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  1. Let me count the ways...

    To sleep, perchance to dream...
  2. My bad.....eight..nine... Hol up.. One two three four.....good corners.. After the other guys....greatest thread ever ..kick yourself in the fanny..
  3. So you just jump straight to being gay? You could date older women.... Maybe cooking isn't the rub..
  4. Pretty much.. Michelle Beadle (goat) learned this lesson. I doubt they sacrifice any name in place of theirs.. Equivalent of UFC... Doesn't mean they both won't meet their match.. So far though, still get to battle it out...
  5. NFL Scout page has us taking

    Am I missing something? Entirely possible....
  6. DeAngelo Williams Tweets he loves dude sex

    I mean... Still enjoying DWill tweets isn't that big of a deal.. (unless DWill is a fan of that big of a deal.. Haah... However, ain't nobody in the wrong for continuing to call DWill out when all he has done is act a fool.. Maybe it would be (slightly) different if his own coach hasn't had to call him out.. I mean, no coach has ever called his own player out on twitter... Or have they? (I don't know)
  7. That show has grown on me. I find them entertaining. You just can't let your opinions fuel your contempt. Few will understand that though. I get it.
  8. I imagine Andrew Norwell is going to get paid

    Saw Norwell at Burger Co on Sunday.. He eats his french fries with ketchup. Just so you know...
  9. Josh's response to the AP

    He may not actually be gone..
  10. CJ mentioned this in his CharlotteVibe interview... I don't think people realize he's just a humble guy and doesn't want to be called big money. No need to over think it. He's never liked the name.
  11. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    I don't know if that's true either... Hah
  12. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    Imagine if the mob was thriving today... Would have been great to get play by play updates back in those days.. News has never spread as virally and widespread as it does today...
  13. Anyone just see DeAngelo Williams on SC?

    Caught the tail end of him on Dan Le Batard and he said DWill was confrontational, but loved it, even though he didn't really see why DWill was so contentious..