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  1. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    Depends. I haven't heard what the injury is yet. If it's just a sprain, then he'll likely be back by the end of the year, so Buffalo could be off the hook. But if it's an ACL or some other season ending injury, then the Bills are screwed.
  2. The Last Jedi

    The lead actors are weak. I liked it ok, but I think if they had cast it with better actors who actually had a presence I would have enjoyed it more. For example, in TFA, Daisy Ridley's performance of Rey just exuded inner strength and power and you could sense that she was someone to be reckoned with. The female lead in RO (I can't remember her name right now) just didn't project any of that. Same goes for the lead actor. I think both would have been ok in supporting roles, but I think they were miscast as the leads.
  3. Justice League

    Saw it yesterday. Had modest expectations after seeing the reviews saying it was just ok. However, we all loved it. As with DC in general, it's darker than Marvel, and you have to accept the silly plot devises that you find in every superhero movie. But it was very enjoyable. I'm kind if eh about Affleck's Batman. They probably need someone with a little more natural charisma to draw your interest than Affleck has. But other than him, I really liked the other heroes. Wonder Woman is the same WW we've all come to know and love. Could not have been casted any better. Aquaman was awesome. Jason Mamoa is perfect in the role. Snarky and fun, while still being a badass. I was a bit worried about Cyborg going in, but while he's not one of my favorite characters, he was fine and didn't do anything to take away from the movie. I also liked The Flash, but think he was a bit over the top in trying to be the comic relief. I hope they calm him down a bit in future movies. The villain was ok, but I felt the movie was more about getting the heroes together than him. To me, he felt like a plot devise rather than a focal point in the movie. I wouldn't put this up there with WW, but it's at least in the same game as that movie. Overall, it was still a very good and enjoyable movie. Oh, stay to the end, there are a couple of post credit scenes...the last of which is very important to future movies.
  4. Trading KB, the silver lining

    The option is not guaranteed (except for injury). So, Buffalo can rescind it if they choose. That said, I think it's more than likely they keep him through next year.
  5. Not really. I think it says more about our personnel at WR than anything. And for that, I think we can blame the three amigos: Rivera, Shula, and Gettleman (all three were certainly involved in the decision on how we were putting together our WR corps...although the fact we had the twin towers makes me suspect G-man had the most influence since he's the one with a proclivity for big men - and of course, he was the GM). I'm sure the staff has seen everything Rivera talked about all year, but the problem is how do you change it? Samuel was injured early and missed most of the time he needed to get up to speed, so started the season slowed by his hamstring and behind in his playbook. They were trying to get Byrd involved, but he broke his arm. So, right off the bat, our two main speed guys were not going to be ready to play key roles early. However, I'm assuming that the staff feels Samuel is ready and up to speed, or at least close enough to make a move when the chance presented itself. Without the trade, their only real option to get a speed guy in consistently was to sit either KB or Funchess, and quite honestly, neither would have gone well. Not to mention that it would destroy any future trade or comp value either would have (nobody's giving a player that was benched - especially one that has never been an all-pro - a massive paycheck or giving up a high pick for him). And since they clearly decided to go with Funchess, I can understand why they went ahead and pulled the trigger on KB...might as well get something while we can. I do think the Bills did them a big favor because as I stated, it would have very difficult to keep everyone happy while getting Samuel much more involved.
  6. This is my main issue. I felt that we could have gotten at least a 2nd, and maybe a late 1st if a team was desperate enough for a big possession receiver. However, I did worry how much effort we would get out of KB if he signed a big contract. His effort is inconsistent as it is, so what will it be when he gets a guaranteed 20-30 million? However, if the reports that his knee is a ticking time bomb are correct, then we might be lucky to get what we did.
  7. I think he's better than some give him credit for, but he's far from a finished product. I think he can be good now, but he can be very good and possibly great in a couple of years.
  8. But on draft day you wouldn't find a team unused to winning that is finding itself unexpectedly in a playoff chase, and a bit anxious (or desperate) to fix one of their top concerns for that push. It's a short-term approach, but one that a team that hasn't had any real success recently would be willing to do. And even if Beane knows that he'll probably only get a year or two out of KB, it's easy to see how he would believe it's worth a 3rd to get the team started in the right direction. Assuming the worry about the knee is legitimate, on draft day, KB's value would likely be significantly lower than a 3rd. Nobody's trading anything of real value for damaged goods at a time they feel they can still find longer-term solution using that pick themselves. This was a deal that had to be made at a time the other team was desperate to fix a problem, but when there were no realistic options available to them to do so.
  9. He would if he believed that bomb wasn't going to detonate for two years. He'd also do it if he felt giving up a 3rd for a big possession receiver that could help them in their playoff push is worth it. Remember, the Bills have not been this close to giving their fans a real reason to hope for a long time. So, Beane and McDermott may have felt it was worth the price in order to get their tenures going on the right foot...particularly if they truly felt that receiver was the kryptonite that could derail their season.
  10. U-G-L-Y

    Looks like Stewart's the one that missed the block. Kalil had no chance from the start, but Stewart just kind of flung out his arm and kept on going. I wondered if he thought it was a pass play or something. And nobody's making the defender miss in that situation.
  11. I was referencing the post of yours that I was originally responding to in which you talked about the offense and not having all the pieces to take CMC. I really wasn't aware of you're general opinions of the draft. I don't disagree that Hooker or Lattimore would have been good picks in general (although I was legitimately concerned with their injuries and lack of experience). I just think that McCaffrey was a much better long-term choice and believe he is a better player than either of them, regardless of injuries. But without solid coaching it won't matter. We agree that KC's offensive coaches are much better than ours, but I can't agree on the play calling point. I think it is huge. We have all the plays in our playbook to be scary good on offense (we've seen enough of it over the years, they just use the creative stuff VERY sporadically), but rather than pull out some of the more creative options, Shula insists on sticking to what he is comfortable with. Combine that with our inability to run block, and it's a recipe for an anemic run game. I don't think they ever expected Oher to play this year. I'm sure they hoped, but I don't think they believed it was very likely. And arguing about whether or not Kalil was a good signing is pointless. The team thought it was a good move. So from that perspective, as well as the fact that we expected R Kalil back 100%, along with our Guard tandem, it is clear the team thought the OL would be much better this year. While I can't argue with questioning their ability to evaluate the OL, I totally understand, given their belief in Kalil, why they thought they had the pieces in place to bring in a playmaker such as McCaffrey. Even if I didn't have complete faith in the move, I did hope that Kalil would turn it around here. Unfortunately , it hasn't turned out that way.
  12. But it's what he's had the most success with, so there is definitely merit to the thought. And he's certainly learned his lesson with The Golden Calf of Bristol. He thought he could teach The Golden Calf of Bristol to play QB, but soon found out that being a solid passer was not in The Golden Calf of Bristol's wheelhouse. I think he gets the benefit of a dual threat QB, but at his core, he wants a QB that can play with timing, anticipation, and accuracy (especially short-area accuracy). If he can run as well, then he'll be doing a jig. But unfortunately, Cam is not a precision passer, so I do think McDaniel would have reservations about him.
  13. Ok, now you're switching from offense to defense as the should-have-been pick. I'll play along. Defense wasn't our biggest need...especially when you consider that Bradberry and Worley played much better as the year went on. And whether or not you agreed, the team felt they addressed the key needs on defense, so they were able to take the biggest playmaker on the board, which happened to be McCaffrey. And based on the contract they gave Kalil, they felt they fixed the OL as well. But even so, both Lattimore and Hooker had legitimate injury questions heading into the draft that have played out in their rookie years to various degrees. IMO, neither would have done much to help us win more games this year. In fact, I'll go as far as saying that McCaffrey has and will help us win more than either of those players. I also didn't and don't think either have the potential that CMC does (not a knock on them, just that I believe CMC can be exceptional with a good OC). Yes, KC has a better OL, and they also have a legit deep threat in Hill that we don't. But that's not the issue. The real issue is that they have a better scheme and play calling than we do. I actually believe we have the parts to be a high end offense if used correctly. But Shula is not able to design a game plan that takes advantage of the players we have. A good coach is able to adjust his philosophy to fit the personnel, not force the personnel into his philosophy no matter how unsuited they are for it. McCaffrey shouldn't be penalized for Shula's shortcomings.
  14. Yeah, that Safety sure would have our offense humming right about now (the conversation was about offensive needs). And I already mentioned the TE. The problem is systematic at this point. I don't care if you like CMC or not, but a blind mule can see that they are severely misusing him as a power runner...or that the OL is completely incapable of opening up even the tiniest of holes.
  15. The problem with this is that there were no WR or OL available that were worth the 8th pick. Really, the only offensive option other than McCaffrey that would have been a reasonable pick in that spot was OJ Howard. While he would have been a fine pick, CMC gives us so much flexibility and playmaking ability that he was much more than a luxury pick. The problem isn't what he has done, but what they are trying to make him do. If there was a luxury pick, it was Samuel, whom I also feel will be a very good plyer once we get coaches in that know how to use him. Put McCaffrey on KC, and there wouldn't even be an inkling of a thought that he was a luxury...regardless of the circumstances.