold up, we have the talent to go 12-4 and beyond. Having Norv instead of Shula has given me so much more hope. BELIEVE
  20. LOL I didn’t believe it either, he says he didn’t do it but apparently the room was trashed and covered in feces
  21. They dropped $16 million on Coleman already, hopefully they're kicking themselves for that one
  22. Yeah, Clausen sucked but that whole team sucked ass. When your most exciting aspect is 6th round rookie David Gettis there’s a problem. 508 yard legend
  23. Nice! Can’t wait for the Sione signing that’s soon to follow
  24. PandaMan

    Panthers signing Kenjon Barner

    He was alright with Philly. 3 fumbles on 16 carries last year though.. yikes. Hope that was an outlier
  25. The Real Deal? Is Matt Moore coming back?