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  1. I just know that I want a guy with an eye for talent. It's great to listen to your scouts and use them as a resource, but I want a GM that can identify talent in his own right. I believe that greatly improves a team's ability to consistently bring in quality players. Kreidler might be good, but has he ever negotiated contracts? If not, then he might be best paired with an experienced negotiator (doubt we'd be able to pry Khan away with anything less than the full GM gig). We still have Rob Rogers, right? Him paired with Kreidler might be a good fit. I really do like the idea of bringing in someone with a Steelers pedigree. They've seen how a well-run organization operates, and would likely bring a similar vision with them.
  2. Franchise Tag period opens

    Totally get this feeling, and I've had similar thoughts. It would be nice to have a kicker on a rookie contract rather than an expensive veteran deal. However, while it's easy to complain now that Butker has had a great season, the truth is that he was very inconsistent in training camp...far more so than Gano. And he only had two kicking opportunities (I believe) in preseason games, which were not overly long. So, he really didn't show any signs that we should expect this kind of season from him. To keep him over Gano would have been hoping that he could become more consistent. Could you imaging this fan base if we had kept Butker instead and he continued to be as inconsistent as he was in camp while Gano had the season he just had? It would have gotten real ugly real quick.
  3. Agree. I also don't think he would be running the day to day operations (after all, he does have a day job). Rather, he would bring in a corporate ace to get the business things running the way he wants. So, this good ole boy system that has been permeating the organization since it's inception would likely go away. I think he would also bring in high level football people to run that side of things since I don't see him as the type of hands-on owner JR was. So he would want people with a clear and focused vision for the team rather than a bunch of yes men whose job it is to do his bidding.
  4. That's what I'm thinking. Technically, JR can sell to whomever he wants, but the reality is that he needs the league to approve that sale. So, if the owners really want a particular guy to be the new owner, then it will most likely happen. I actually wonder if the "fix" has been in on this whole process. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but if he truly has been groomed, then there is a likelihood that the league was planning on sliding him into the next ownership opportunity that came along. And the fact that it is one with as many pieces in place as the Panthers have is probably icing on the cake for him.
  5. The statement "it has to be mutually beneficial for your partner to do a good deal" stood out to me. Seems to be a no nonsense type of businessman, but understands the need for compromise and both sides feeling like they got a win for a deal to work. It could have huge ramifications in the upcoming CBA negotiations.
  6. Would probably be more aggressive in approach and urgency to win than we are used to. Doesn't strike me as the type to let sentimentality handcuff his goals.
  7. Predicting the Tag

    While you're focusing on the financial implications of releasing Kalil, the much bigger issue with cutting him is in the locker room. And I don't mean what we would lose in leadership (which would be huge in itself). Cutting Kalil would cost the team a lot of goodwill with their veteran players, and would make them question their trust and loyalty to the team. Dumping a team leader and one of the guys with the biggest influence on the team after he announces his plans to retire after next season would not go over well at all. Most within that locker room believe Kalil has earned the right to go out on his terms. And when healthy, he is still our best center by a large margin. And since he finished the season relatively healthy, there's reason to think he should be fine for one more year...especially after having an offseason to get in shape and ready, which he didn't have last offseason. The thing is, it's easy for us fans to think about things in an impersonal way, but the organization has to consider how each move will affect the team on the field, but off as well. And this is not a Smitty, or even DeAngelo, situation. Kalil is well liked and highly respected by pretty much everyone. So him being cut, denying him his farewell tour, would be an extremely hard pill for most of the players to swallow.
  8. A little ownership news

    Because the Titans are only selling 1/3 of the team. They’re just looking for a minority investor to purchase .33 of the team. Nobody’s going to pay 600 million and have no say in how things are run or decisions that are made.
  9. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    That's why I wouldn't absolve Shula for his part. However, you can't deny that players did not execute the same as they had all year. There were many opportunities for the team to make plays, but players dropped passes, fumbled the ball, missed open receivers, etc. So while Shula was a part of the problem, he most certainly wasn't the reason. And quite honestly, I believe we had the talent to beat the Broncos whether they knew what was coming or not. We just had too many guys make uncharacteristic mistakes.
  10. Potential Steal Alert

    My guess is he'll run between a 4.45-4.5. I think he's faster than some think.
  11. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    I'll be honest, I don't think it mattered that much. IMO, we had the talent to beat them regardless, but it was more self-inflicted mistakes and lack of execution that cost us the SB. That's not to absolve Shula, if he would have instilled some new wrinkles it would have gone a long way into catching Denver unprepared at times. But the truth is that by the time the SB rolls around, most teams have shown everything they have. Sure, there might be a trick play or new formation here or there, but for the most part, they are what they are. IMO, the biggest issue wasn't that we didn't change things up from what we had done all season, it's that we didn't adjust to Remmers not being able to handle Miller. Remmers needed help, but never really got it. And to me, that's what really hurt our offense the most.
  12. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    It's silly to think Gettleman didn't have any say in this hire. No matter what Shurmur wanted to do at OC, basic logic should tell you that he at least consulted with Gettleman to get his thoughts on Shula and if he would be a good fit (any competent leader will utilize every resource at their disposal before making such an important hire). And if Gman thought he was as incompetent as most of the Huddle does, he most definitely would have stepped in and had a conversation with Shurmur about why he shouldn't hire Shula. But ultimately, it was Shurmur's call. He made the final decision, and he will live with the consequences...either good or bad. But like in most cases, decisions like these are more collaborative efforts with the coach having final say rather than the decision being made in a vacuum without any management input. So, the truth of the matter is that both sides in this argument are partially correct. There really isn't any reason for so many people to get so up in arms.
  13. Like it or not, that's what happened. If you remember when he was signed, they said he was brought in mostly for his ST prowess and to compete for time at WR. Sure, they expected better play at WR than they got from him, but he wasn't expected to be anything more than a #4 receiver at best. We already had KB and Funchess at #1 & 2, and they clearly planned to upgrade #3 since they took one with their 2nd round pick and a receiving back at #8. I don't think anyone honestly thought he would be anything more than serviceable. So, my point is that his primary role here was always ST, with receiver being the icing. It was never planned that his main focus would be at WR. So, those that are evaluating him solely at WR didn't fully understand the plan for him. You have to look at his complete game. Now, if you want to say that his overall game isn't worth his contract, then that is a more legitimate reason for wanting him cut instead of it being because of mistakenly thinking he was always meant to be a WR first and ST ace second.
  14. There is absolutely no way Kalil is cut! Fans my want him gone for the savings, but you don’t just unceremoniously kick a team leader to the curb like that after he stated this will be his farewell tour. That’s a quick way to lose the locker room and lose any trust and goodwill management has with the players. He also seems to be making the same mistake many on the huddle do, and that’s thinking of Shepard as primarily a wide receiver. That’s not the case. He was signed to that contract for his special teams ability...he was only going to get the chance to get on the field as a wide receiver. Really, he wasn’t brought in as anything more than another Bersin, basically a #4/5 receiver at best. He pretty much only played as much as he did because of injury, not because it was the plan .