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  1. Peanut wants to play one more year

    Listened to that interview on SiriusXM, Peanut is a great guest and was having me chuckle in the car. Just solidified that he's a good guy, no matter whether he comes back or not.
  2. I need a new TV show to binge (any recommendations)

    FFS, Firefly.

    Later in the first, early second could see where the bread pudding goes due to its limited seasonal skillset. I've heard rumblings they are trying to package themselves with strawberry shortcake in order to form a more multiseasonal brandto move up but may not have the depth of flavor to do so.
  4. Weird job interview story

    Apple got started in a garage. But so do serial killers. I'd do some research into their funding. Doesn't look like they'd be in a VC database so that'd scare me away until it gets more support and momentum if this is going to be your primary gig.
  5. Ubuntu/Linux

    I have multiple flavors of Unix OSes running. At work, most of my time is on CentOS servers since my programs are Linux based due to the resources they need. I have a triple boot (via hot swaps) at home on my main workstation that runs BioLinux 8 (an Ubuntu flavor) for smaller processing tasks, CentOS on another, and Windows10 on the other for games and random browsing. Git/Github will be your friend.
  6. Star wars rogue one trailer

    I'm sitting in a genomics talk and can't stop watching this. nerd level is at a 13.
  7. Reasons I cant trust Pitbulls

    I tried to read the Poky Little Puppy to my son and he threw it at me and said "read me Little Blue Truck, bitch." My wife must be reading him Andrew Dice Clay's autobiography again.
  8. MLB legend trashes Cam Newton

    Yep, apparently his first rant wasn't enough to show he's wanting all of these newfangled kids, their highfalootin' ideas about stats, and the pussification of baseball to go away and wouldhave never happened in the late 70s and early 80s when men where men and Luis Tiant, Reggie Jackson, and Fernando Valenzuela were all figments of our imaginations.
  9. British Drivers

    Take home lessons: Next time you're in the UK, avoid any roads near an ALDI or any blue service van.
  10. 3/14 Happy International Pi Day !

    This thread is wholly irrational.
  11. Captain America: Civil War

    I'm playing tummysticks with myself. Don't judge me.
  12. CMS to rezone schools

    No poo, Sherlock. That's why we were waiting for this to come out so we can be sure we build in the right part of Davidson. :)
  13. Cam Newton "Forever I love Atlanta

    [email protected] is 1337.
  14. Official Huddle 2016 Cargo Short Pledge

    Endorsed. I even wear them to bed. Never know when we need to have an emergency trip to Lowe's and my wife and kids need me to carry keys, wallets, phones, chap stick, hair bands, or action figures.