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  1. Most exciting game in over a year?

    Bought tickets to this awhile ago with my best friend, who's an Eagles fan. REALLY hoping we get the W because I'll never live it down
  2. Did I hear Future in the background at BoA?
  3. Saturday. Division game thread.

    Wow, he looked like he was jogging but no one could tackle him. Good for him lol
  4. Saturday. Division game thread.

    Right before he has a wide open hole then trips on himself... good grief. At least he got back up
  5. Saturday. Division game thread.

    AZ defence can't get off the field on 3rd down
  6. Saturday. Division game thread.

    Peppers making plays from beyond the grave
  7. Cam cradled the ball like a baby... Cam is a father confirmed
  8. Nick Hayden is still in the league?
  9. Andrew Luck looked like he was about to cry
  10. More slow-mo cheerleaders please
  11. Holy fug what is happening
  12. LOL. Getting bailed out by the kicker
  13. Can it please start raining again?
  14. Ronde is seeing ghosts, thinks Colin Cole is on the field
  15. Lmao @ 58 pancaking Martin
  16. Third Leg cradles that ball like the bosom of his beautiful wife
  17. I'm drinking gin for #19. Hoping for a big game from him
  18. Got drunk on gins at night. Still drunk. Last year my birthday game was the Ravens game vs. SS89, poo was gross. Hated it. Hoping for a much better game this year. GO PANTHERS
  19. Why does this dude keep calling Funchess Ginn?
  20. Kalil & Norwell with the towels on their heads