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  1. First, idk why The Golden Calf of Bristol is still relevant to care about his personal life.  W/e, gotta respect him for his resilience. Makes me think what he did for fun during all those years at UF lol
  2. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Aside from Itsnotgonnabealright's post, the responses to this thread have thus far been underwhelming....
  3. don't give two sh*ts about 16-0. get a SB win, preferably over NE, and i'm ecstatic.
  4. Thank you again Carolina Panthers!

    did u use yao ming's name as slang for "u know what i mean"? L0L
  5. Feel bad for the Cowboys...   Same time, I don't. All that sh*t-talk from the national media, Cowboys fans, etc...*** em
  6. Odd game. Wanted to see Cam dominate, prove to world he's MVP caliber. Play-calling has me scratching my head today, not the cutthroat mentality we saw over the last few weeks. Their D is better than I expected, to be fair.
  7. Romo is single-handledly losing the game for them LOL
  8. I'm in Thailand. HELP

    When I was 15, and signed up for this site, I would never have expected to learn about opium-cut pancakes and trapping across international borders. Interesting.
  9. Dallas Tailgate - Bad News/Good News

    Interesting...I'll be home in Dallas for thxgiving. Beer wise, definitely Shiner and Austin has great local IPAs, idk about Dallas. Stadium is gorg though, you'll know what i mean
  10. Confidence

    isn't that a justin bieber song
  11. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    hahaha damn so long ago classic
  12. i am 22 and dont know wtf nané, dabs, hittin dem folk?
  13. Then There were 2

    Just saw your username and profile pic, lol best combo out there
  14. Undefeated Watch: Texans v Bengals

    Please, Car vs. NE Superbowl. Please.  Such a long time ago. Janet Jackson breasts popping out, remember that? Such a great game, so close.  
  15. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    they're just trashing cam over there...they'll see LOL