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  1. overachieving, sad sack of a head coach. couldn't manage the clock or a timeout if his life depended on it
  2. Gano I fuging love you

    gano hitting a clutch kick to beat the patriots .... in their house..... OH MY GOD HELL HAS FROZEN I LOVE YOU ALL
  3. What about stewart getting stuffed on back to back goalline carries... No thread for that?
  4. Go back and watch the tape... What do u want him to do with those carries? If theres anyhing to be concerned about besides shula, its the blocking. Its not like stewart is running buck wild either... And he might be the best yards after contact back in the league
  5. Way to early... We just need to use him more. Especially in the passing game. He can get open in his sleep on those option routes. Shoulda had a td last week.... He ll be fine
  6. No excuses.

    Oh theres an excuse and his name is shula
  7. Losing gettleman beane and wilkes within a calender year ,while being stuck with hurney rivera and shula...let that sink in.
  8. Star because the front 7 is holding this team together.... Dont fug with that
  9. Do you trust...

    hahahaha... have you been watching the past six years?
  10. Well?

    what, no jason street? he was gonna be better than roger staubach and troy aikman and peyton manning
  11. that might seem like a good move... but you have to consider the fluidity of the process
  12. Besides, we all know they are gonna spy cam and bracket olsen
  13. Lose to the 49ers? Does not compute
  14. Kb . But its refreshing to actually be excited about our wr depth guys for a change instead of oh god bersin and cotchery are out there.
  15. its ok guys its a fluid process