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  1. Woodie

    What’s the identity of this team?

    The only reason moving Kemba was attractive at all was the likelihood that we wouldn't be able to re-sign him. So, getting something of value made a trade worthwhile. However, from what I've heard, after moving Dwight, there is a strong chance that Kemba stays long-term. We have some contracts that come off the books next offseason, and we'll probably try to move some contracts this year to help free up some money. Regardless, I think we'll be able to generate the capital to pay Kemba the max (I fully expect Mozgov to be moved as an expiring next offseason, as one example). And lets be honest, nobody outside the top 5 or 6 picks would have provided the long-term impact we would get from Kemba...and even then, chances are only a couple of them will pan out as expected.
  2. Woodie

    So, I asked Gil Brant about Norv

    No, Norv and Zimmer had completely different ideas about how they wanted the offense run, this is primarily the reason Norv left mid-season. That, along with the fact he also didn't have the proper pieces to run his offense were the biggest reasons for the low offensive rating. Well, injuries at QB also didn't help. Minn. was built to be a west coast offense, which does not fit within Norv's scheme at all. AP was a great RB, but he was polar opposite of what Norv needs to run his offense. Norv is all about spreading the ball around and having his RB heavily involved in the passing game. Both of which go directly against what AP wants and does. AP was fairly bad in the passing game, both as a blocker and receiver...it's why I knew he wouldn't fit in NO last year. To be honest, Norv's biggest mistake was probably taking that job in the first place. He tried to make it work, but if you don't have the right parts, the offense is just going to sputter. Think of it like if you own a Lamborghini, but tried to fix the engine using Toyota parts. No matter how you tweak things, it's just not going to work. So saying he wasn't able to adjust isn't fair either. It wasn't adjusting that needed to take place, it was a complete overhaul of his entire offensive philosophy that would have had to change to make it work for him in Minny. We, on the other hand, have pretty much everything Norv wants in his offense and fit his scheme like a glove. That's why people re excited.
  3. Woodie

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    The word I've heard from people with inside knowledge to describe Howard is "poison." He was the definition of a cancer within the locker room...and it wasn't just a player or two that had a problem with him, it was everyone. From what I understand, he was killing the team from the inside. It's clear some are just looking at his stats, but apparently, he got many of those stats at the expense of his teammates and what's situationally best for the team. Basically, he often didn't run the play that was called, box out when he was supposed to, was not good on PnR, etc.. Bottom line, he often did what he wanted, and that usually involved whatever got him those stats, despite it killing the flow of our offense. He simply wouldn't adjust or listen. And behind closed doors it was apparently pretty bad. This was a move that had to be made, no matter the cost. Just think rationally about it for a second, last year Atlanta was so desperate to get rid of him that they ate a horrible contract from us just so we would take him off their hands, now we do the exact same thing. Not to mention all the nonsense that had taken place in his stops before then. If teams are taking other team's garbage to take somebody with that much talent and those stats, then that isn't just a red flag, that's a red hot lava glowing flag.
  4. True, but you can't just blindly take what they say as absolute fact. Unless it's a direct source, sources rarely have complete info. And in this case, it's high level coaching decisions. There aren't many people involved with those discussions, so getting factual info from people down the phone line is much less reliable. Sure, they know more than we do, but they don't know everything. Heck, just look at last year's draft. We have two members here with known access, Igo and RoringRiot. Igo said Fournette was who the team really wanted, but Riot said it was CMC. Both have legit sources within the organization, but each got completely different info on the same topic. If only one of them was on the Huddle, then whatever they said would be taken as gospel, but we know it's not that clear because we have a different perspective. So, even if the gist that Gettleman talked about firing Shula, and Rivera was against it is true, the interpretation may off. For example (this is purely made up to make a point), what if during a conversation about how to improve the offense G-man asked if making a change at OC is something they should consider, and Rivera gave reasons why he didn't think it was the right move at that time and Dave ultimately agreed. That's the type of thing that could be interpreted by some that heard it 2nd or 3rd hand as Gettleman wanting to fire Shula and Rivera fighting to keep him...despite the fact that it was only brought up as one of many points of discussion, not an actual desired move by Dave. Context is important in these things, and that's often missed in these types of reports, especially on twitter.
  5. Not to be argumentative, but Joe isn't known for having the best sources within the organization. But even so, it's the same situation as with Voth, it certainly wasn't a first hand report by someone in the room, so by the time his source heard about it, the story quite possible slightly different than what was really said.
  6. I really don't see Cam digging his heels in or being passive aggressive, or disruptive in any way. I just don't think that's the way he works. To me, he's always seemed open to coaching and improving, but I'm not sure Shula nor Dorsey ever truly had his respect as high-level, knowledgeable coaches. I think he liked them and had basic respect for them, but tended to believe in himself more than what they tried to instill in him. But I think it will be different with Norv. He has the type of background and history of success that will earn Cam's respect in ways Shula and Dorsey never could. And as he sees the success on the field, he'll buy in even more...of course, things could go south if the season doesn't go the way we all hope and expect it to go. But barring injury, I would be really shocked if we don't see significant offensive improvement this year.
  7. It could be, but to me, Norv has the perfect balance of being a players coach and task master. Just look at what pretty much all of his former players say about him. They all love, respect, and talk very highly of him. Yet, he pushed each of them hard, but in the end it was worth it because the results show up on the field. I also think Cam genuinely wants to improve, and is open to coaching. He just wants to keep running as part of his game because he knows that's what sets him apart, which I think Norv will do...albeit under more controlled and protected situations. So, I think this could be the best thing to happen for Cam. And I truly think he will embrace the experience and knowledge that Norv will impart to him. I honestly believe that we could see Cam's best season yet.
  8. Other than people quoting Voth, I haven't seen or heard anyone confirm this story. But I have had someone tell me it wasn't exactly like it sounded. Don't really know anything myself, though, so who knows.
  9. There's no question that Norv has a big advantage in that he doesn't have to scheme around our deficiencies the way Shula did. No matter what people think of Shula, they have to admit he was dealt a bad hand for the bulk of his time as OC...which is why I think Rivera gave him more time than many fans felt he deserved. With that said, I don't think Shula and Dorsey were a good fit for Cam. Cam has never been the most disciplined QB, mainly because of his immense athletic ability. But he's also a strong personality that tends to be a bit stubborn. So, he needed a strong coach that can keep him reigned in, not a buddy like Dorsey seemed to be or a more laid back guy like Shula. So, while they may have tried to work on these issues, they simply weren't capable of getting through to Cam (and I don't think it was because Cam was unwilling, he just needed a firmer hand). It's why I think Norv is a perfect fit for him. He has enough success that he will have Cam's respect from the start, but he's also very firm and focused on the details. I'm sure Cam will still freelance some, after all, it's one of the unique aspects of his game that sets him apart. However, I think Norv will design the offense to make it more of a controlled freelance.
  10. I'm sure Voth was given an indication of what went down, but chances are his source wasn't someone in the room when these discussions took place (that would have been a very small group, none of whom are likely to blab something so potentially explosive to the media...even if they are in-house). It was most likely 2nd or 3rd hand accounts, which are notoriously unreliable and are fraught with slight, but important differences from the original story. So, I wouldn't exactly take what he said as gospel. Not to mention I've heard contradictory things from people who also have sources. Either way, I don't believe it was that black and white, these things rarely are. I can definitely see everyone handling Cam with kid gloves. Not only is he the heart of the team and a strong personality, but more importantly, he was also JR's guy. So, I'm sure they navigated him very carefully. Nobody wanted to stir up a hornets nest...especially one in which they didn't know how it would play out.
  11. I think that's a gray area. First of all, even if Cam didn't respect them the same way he does Norv (I think their relationship was fine, I just don't feel like Cam felt they could teach him much - but I don't think he was overtly disrespectful either), I doubt he went around talking to people about it, so it's the type of thing a HC may not pick up on. Sure, Rivera is the leader of the team, but he's not an offensive coach, and likely deferred to Shula for most offensive matters (just as most defensive oriented coaches defer to their OC, and vice versa). Now, you could say that hiring/keeping Shula too long falls on Rivera. And while that may be true, once that decision was made, as head coach, he needed to let his coaches coach the way they saw fit. If Rivera had an offensive background, then maybe he could have stepped in and helped nudge things along. But as a defensive guy, he really didn't have the required experience to fully understand the nuances of how to best train a young QB. He had to trust his coaching staff. And to be fair, Cam is a unique QB, so there really wasn't a playbook on how to best develop a guy like him. However, while Rivera could have made the switch earlier, based on all the injuries to Cam the last few years along with having one of the most limited arsenals of weapons in the league, it's understandable that Rivera could believe Cam and the offense were ready to turn the corner with health and an influx of offensive talent. But once it became clear that Shula wasn't up to the task of running a diverse and dynamic offense, despite the addition of a player like CMC, Rivera finally made the call to move on. So, to me, the timing of the move is the only thing that falls on Rivera, and that's only if you think the move came too late (I know some do, but some don't).
  12. I think, reading between the lines (not just this article, but everything I have read since they were hired), that the Turner's don't think Cam was coached very well at all. And it's becoming more clear just how right they are. Nothing they are doing or planning is revolutionary, but for whatever reason, didn't happen with Shula and Dorsey overseeing Cam's development. I get the sense that Cam just didn't have the respect for Shula and Dorsey that he does for Norv. I believe he liked them, but it's almost like parents that are too buddy, buddy with their children and the kids don't take them seriously when the parents try to teach or discipline them. But Norv has the success and achievements that make him a person worth listening to, and he's a strong enough leader to demand Cam's respect and attention...which I honestly believe is exactly what Cam needs to help him take the next step as a QB.
  13. Woodie

    CAP vs Barner

    Unfortunately, this is what many fans don't seem to realize when their favorite player doesn't get the opportunities they think he should get. The reality is that players earn their chance in practice. Barring injury (and maybe a high pick), coaches don't put guys out there to see how they do if they haven't shown they deserve it in practice first.
  14. I don't see how this is fluff at all. It's an informative piece on what the Turner's plan on doing to improve Cam's efficiency and maximize his talent.
  15. Rivera feeling pressure or not isn't why I think we will go to the playoffs. I think we'll go because we have a complete team that has the potential to dominate on both sides of the ball. I think we are horrendously underrated and will surprise many observers. Of course all of this comes with the caveat that players develop and play as they are reasonably expected to and we don't have a rash of injuries to key players.