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  1. Woodie added a post in a topic So...Cam and KB scored against their 1's?   

    No biggie, I just wanted to point out how easily our perception of our offense could have been completely different.  Cam's throws  were just an example, but it's something that I don't see being a problem as he gets into the flow of the season.  Nine time out of ten, those plays will be completed.  Here they weren't, so, IMO, our offense looked worse than it was.  
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  2. Woodie added a post in a topic So...Cam and KB scored against their 1's?   

    I believe the KB play was an overthrow either way, but yes he did fall down.  That doesn't change my point though.  A decent throw by Cam and if KB would have stayed on his feet (since there wasn't a Bill anywhere near to cause the slip), and the offense could have looked a lot different.  And nobody was near Cotchery.  Yes, there were several defenders in the area, but none were close enough to make a play on the ball.  Cam just missed him.
    My point is that while many look at the result and see horrible play, the reality is simple execution errors by players that will work out the kinks by regular season made them look worse than they were.
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  3. Woodie added a post in a topic About those 5 Things ...   

    Not sure where to put this point, so this looks as good as spot as anywhere.
    One problem with preseason is everyone gets all worked up about a series or two.  But just think about how many times in the regular season you see a team start fast and take a 10-14 point lead only to have their opponent adjust and come back and win.  It happens all the time.  There is ebb and flow in every game, but in preseason the 1st team isn't out there long enough to change an ebb to a flow.   They don't have time to adjust to and counter what the opponent is doing.  So reading too much into what we see is not only pointless, but sometimes not fair to the team or the players. 
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  4. Woodie added a post in a topic So...Cam and KB scored against their 1's?   

    I don't think the offense was dreadful on those first two drives.  Cam missed a couple of throws when he had a good pocket that would have completely changed the complexion of our offense's performance.  First, he missed a wide open KB, then an open Cotchery that would have each been first downs, and he also missed a TD to Brown.  Any one of those would have had a big effect on how we looked.  Of course, our run game was dreadful, but if Cam had hit a couple of those misses, I'm sure it would have opened up the defense a bit.  Just goes to show how impactful one or two plays can be.   

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  5. Woodie added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    1)  I agree with much of this list, but I think we will keep Fozzy and only 9 OL.  3 RB's would leave us too thin at the position, especially with Stewart's injury history.  
    2)  Byrd's and Ward's chances hinge on their play in preseason games.  If they both stand out and make plays throughout the preseason, then there is a chance Ward beats out Brockel and Byrd beats out Berson (or maybe Boykin if he wins the job instead).  But neither will make the team by looking great in practice but average or mediocre in the games.  Their practice play must translate to game play for either to have a chance.
    3)  On defense, there is no way they will only keep 5 LB's.  I think Trusnik will make the team.  And Mayo, IMO, will not be a casualty.  The coaches saw something in him, and are certainly willing to be patient as he adjusts.
    4)  I also don't see 6 CB's.   Maybe on a roster without so many quality players on the bubble, it might be possible, but on this team, I just don't see any way they keep that many.  I believe Byndom, White, and Heath are competing for 1 or maybe 2 spots.  One of them will be left out in the cold.
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  6. Woodie added a post in a topic How many more seasons do we have of "Gettlemania"   

    I think Gettleman will still be here for at least 2-3 more years.  That's about when I think the retirement talk will become a real consideration.  However, I fully expect more and more responsibilities to be slowly given to Beane as Gettleman gets closer to that point.  So, by the time he decides to hang it up, Beane will likely be the one actually running things with Gettleman acting as advisor.  I foresee a smooth transition that will be organic and seamless, and quite honestly, one that fans will hardly notice.
    Of course, if something happens to JR, it could throw a big monkey wrench into the plans.  After all, a new owner might want to bring in his own people and not be interested in keeping the old guard.  But barring something tragic happening, I do believe Beane will be the GM in just a few years.
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  7. Woodie added a post in a topic So how long before the NFL realizes Cam Newton is GREAT for the league   

    They already know.  Notice most league promos have a clip of Cam included.  He's just not highlighted yet, but that will come with wins.  Take away the wins, and nobody cares about Brady.  Same with the big up and coming young QB's everyone gets so riled up about.  If Wilson and Luck played exactly as they have, but their teams weren't winning, they wouldn't be highlighted either.  So, IMO, after this season, everyone will realize this is a team to take seriously and worthy of hype.  That's when the Cam train will pick up steam. 
    Just be prepared for the hate that will come with that.  The media has created the narrative of Cam being the villain, so when he is front and center and in your face, a lot of people will revile his basic existence...of course others will see the quality human being he is, but the haters tend to scream louder, so make sure your ready for the hate.
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  8. Woodie added a post in a topic Hornets Can't Escape Mediocrity   

    I don't get why anyone would even consider doing that trade.  Most, if not all, of those picks will be mid to late firsts.  And the NBA is not like the NFL where every 1st round pick is expected to be a key contributor.  To give it context, the top ten in the NBA would be equivalent to a 1st round pick in the NFL, 11-20 would be 2nd and 3rd rounders, and the rest of the first would be comparable to mid-late round picks.  2nd rounders in the NBA are UDFA's.  So really, trading #9 for all those 1st's would be the equivalent of trading a 1st for a mid 2nd, a 3rd, a 5th, and a 6th...simply not worth it. 
    The decision to take Frank over Winslow is a separate issue.  One that can be debated, but it still comes down to team evaluation and fit.  Like it or not, the team felt Frank was a better fit for this team than Winslow, and they also clearly felt he was worthy of being picked at #9.  Just because the talking heads felt Winslow was a top five talent doesn't mean every team did...particularly a team that already has a player with similar strengths and weaknesses.  The only way Winslow would have been a fit here was if the team was willing to trade MKG, which they clearly weren't.  So, the debate isn't whether or not we should have taken the deal, but whether or not Frank was the right choice.  
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  9. Woodie added a post in a topic 2 on 2 - Ealy and Alexander vs Amini and Chandler   

    Kugbila was a 4th rounder, and injuries never gave him a chance to show he belonged.  I'm not sure if he even participated in one complete practice. 
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  10. Woodie added a post in a topic Windows 10? Who has installed it?   

    I installed it, and it slowed my system down quite a bit.  I'm not tech savvy enough to know why, but since I installed it, it takes forever for pages to load that used to load in seconds.  I usually have to exit the internet to get moving again...that is until it starts slowing down again.  Also, it screwed up my favorites, and is not as convenient accessing them.
    So, I'm not a fan.  Generally, I can see how it is a big improvement from Windows 8, I just wish it didn't mess up some of the things that were working well.
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  11. Woodie added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    A lot will change once we get into he preseason games though.  Right now, most of the young guns are still learning the system, and many haven't really had an opportunity to stand out.  Once the games start, some of these guys will have an opportunity to show something (ex. Wegher and/or Ward can earn more reps with the big boys with impressive showings against real opponents).  Also, as they get more comfortable with the system, some will begin making more plays and earn promotions. 
    Over the years, I've learned that reading too much into these early reps is pretty pointless.  You have a core whose positions are set, then you have a group that will need to be clearly beaten out to win the position, and finally, you have the guys that have a hold on a position only because of experience or familiarity of the scheme, but the spot is there for the taking once the young guys get up to speed.  So, IMO, Ward, Wegher, and Byrd do have legitimate shots to make the team.  However, each will need to stand out in the games and continue to be impressive as their reps increase.  Average won't get any of these guys on the team, but consistently making plays very well may. 
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  12. Woodie added a post in a topic things I liked so far from training camp   

    Is that even legal in South Carolina?
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  13. Woodie added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson Making Plays   

    He's a LB, not DB.  He fits quite well in Klein's spot.
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  14. Woodie added a post in a topic Question About the Saints....   

    The difference this year is that they are planning on not having Graham, so will create a scheme that is not so heavily reliant on the TE.  I also think they are going to highlight their running game more than they ever have, which will make them less predictive and harder to gameplan for.  Other than Brees (and Cooks may have the potential), they really don't have any star level playmakers on offense.  So, while they should be more complete, I think we have the components to have a better offense (our defense is already the best in the division).  So barring injury, I really don't see them beating us out in the division, but they will be good enough that we can't sleep on them.
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  15. Woodie added a post in a topic Jeremy Lin signs with hornets   

    Chris Paul would have loved playing for Michael Jordan...if Jordan owned a championship caliber team and had the money to pay him.  He didn't, so Paul went elsewhere.
    Dreams are nice, they just need substance to mean anything. 
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