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  1. Turkey Day Massacre in Dallas

    I'm proud of my fellow panther fans for traveling well and showing up in Dallas,especially after hearing a loud LUUUUKKKKEEE from my tv!For you guys that made it there,what is your estimated count of Panther fans that showed up,I saw many Panther jerseys sprinkled in w/the crowd?
  2. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Romo is a good QB but he faced a monster D that took 2 of his passes in for Panther TDs and he got rolled over on to the turf,it wasn't his day and the Cowboys will be watching the playoffs from their couches!
  3. Keep it classy Titan's fans.

    Not sure,a lot of Falcon fans are pieces of sh#t!
  4. Keep it classy Titan's fans.

    Not real country but that radio friendly garbage!
  5. So I'm in Nashville

    Pics or it didn't happen!
  6. Scalpers

    I get tickets from scalpers 95% of the time,so far no problems but since the Panthers are blowing up I'm hoping that doesn't change!
  7. Biggest reason we need this win?

    Because of lovely boobs!